12 Instagrammable places in Osaka

Kanan Isazade02 March 20211958 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Osaka
Japan visa. Undoubtedly, all of you have heard the name of this Asian country several times in your life, but it is also not a secret that most people have information only about Tokyo. Considering this, we decided to talk about another pearl of Japan, Osaka. In this blog, you will learn where Osaka is, what to do in Osaka, some places in Osaka worth visiting, which are the most Instagrammable places in Osaka, and how to travel from Tokyo to Osaka, and more. Before talking about things to do in Osaka and the most Instagrammable places in Osaka, let's get some basic knowledge about the city. Where is Osaka? Osaka is located in the Kansai region of Honshu. 2020 data shows that the town's population is almost 3 million, and the total covered area is 223 square km. What is Osaka famous for? Osaka is popular for various industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, machinery, construction, and more. Also, delicious cuisine and Instagrammable places in the city are well-known not only in Japan but also in the world. After getting some basics about the city, it is time to learn 12 Instagrammable destinations and things to do in Osaka

1. Sumiyoshi Taisha

red bridge The first Instagrammable spot on our list is Sumiyoshi Taisha. There are 2300 Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan, and this one is the head shrine. Every year millions of people come to see this temple. Mostly, between 1-3 January, this period is known as the traditional first shrine visit of the year. Citizens believe that praying to gods here brings success in sumo, farming, waka poetry, martial arts, etc. The shrine was built in Sumiyoshi-zukuri architectural style, which is the oldest shrine construction method. Many various festivals and rituals take place in Sumiyoshi Taisha every year. The Festival period will be an excellent time to take some Instagram photos. Where is Osaka, Sumiyoshi Taisha? The address is 2-9-89 Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-Ku. The shrine is open for guests between 6-17:00.

2. Osaka Castle's main keep

traditional castle Undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit in Osaka is Osaka Castle main keep. The main keep of the castle is a symbol of Osaka. Throughout history, the keep was destroyed by various armies. In the Tokugawa era, it was rebuilt, but in 1665 a lightning strike destroyed it again, and for 266 years, Osaka remained without a symbol. In 1931 mayor of Osaka, Hajime Seki, organized a campaign for reconstruction. Since that day, Osaka Castle's main keep with dazzling gold ornamentation has become a symbol. Also, the government registered it as a National Tangible Cultural Property. Where can I take my most liked photo on Instagram? This spot is so suitable for taking Instagram photos, and most of the visitors take the most liked Instagram photos on the viewing platform, which is on the 8th floor.

3. Osaka City Central Public Hall

central hall building The Central Public Hall is another example of places to go in Osaka. This attractive, red brick building was built in 1918, and the designers of the building were Shinichiro Okada and Kingo Tatsuno. The Central Public Hall is an excellent place to have an exciting time in Osaka. Many concerts, cultural, artistic, and social activities take place in this hall. Besides the activities, architectural beauty attracts visitors to this spot, too. The building witnessed only one restoration(in 2002) since 1918. What to do in Osaka City Central Public Hall? You can enjoy the activities, take part in tours, or try the delicious cuisine on the first floor. Furthermore, you can take plenty of most-liked Instagram photos.

4. Several skyscrapers to observe the city

osaka view from skyscrapers Where to capture the most liked photo on Instagram in Osaka? Of course, there are many Instagrammable places in the town, but I would like to mention three skyscrapers that allow you to take the most-liked Instagram photos. They are Umeda Sky Building, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, and Cosmo Tower. These skyscrapers will enable you to observe breathtaking views of the city and take some Instagram photos. Moreover, you can enjoy restaurants, markets, and bars inside of the buildings.

5. Osaka Museum of Natural History

museum Let's think that you are a nature fan and ask what to do in Osaka? One of the best things to do in Osaka for nature lovers is visiting the Osaka Museum of Natural History. The museum has plenty of reconstructed skeletons of dinosaurs, prehistoric mastodons, etc. This museum's main aim is to show the relationship between humanity and nature and give detailed information about previous inhabitants of the Earth. Entering and exploring the museum will make you feel like a time traveler. You can be a guest of this Instagrammable spot between 9:30 - 17:00 (It is not open on New Year holidays). 

