12 Instagrammable places in Port Louis

12 Instagrammable places in Port Louis

Arati Kulkarni05 October 20201814 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Port Louis
Instagrammers. You must be wondering where is Mauritius? Well, Mauritius island is located in the Indian Ocean and lies on the Southeast coast of Africa. Port Louis is the largest capital of Mauritius. Port Louis got its name from King Louis XV. Only in the late 90s, did Port Louis enter the world of Tourism. You will never fall short of the places to visit in Mauritius Port Louis. When you travel to Mauritius, you will get to witness some of the rarest sights like the dormant volcano, also called Trou Aux Cerfs- Hole of the Deer. The last eruption took place in the year 1200. Made you curious, already? Fun Fact: Port Louis is the only official port of entry and exit for sea vessels in Mauritius. For now, let’s keep your Instagram account in mind. If you want to put on a few followers and grab on a few hearts, there are the 12 most Instagrammable places in Mauritius Port Louis:

1. Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset at the Light House of Albion, Pointe aux

albion lighthouse Located on the west coast of Mauritius, this Light House will light up your Instagram feed especially if you capture the sunset. If photography is your true passion, then this Light House is one of the best places to take sunset photos. For ages together, this Light House has been a navigational landmark for many sailors. This 30-meter-long has four floors with steep stairs up till the dome and the balcony. If you understand long angle shots, then you can take them at that very place. Without knowing where is Mauritius, you won’t know the mesmerizing sunset produced at the Light House. #AlbionLightHouse #MauritiusExplored #MauritiusAlbion #MauritiusTourism #InstaDaily #BeautyPhotography #BeautifulDestination

2. Have a Jumanji Moment in the Black River Gorges National Park

chamarel falls One of the best places to visit in Mauritius Port Louis is this National Park. For one, you can pretend to be Dr Xander Bravestone (Smolder) of the Jumanji series. And, for two, you can create next-level photographic memories that can capture Seven Colored Earths here. On the way, you will find players like wild pigs, rusa deer, privets, and Chinese guava. Also, some of the endangered bird and animal species are safe and happy here. More stuff for your camera, right? It’s famous for hiking and camping adventures. #BlackRiverGorgesNationalPark #TreesOfInstagram #TravelPhotography #TravellingThroughTheWorld #ARoundTripToLove #NatureLovers #LandscapeArt

3. Taste the local delicacies at food markets like Bazar Porlwi in Port Louis

porlwi at night Not just some food for your Instagram feed, but some food for your stomach as well. The local cuisine in the Mauritius island is an amalgamation of gluttonous influences, mostly from the Asian culture. Do not leave Mauritius without tasting its national dish- the Dholl Puri, kind of a yellow split-pea pancake along with bean curry and spiced tomatoes, thyme, garlic, and ginger sauce. One of the best and Mauritian foods you will find in the Porlwi Bazaar. Mauritian foods are known for their spices. Be cautious if you can’t handle it. #MauritiusMarket #HeathBenefits #Fruits #SimplyMauritius #BazarPorlwi #MauritianFood #SomethingRefreshing

4. Luxuriate in the Colorful Arena of Mahebourg

river scene with mountains in mahebourg Mesmerizing scenic views like a historical museum, buzzing streets, invigorating beaches, and delicious street food get photo-clicked in Mahebourg. Some of the highlights of this place are the National History Museum, Monday Market, and Rault Biscuit Factory. You could shop for silks and textiles here, and enjoy a tour to understand the ancient lifestyle of the Mauritius island during the Colonial Period. When you travel to Mauritius, you should make sure your smartphone or Digi-Cam has enough space to seize the day. #MarketPlace #Mahebourg #MauritiusTourism #DiscoveryMauritius #MahebourgMemories #IgersMauritius #VanillaIslands

5. Grab a Panoramic View at Chamarel Waterfall

Lies in the close vicinity of Black River National Park. The nearest village is Chamarel at about a distance of 3 kilometres. Your eyes won’t believe the beauty of Mauritius Island. Chamarel Waterfall is one of the most Instagrammed waterfalls in Mauritius. Engulfed by lush tropical rainforest, this waterfall showcases upper and lower viewing zones. Your Instagram might get badly photobombed here! Throughout the day, you can come early or wait for the evening, to get rid of photobombing moments. It is taken as one of the most instagrammable places in Mauritius. #MauritiusParadise #ChamarelWaterfall #MauritiusDiaries #WanderLust #InstaTravel #VisitMauritius #MauritiusUncovered

