12 Instagrammable places in Surabaya

Anar Mammadov 13 March 2021 1223 views 7 min. read

Returning to the topic of the social network Instagram and its multi-million audience, we continue to search for places around the world that are worthy of the name "Instagrammable places". So this time our search led us towards Indonesia, and specifically to Surabaya which is the second largest city in Indonesia. The city has served as a trading port for Java's inland empires for more than half a century. Located at the Brantas River's mouth, the city was officially founded in 1293, when Raden Vijaya founded Majapahit, Indonesia's most glorious empire, on the site of a legendary battle between a shark (sura) and a crocodile (baja). Surabaya, known as the "City of heroes Surabaya" because of its role in the country's independence struggle, has evolved into an elegant city with large buildings in a modern manner. It serves as the commercial center of the industrial and agricultural hinterland. Its population is about 3 million Surabaya people. Surabaya on the world map is a progressive capital that is changing rapidly. It enjoys a reputation as the cleanest city in Indonesia, equipped with all modern amenities and offering standards of living for every taste and budget. A tour of the surrounding area will introduce you to its considerable size and the variety of companies located there. However, do not forget that we are here not just to answer the question - what to see in Surabaya Indonesia?, we are here for the Instagrammable places, so let's go!

1. Heroes Monument


It symbolizes the warrior spirit of the "arek-arek Suroboyo" (Surabaya people) in the person of the colonist. This monument is located in front of the office of the Governor of East Java. As a cultural building, this monument is located on Pahlavan Street in Surabaya. It is of strategic importance as it is located in the center of Surabaya city, surrounded by the main road. The Heroes' monument is built in an "overturned nail", which has a monumental philosophical significance. This monument has a height of 40 meters and a diameter of up to 3 meters. In the lower part of the monument is decorated with a picturesque engraving "Trisula", "Chakra", "Stamba" and "Padma" as a symbol of the fight against fire. It was built to pay tribute to all the soldiers who fell during the great battle against the Allied army on November 10, 1945. The majestic monument looks great in any of the photos, as it will be in your Instagram picture.

2. Al-Akbar Mosque

al-akbar mosque

Better known as the Grand Mosque, Al-Akbar is one of the largest mosques in East Asia. It highlights the Indonesian city of Surabaya on the map as a strong aspect of the influence of Islam in the region. No wonder that due to its unique and Instagrammable architecture, many local and foreign tourists come to see the mosque in all its splendor. It is located along the highway that connects Surabaya with Juanda Airport. The most impressive mosque component is its large dome of surprisingly turquoise color and four smaller domes. The mosque is also equipped with a tower with a height of 99 meters, which stands among the domes. The unique feature of the large dome is that it resembles a half egg height of 27 meters. The mosque rises above the surrounding skyline, making it a real sight for the urban view. It is not difficult to find the Al-Akbar Mosque from afar with its striking features and even larger facade.

3. Loka Jala Crana Museum

loka jala crana museum

In the Indonesian city of Surabaya, the sights have a special military history. On September 19, 1969, the Loka Jala Crana Naval Museum was built. Judging by the name, the museum was dedicated to the navy's cadets and presented as a history lesson to be always ready for. The museum is located in Morokrembangan, in the Kembangan subdistrict, Surabaya, and is managed by the Naval Academy and its command. This museum showcases the Navy's history, the technological revolution, and collections of warships, aircraft, helicopters, amphibious tanks, field artillery, air defense, and firearms. The latter ranges from pistols to antique long-barreled submachine guns, which are probably not found anywhere else. This museum has the most exciting rides that you will love. The planetarium, a simulation showing the stars, invites visitors to wander around the universe and understand its system's concept.

4. St. Mary's Catholic Church

catholic church

It is a Roman Catholic church located in Surabaya. It is also known as Kepanjen, a name much more commonly used by locals because it is located on the street of the same name. Built-in 1899, the church is the oldest in Surabaya. It has experienced a long history of construction and reconstruction, as the church's development was passed on to many pastors and their successors. The building is carefully designed in the Gothic architectural style. Although a Muslim advantage on the map marks Surabaya, there are several Catholic churches in East Java's capital due to the Dutch colonial era's influence. And since Surabaya appreciates the sights regardless of religion, the Church of Our Lady of Kepanjen is one of the few Roman Catholic buildings in the city with great historical significance. It also gives the city an aesthetic beauty that Instagram fans can take advantage of.

5. Four Face Buddha Statue

buddha statue

Not only in Thailand, you can find a statue of the four-faced Buddha, but also in Surabaya.The local Buddha statue has four faces and eight hands. This Buddha statue is easy to find as it is 9 meters high and is located near the Sanggar Agung Temple. This statue is gilded and carries the Buddha's message throughout its structure, and the total height to the top of the dome is 36 meters. The statue symbolizes the four philosophical kindnesses belonging to the Buddha: patience, liberality, justice (open-mindedness), and meditation. These four kindnesses also have the meaning of the Buddha, as a manifestation of affection for one's neighbor, they help anyone without distinction and dedicate themselves in prayers or statements presented in the ritual procession. The eight hands symbolize the power of the Buddha and hold various objects.

