12 Instagrammable places in Panama City

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12 Instagrammable places in Panama City
Where is Panama City? The city is located in Central America, in both South and North America. It is the capital of the country with the same name, Panama. Although all of us probably know this name for the famous Panama Canal, there are several places to visit in Panama City. Of course, the canal is one of the most instagrammable places in the country, where almost all tourists take pictures when they travel to Panama City. If you are interested in what to do in Panama City, I can assure you that it is the best city in the region, where you can enjoy the travel to Panama City. One of the non-separable parts of each vacation is amateur photography. In the city, you will have a chance to take at least one most liked Instagram photo for your account. However, I believe that you have already started asking about how to find instagrammable places and where is Panama City located. That is the reason that I have looked for the best instagrammable places in the city. So that you will not be tired of searching for where is Panama City, what are lovely places to visit in Panama City, what to do in Panama City, how to find instagrammable places, and so on before your travel to Panama City. Twelve instagrammable places in Panama City to take the most liked Instagram photo.

1. Biomuseo

biomuseo The Museum of Biodiversity of Panama is one of the most striking museums in the city, not only for its architectural design but for its exhibitions and exponents. The building was built by architect Frank Gehry and is painted in striking colors. The overall idea is to show biodiversity, the need to care for it, and the country's importance as a bridge between two continents. Most tourists consider the Bio museum one of the top places to visit in Panama City. Moreover, the museum is an ideal place to take a photograph in front of it to share on Instagram.

2. The Panama Canal

panama canal When I think of how to find instagrammable places in Panama, the first spot that comes to my mind is the Panama Canal, which the country is known for. There is no more universal claim to Panama than the surprising, magnificent, and incredible engineering work that connects two great oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Panama Canal is one of the best shortcuts in the world, stretching 80 kilometers from Panama City, the country's capital, on the Pacific coast, to Colon, on the Atlantic, crossing the continental divide. This wonder is worth seeing. As impressive as the freighters that pass through its locks are the legions of animals that watch from the jungle's edge. Two visitor centers offer observation decks and museums that explain how it was built and expanded. You can also take boat and kayak excursions, even hiring a short ride through the large floodgates.

3. Old Panama Town

old panama town Listed as a World Heritage Site, Panama Viejo is an archaeological site where the remains of what was the first Spanish city on the Pacific Ocean coast of America were founded in 1519. It served as a starting point towards the exploration and conquest of the Inca Empire in Peru. It was also a transit site for shipments of gold and silver that were sent to Spain. In 1670, the city was sacked and destroyed by fire after the attack of the famous pirate Henry Morgan, so it was moved to a new location and rebuilt the following year. The new settlement was built eight kilometers from the original, on a small peninsula surrounded by reefs, which made it difficult for enemy ships to approach. Panama was founded for the second time in 1673 and had a main square, some 300 houses, and thick walls that protected it. All corners of The old town are worth visiting and have many wonderful spots to take the most liked Instagram photo from Panama.

4. Summit Municipal Park

This park is located within the Gamboa Canal Zone, surrounded by exuberant vegetation. It has a botanical garden and a zoo dedicated to conservation and research on animals, where you can meet and learn more about jaguars, tapirs, white-tailed deer, raccoons, toucans, monkeys, crocodiles, and harpy eagles. It is one of the interesting and instagrammable places in Panama City.

5. Cerro Ancon

flag of panama Panama City has many green spaces very close to the city: Ancon Hill is the best example of that. One of the places chosen by those who like to walk along its trails and enjoy the view of the city from one of its three viewpoints, and take photos from there. The entrance is free and, although it can be visited throughout the day, it is recommended to do it between 7 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. It is possible that on the way, they can see some animals, a lot of plants, which covers a large part of Panama City, including the canal. At the top, there is a Panamanian flag of more than 10 meters.

6. Taboga and Contadora islands

taboga and contadora islands If you think of what to do in Panama City, you can dive or snorkel during your vacation. The Taboga and Contadora islands are the closest points to Panama City, where you can do these activities. Known as "Island of Flowers," Taboga is popular for its beaches and lush green areas with aesthetic beauty to take photographs. It offers hotels and restaurants, as well as a wide variety of water and ecotourism activities such as hiking trails, boat trips, fishing, and whale watching. On Contadora Island, there are also water sports such as windsurfing, paddleboarding, and diving.

7. San Blas

san blas San Blas is one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the Panamanian coast and can be visited on day trips. It is better to stay there a little bit more, for example, three days, but if you only have one day, do not stop going, because it is worth it. There are many islands to visit, and almost all have clear water and white sand, so you can rest and take selfies and instagrammable pictures.

8. Seafood Market

It is very close to historic Casco Viejo. If you do not like to eat this type of food, I still recommend taking a walk to see the market and taking photos. The star of the place is the sale of ceviche in plastic cups as if it were a snack before lunch. If you are a good eater and are interested in local gastronomy, you can go to one of the restaurants nearby and taste craft beers, chocolate, and ceviche in the Mercado de Mariscos, as well as other things.

9. Financial District

panama city Many prefer to see the financial district area from a distance, either from the coastal strip, or from Avenida Balboa, or the Casco Viejo, but for those who prefer to get to know the city a little more and take photos, they can take a tour of this area. It is a mix of modern, glazed buildings with very Latin American characteristics, such as areas with broken sidewalks and street vendors selling lottery or scraped tickets.

10. Metropolitan Natural Park

metropolitan natural park The Metropolitan Natural Park of Panama City is the only protected area in Central America that is located within the administrative limits of a city. It is a 232-hectare green space that is very important for the city and its inhabitants. There are several trails, ideal for walking in the shade, and three viewpoints. Also, a crane has a cabin where four people enter, and you can turn for 30 minutes. From about 45 meters, you can see Panama City and the park's canopy of vegetation. To go up, you have to book two days in advance. The best place to disconnect from the city, walk among nature, and shot the best photos.

11. Calzada de Amador

causeway amador island After visiting the many touristic attractions, the good idea is to continue along with the Calzada de Amador. Built-in 1913, with rocks excavated from the Culebra Cut during the Panama Canal's construction. The Causeway connects Panama City with four islands: Naos, Perico, Culebra, and Flamenco. You can go on foot, skateboard, rollerblades, skateboard, bicycle, and you can also rent the carts to pedal among several. On the islands, there are games for children, restaurants, cafes, and other activities. You can experience nice moments and take photos.

12. Avenida Balboa

balboa avenue It is one of the main roads, and a walk along it is necessary if you are in the city. Always safe and organized, at any time, walk during the day and enjoy its panoramic views, and at night, let yourself be guided by the lights of modern buildings in Panama City.

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