6. Minoh Park

national park One of the places to visit in Osaka to have an unforgettable time in Osaka is Quasi-national Park - Minoh Park. The national park is roughly 28 km away from the city center. The most well-known Instagrammable places in the park are the forest and the Mino Waterfall. After hiking for several minutes in the woods, you will find the 33 meters high and 5 meters wide wonder. More than 980 plant and 3000 insect species are found here. What is the best time to visit Minoh Park? We can say that the national park is charming in all seasons. Colored leaves late in fall, snow-covered trees in winter and bright days in summer will create hypnotizing scenery for you. 

7. Hirakata Amusement Park

amusement park The best option among the places to go in Osaka with family is Hirakata Amusement Park (a nickname is Hirapah). The amusement park is 20 km away from the city center, so the area is not as noisy as a town. The park has 40 attractions for visitors. There is an activity for everyone, children and adults, so be ready for a fascinating time in Osaka. One of the most popular attractions of the Hirakata is the Red Falcon, which is 1300 meters in length and has a maximum 70 km/ hour speed. Also, you can find swimming pools, skating rinks, and snow playing areas from season to season. 

8. Doto Pagoda

doto pagoda The next one of the most Instagrammable places in Osaka is Doto Pagoda. The uniqueness of the Doto Pagoda is coming from the material that was used in construction. It is wholly made from Earth, and the doto means land in local Japanese. Pagoda is in a pyramid shape, and the top is cut-off. It is the only of his kind in all of Japan. Furthermore, in 1953 the government registered it as a National Historic Site. Archaeologists had plenty of researchers in the area and found many artifacts. 

9. Nakanoshima

nakanoshima Nakanoshima is an island that covers a 50 ha area. Nakanoshima is an island that brings together tens of places to visit in Osaka, such as cultural, historical, and business centers. The island is located between two rivers, the Dojimagawa and the Tosaborigawa. Some of the cultural places to go to in Osaka that you can find here are Nakanoshima Library, Central Public Hall, Osaka University Nakanoshima Center, etc. Moreover, thanks to Nakanoshima, Osaka gained the title of "nation's kitchen" because in the past rice, and other products were traded here. 

10. Sakuya Konohana Kan

osaka What are some places in Osaka that nature lovers should visit? We have already mentioned several destinations for nature fans, and another one is Sakuya Konohana Kan. This natural beauty was made from 5000 glass panels that make it look like a flower. Inside the Sakuya Konohana Kan, you will find 15,000 plants of 5,500 various kinds. Is there any fee? It is free for students, but adults will pay something around five USD. 

11. Mount Kongo

mountain kongo Mount Kongo offers a lot of climbing experiences and hiking routes to professional and amateur visitors. It is free to enter the area and explore on your own, but you will pay some money to participate in various tours. There are ten most preferred climbing routes: Mt. Kongo Ropeway, Shakunage-no-mich, etc. Also, you will see some temples, shrines while hiking in the area. The most popular climbing route among professionals starts from Temporinji Temple and ends on the mountain top plateau.

12. Shinsekai

osaka The last spot that I like to talk about today is Shinsekai. Shinsekai is an untouched neighborhood in the west of Tennoji Park. At the beginning of the 20th century, a lot of colorful restaurants, markets were opened in the street. Although most of them are not working now, still, you can find plenty of old-style restaurants and cafes. Walking in Shinsekai will make you feel as if you are on the 20th. 

Additional information

white train How to travel from Tokyo to Osaka? There are several ways, but the best method is by shinkansen train. It will last almost 2-3 hours, and you will pay 130$ for a one-way trip. What about accommodation? There are many Osaka hotels that we can recommend, such as Hilton Osaka, Imperial Hotel Osaka, Intercontinental Hotel Osaka, etc. Prices for Osaka hotels change in a wide range, and depending on your expectations, it can be several or several hundred dollars.

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