6. Monument of Governor Suryo


The statue-monument to Governor Sura is a tribute to the first Governor of East Java, who died in Madiun in 1948. This monument is located in the neat Apsari Park complex on the street opposite the Grahadi State Building. Under this statue, there is an inscription with the governor's speech of November 9, 1945. The Chief of East Java built this monument at the initiative of the Surabaya authorities.  This monument's area is used on weekends as a gathering place for young people from various interest clubs, such as motorists, etc. So you will find a lot of interesting things if you decide to visit Monument of Governor Suryo for the sake of pictures.

7. Suramadu Bridge


The Suramadu National Bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia, with a length of 5,438 m. The bridge connects Surabaya with Madura Island. You can see the Suramadu National Bridge from most of the Instagrammable places on the city's waterfront. The best time of day to enjoy the Instagrammable view of the bridge is in the evening when it is lit up with colorful lights. This bridge was built in connection with the economic development of the island of Madura, which is relatively low compared to other regions of East Java. The bridge consists of three parts: a causeway, an approach bridge, and a main bridge. At the same time, the main bridge consists of three parts: two side spans with a length of about 192 meters and one main span with a length of 434 meters.

8. Surabaya Orchid Market

The Orchid Market, which is located opposite the gate in the Darmo Satellite district of Surabaya, has been operating since August 2005. The Surabaya Orchid Society includes 7 gardeners with monthly rent. Various types of orchids are sold here, starting with Dendrobium sp, Cattleya sp, Oncidium sp, and Cymbidium sp, which belong to the type of symposium orchids. Simultaneously, the monopodium type of orchid is an orchid characterized by a growth point located at the tip of the stem. It also sells orchid-growing products such as fern, coconut fiber, charcoal, and wood powder. All these Instagrammable flowers will be a great background for your most liked Instagram photos that will go straight to Instagram.

9. Submarine Museum

submarine military museum

Surabaya is always something to see, but sometimes it will surprise you a lot. As you continue your journey through the city, visit the original Pasopati 410 submarine next to Surabaya Plaza Shopping Center. Its length is 76.6 meters and the width is 6.3 meters. It was moved from Ujung to this location on July 1 1995, after the Indonesian Navy Commander officially opened the museum on June 27 1998. The submarine with the tail number 410 belongs to the SS type's whiskey class, built-in Vladivostok in Russia in 1952. She has been in service with the Indonesian Navy since January 29, 1962, and has been assigned to destroy enemy targets, conduct surveillance, and conduct silent raids. However, now it is open to the public as a marine Surabaya tourist attraction.

10. Bukit Kapur Jaddih

bukit kapur jaddihSurabaya on the map

is not just about the hustle and bustle of the city and skyscrapers. Just half an hour from the city, in a former limestone quarry in the village of Bungah, is the striking Bukit Kapoor, or "mushroom hill". Geological formations located in the historically famous Gresik district - the center of international trade since the XI century resemble giant mushrooms. They can be found on an area of about three hectares. These uniquely shaped rocks, ranging in height from two to seven meters, were formed as a result of wind and rain erosion and create a dramatic and slightly otherworldly picture. In addition to Bukit Jamur, travelers can also extend the trip to the white chalk pillars at Bukit Kapur Sekapuk, which resemble Roman ruins from a distance. In any case, you are guaranteed most liked Instagram photos.

11. Onni House Cafe

onni house cafeONNI House

is a cafe with a beautiful structure, where you can enjoy the content of the menu and the floral atmosphere. The cafe is decorated with dried flowers, ivy, ferns hanging from the ceiling, and bright flowers in pots and vases on the shelves. The interior recreates a warm, homely and cozy space, decorated with a brick wall, dried flowers, and fresh greenery. It is the perfect place to relax and it is perfect for any festive event. As the season comes and goes, you may all notice that the flower arrangement will differ from the previous arrangements. All this can be a great environment for adding to your Instagram profile, as the flowers are quite Instagrammable and colorful.

12. Surabaya Zoo

surabaya zoo

It is the largest zoo in Southeast Asia, divided into several zones for birds, freshwater, nocturnal animals (nocturama), and various mammals. Surabaya zoo is located on the street Detail, near the station of Joyoboyo. It is home to more than 351 individuals of different species, more than 2806 animals, including rare animal species in Indonesia. The zoo, owned by Dutch colonial heritage, is about 15 hectares wide and has been in existence since 1916. The management made many corrections, for example, the presence of a parent program for animals' care, the desire for free assistance to animals from the zoo and beyond.So the most important thing for us is that the this Surabaya tourist attraction is suitable for Instagram, as there is a unique place called "Taman Selfie". It was designed specifically for visitors who want to take some most liked Instagram photos for memory.

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