12 Instagrammable places in Caracas

12 Instagrammable places in Caracas

Ieva Miltina27 April 20211613 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Caracas
Instagrammable places to visit in Caracas Venezuela. And if you have been wondering how to get more followers on Instagram, maybe traveling to unfamiliar places like Caracas is the key! But first steps first…

Where is Caracas?

caracas It can be that some of you have no idea where is Caracas, but it can be easily solved. It is a capital city and is located in the Northern part of Venezuela, close to the Caribbean on the Atlantic Coast. Just imagine the whole continent of South America - it sits just on top of it. But I am sure you will find the particular geographical details in a second by simply looking it up online.

Which are the most Instagrammable places in Caracas Venezuela?

caracas city Let me just give you a short intro before everything. The city is sometimes overlooked due to the close vicinity of some seriously spectacular Instagram magnets and I totally get it! Venezuela, more than anything, is symbolized by the beauty of its nature, and cities in general somehow contradict that “natural” part. Nevertheless, there are so many places to go in Caracas Venezuela before moving on to some of the most spectacular surroundings. This list of most Instagrammable places in Caracas will show what not to miss within the city and just a few hints of the must-sees that are a day-trip distance away. “¡Vamos! *

1. El Avila National Park

el avila national park It is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Caracas Venezuela. Locals have beloved this park too - for walks or the spectacular views over the city. An additional bonus to the experience is - you can go there by cable car and, on the way, tease your Instagram followers with some high-altitude photos. Great photos are guaranteed!

2. Scenic spot in Caracas, Plaza Francia

plaza francia This square is sometimes called Plaza Altamira. Not only is the obelisk over there one of the landmarks of Caracas, but it is also among the most Instagrammable places just for one reason. It has a very typical view of Avila in the background! Actually, you will be able to get shots with this mountain range from many places in the city, and it will serve as one of the most recognizable things about Caracas!

3. Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda Park

generalisimo francisco de miranda park This park is nothing but spectacular! Whole 82 hectares of various vegetation and opportunities to observe diversity. Parts of it feature particular types of plants, and you should definitely use the chance to see as much of it as possible. My favorite (and also the one that will look good on your Insta-feed) is the Jardin Xerofitico (the Xerophyte garden). Pardon the usage of complicated words - it just means all the plants that are accustomed to living in very dry environments. You will see agave, aloe and many more!

4. Paseo de Los Proceres

paseo de los proceres This beautiful monument made to honor the national heroes has a very typical viewpoint over a huge pool with statues at the other end of it. It is surrounded by a beautiful park, and that might just be another opportunity to seize. It is one of the places in Caracas Venezuela to make very eye-catching photos of macaws and beautifully lined palm trees! Macaws, by the way, are those big and colourful them...parrots. 

5. Parque Los Chorros

parque los chorros I know, another park. But let me assure you, each of them is absolutely different. This one will stun you with the exotic views of paths dwindling alongside a river and even some smaller and bigger waterfalls. Hundred percent worth it because you will feel somewhat transported to the jungle while still in the city. 

6. Inside of Iglesia Catolica Basílica Menor Santa Capilla

cathedral If you are interested in architecture, then this basilica is definitely among the places to go in Caracas Venezuela! This neo-gothic masterpiece will be a great object for some shots that do not revolve around nature and parks. Even though the building itself is not that old (built in 1883), sanctuaries of various kinds had existed in this place way longer but were destroyed by earthquakes or other cataclysms. 

7. Cachapa and arepa

arepas Surely that would not be me if I didn’t mention something food-related. Your fellow Instagram foodies will be extremely happy if you reveal some new and exotic dishes to them. And if we are talking about Caracas then there are two of those - cachapa and arepa. These are just two different types of delicious corn pancakes that are filled with practically anything. Being such a staple to the cuisine of the region, they are easily found also in the roadside stalls. But I am writing about the topic of most Instagrammable places. Therefore I definitely have to mention that some of the best arepas will be found in the restaurant Gran Horizonte. Famous for serving some of the best filled corn pancakes, they will be at your service any time of the day. Literally, they are open 24/7! And then you just need to produce a mouth-watering image to make your followers salivate.

8. Jardin Botanico de Caracas

jardin botanico de caracas Even if it is in Spanish, the name is easy to understand. The next spot to take amazing photos in Caracas is the Botanical Gardens. The lushest plants from the whole world and some of the local habitat living their days in this place of abundance. Just casually...have a walk, enjoy life, and make your next most liked Instagram photo right here. Easy as that. Some of my favorites were the big floating plants in the pond in front of an edgy skyscraper. An unusual set of contrasts that will easily catch attention online!

9. Beautiful part of Caracas,  El Hatillo

caracas It is a part of the city, a municipality that will give you an insight into how an old colonial town would look like. Let me give you a few hints to get the most Instagrammable shots over there. First - wander the streets and take some photos with locals to catch the feel of this place fully. Then enter some restaurants, cafes, or small shops inside the old colonial buildings to capture some of that unique architecture. And last but not least - feature images of the village of small colorful huts on the hillside. Not only because they will look appealing in photos, but also because it will show and emphasize the ways the real people live here!

10. Canaima & Angel Falls

angel falls Many people find out where is Caracas only after realizing that they want to visit exactly this natural wonder. Even though technically not among places to go in Caracas Venezuela, I just can’t leave this out of the list! The highest waterfall and, therefore, one of the most Instagrammable places in the world, Angel Falls offers a sea of opportunities for amazing shots. Make a day trip (yes, it is not too far), or even better, go for several days to take in the most of that beauty. And the best thing is - if you make the effort, you are most definitely making your most liked Instagram photo exactly there!

11. Best beaches in Caracas

beach I know. I know. This is one of the classic Instagram like generators, and you definitely shouldn’t leave it out of your list. Actually, this is probably one of the safest bets for success if you have been considering how to get more followers on Instagram. And the truth is - not without a reason! First, the beaches in Venezuela are spectacular. Try Margarita island if you are there! And second, just imagine yourself in South America, in the paradise of white sand with a cocktail in your hand. This just doesn’t require more explaining, right?

12. Papelon con Limon in Bar Capital

papelon con limon Let’s continue on the cocktail topic. Papelon con Limon is the most popular Venezuelan drink and generally consists of piloncillo, limes, and water. Piloncillo or papelon is actually a sweetener made from sugar cane and formed into a particular shape of a cone. It is popular in the whole of Latin America. So if you are in Caracas, some public recognition of having tried this drink is a must. You will find it everywhere, but one of my favorite places in Caracas Venezuela for any type of cocktails is the amazingly beautiful and friendly Bar Capital.  There is just one way how to get more followers on Instagram. And it is by meticulous work of making photos and putting them online with catchy texts as well as upping your #game! Are focused on targeting the traveler segment? Then showing the world some of the places to visit in Caracas Venezuela I mentioned here might just work like a charm! Unexpected, less popular, and definitely Instagrammable - an original playground for creating your next most liked Instagram photo! Are you checking the flight connections already? * It means “Let’s go!” in Spanish.

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