6. Go back in time in the Eureka Mansion

view of eureka waterfall Built-in the 19th Century, 1830 to be precious, this mansion was owned by British and French aristocrats whose families lived there. The authentic interiors give out a cry for the camera’s entrapment. It is flooded with walls, ebony, mahogany antiques, and well-maintained furniture. Ahead of it, lies lush gardens, and when you follow the road ahead of the lush gardens, you will encounter some beautiful and photogenic moments at the wondrous waterfalls. Something every other person dreams about? Waterfall, garden, and mansion! Know where is Mauritius, know where is Eureka Mansion. #EurekaMansion #EurekaWaterfall #EurekaFalls #MauritiusAttractions #IslandLife #NatureLovers #WaterfallsOfMauritius

7. Fall in Love with La Roche qui Pleure

la roche qui pleure Posting IGTVs of huge waves is yet another sure shot way of gathering Instagram followers. This wish of yours will get summoned at this beautiful south coast of Mauritius. You get the feeling of tearing of rocks when the huge waves crash against the cliffs. You won’t find any coral reed or lagoons like in the movies, but the crashes of the huge waves will make your photographic self-drool! The wind here blows strongly; it would make up for a dramatic effect on the camera. #LaRocheQuePleure #WellnessJourney #NatGeoTravel #BeautifulDestinations #MauritiusExplored #MauritiusPhotoShoot #Mauritius_LostInParadise

8. Have a Stoppage at Aaparavasi Ghat

aaparavasi ghat Copyright: @natdk Counted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is home to relaxing and tranquil beaches too. Back in the days, this Ghat was built to be the main depot for receiving labourers from Africa and Asian countries. These labourers were asked to work on the sugar estates. More than 1.2 million labourers were from India. There are stone excavations that serve as an emblem. Back then, uncontrolled slavery was present in Mauritius. Going back in time can be your hashtag moment for Instagram. #WorldHeritageSite #AaparavasiGhat #MauritiusTourism #HistoricalPlaces #ThrowbackInTime #PortLouis #Culture

9. Idolize the Craftsmanship of Cap Malhereux Church

red church cap malhereux More than the hashtags, you would love to enjoy the serenity and tranquillity this Church has to offer. This Church is located near the Grand Bay, just beside a small fishing village of Cap Malhereux. This place is one of the most aesthetic churches of Mauritius island. For anybody to photoshoot here, you can find the background of the Church’s twin red steeples and red roof very useful. Walk up to the ocean, and the photography would turn into an endless session of a wagon train. #CapMalhereux #ExploringGlobe #MauritiusParadiseIsland #TravelAndExplore #ThisIsAfrica #Malhereux #LiveInTheParadise

10. Paint the Town Red in China Town

chinese restaurant and street view in china town The much-adored places to visit in Mauritius Port Louis include China Town. Two pagodas above the road are the pillars of China Town. There are small Chinese shops on either side of the road. A huge number of heteroclite products are found here, right from second-hand spare parts, Chinese engravings, to clothes and books. Also, the smell that emerges from Asian cuisine would be hard to resist for you. This place is Disneyland for photographers especially if you want to capture a couple of snaps for your Instagram story. #PortLouisMauritius #ChinaTown #MauritiusDiaries #StayAndWander #ChinaTownMauritius #MauritiusBeauty #StreetPhotography

11. Get Refreshed on the Belle Mare Beach

sealife in belle mare Located near the town of Mahebourg on the Southeast coast of Mauritius. Without a little amalgamation of water, sun, and sand, every Instagram post is hungry for natural beauty. At this beach, you will find Mauritius at its ultimate level of beautification. If you are into Pedalo, Catamaran, Horseback riding, Parasailing, Scuba diving, Speed boat trip, Kayaking, windsurfing, and swimming in crystal-clear waters, then this beach should be your comfort. Have a nice glass of mocktail under the palm trees while you watch your Instagram likes for this beach’s post. #BelleMareBeach #LiveTheAdventure #GlobeTrotter #IndianOcean #Africa #BelleMareMauritius #LoveMauritius

12. Stride Under the Shade of Caudan Umbrella Alley

One such place where you would not require any Instagram filters to satisfy people’s eyesight is this Caudan Umbrella Alley. It’s an overwhelming mixture of old buildings and modern buildings. Under the shade of the polychromatic umbrellas, about 170 boutiques are making it the most photographed alley of Port Louis. Here, cute surprises are waiting under the colourful floating umbrellas for you. You get to do both here, shop as well as a hog. These umbrellas protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. #UmbrellaAlley #ThePrettyCities #CreativityEveryday #TravelForLife #FromWhereIStand #PortLouis #InstaGood Port Louis is not just flora and fauna. It is a dwelling place for you Instagrammers, who just want to add colour, cuisine, and culture to their feeds, posts, and stories. Port Louis is the #1 capital of Africa in terms of quality of life. Each and every spot in Mauritius reeks of historical charm and delightful landscapes. You wouldn’t want to waste another moment not capturing a photo in Mauritius. Have a fun-loving time when you travel to Mauritius. You will come out loving nature, flora, fauna, culture, and people more.

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