12 Instagrammable places in Porto

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12 Instagrammable places in Porto
where is Porto? The city of Porto on the map is located in the northern part of Portugal. It has the second largest population after Lisbon. In addition, the city of Porto is one of the ten most visited in Europe. And there is quite a logical explanation for this. First, it is a coastal city with wonderful beaches. Secondly, most of the time the temperature here does not fall below +15°C. Third, when you visit Porto, you will see the sights at every turn, as it is the historical center of Portugal. Fourth, quite low prices and delicious wine can not but attract many tourists from all over the world. And, fifthly, the city is only 270 kilometers away from the capital, which should not cause any special difficulties in the dilemma "How to get from Lisbon to Porto?" By the way, this is a very small town. It will only take a couple of days to get around the main Instagrammable places of Porto. However, if you decide to explore the local historical points more thoroughly, we recommend staying at least a week. And which ones are required to visit, read the review below.

1. Dom Luis I Bridge

dom luis bridge This bridge, which connects two districts - Ribeira and Vila Nova-is considered the hallmark of the city. Some sources claim that it was designed by Eiffel himself, but this is not the case. The plan for the construction of the famous bridge was developed by the architect Theophile Seyrig, who worked for some time with Gustave Eiffel. By the way, together they created a project for another construction of Porto - the Maria Pia railway bridge. King Louis I Bridge is an elegant metal two-level structure that offers a magnificent view of the city of Porto, its rivers, and moored ancient boats. If you want to experience the magical atmosphere, plan a visit to the bridge before sunset. And to feel the wind in your hair and an extraordinary sense of freedom, be sure to go through both the lower and upper tiers.

2. Ribeira

ribeira The most colorful place of the city, the Ribeira district, has won tourists' special love and location. Walking through the narrow streets, you can look with delight at the colorful houses, painted in different colors and located very close to each other. Some of the buildings are decorated with blue and white ceramic tiles, which gives this area a special charm, imbued with real Portugal's spirit. Here you can often see the locals for leisurely walks, relaxing in the shade of trees, or in numerous cafes with a cup of coffee. If you go to one of the Porto restaurants and try a branded sandwich baked in the oven, you will be imbued with an indescribable atmosphere of originality and authenticity. After dark, the quarter turns into the most magical and romantic place in the Portuguese city. Colorful lights, music, and a lively promenade make for a pleasant pastime in good company.

3. Sao Bento Train Station

train station If you are wondering how to get from Lisbon to Porto, then keep in mind that your train will arrive at the central station of Compagna. To get to the beautiful station of San Bento, you can transfer to the train and drive just one stop. And the road from the capital to here will not cost you a cent. What is the attraction of this train station for travelers in Portugal? First of all, the delightful French architecture of the early 20th century. However, the most interesting thing is waiting for you inside. The walls of the station's central hall are lined with traditional Portuguese azuleju tiles, which were spent no less than 20 thousand pieces. All the tiles were painted by hand and you can see the historical events of the country and the beautiful landscapes of Porto. That is why San Bento is always crowded, and it is considered one of the most Instagrammable railway stations in the world.

4. Lello Bookstore

lello bookstore "Lello" is considered to be the most unusual and popular store in Porto, the sights of which never cease to amaze and fascinate. It is also one of the top ten best stores in the world and is a national monument of architecture. Even if your plans do not include buying books, it is still worth visiting. Opening the doors, you will find yourself in an unusual, fabulous world of literature. This is facilitated by the appropriate interior-panoramic windows, stained glass windows, a spiral red staircase. On the second floor, you can relax in a small makeshift cafe-library. Reading a book over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in a calm environment has a calming and relaxing effect. Surprisingly, the store has its own tram line. It is used to transport large quantities of books. Unfortunately, photo and video shooting are prohibited in "Lello". Nevertheless, what you see here will be remembered for a long time and will evoke many pleasant memories filled with magic.

5. Casa da Musica

casa de musica The building of unusual architecture in the historical center of the city is also included in the list of Instagrammable places of Porto. It is built in the form of an irregular crystal that combines two styles – modern and destructive. It is believed that only in rectangular structures it is possible not to lose the quality of music performance. However, the architect Rem Koolhaas, whose design was used in the House of Music construction, was able to prove the opposite. It is noteworthy that from the street you can also watch the concert through the panoramic windows. If you want to enjoy the orchestras' beautiful live performance, be sure to buy a ticket, especially since its cost is very democratic.

6. Santa Catarina Street

santa catarina street Studying the city of Porto in detail on the map, one of the main and quite long streets catches your eye – Santa Catarina, which is considered the shopping center of the city. The whole Santa Catarina Street is full of shops, boutiques, fashion houses. This is where the largest number of purchases are made. Even if you do not buy anything, you will still get great pleasure from the contemplation of unusually decorated shop windows, as well as performances of street artists. And you can relax after a fruitful shopping trip in a cafe, restaurant or a nice pastry shop. Lovers of ancient architecture should visit Santa Catarina Street on Sunday when the shops are closed and there are almost no tourists.

7. Cafe Majestic

cafe majestic One of the oldest cafes, which has been operating for 100 years. This place is a cult among tourists not only because of the variety of varieties of invigorating coffee collected here but also because of the internal architecture and decoration. Getting into the cafe "Majestic", as if you plunge into the beginning of the 20th century-carved ceilings, wooden furniture, themed sculptures resemble a restaurant where the local Porto aristocracy of that time liked to relax. However, if you are looking for a coffee break in peace and quiet to indulge in dreams and pleasant thoughts, you should choose another place. Because of its popularity, it is always noisy and crowded. It is known that this cafe was loved by J. K. Rowling, known all over the world for her novels about Harry Potter. The wonderful setting and unusual atmosphere inspired the writer to create her first book about the boy wizard. If you are a fan of the series, you should definitely get a visa to Portugal and visit this "magical" cafe.

8. Viewing Platforms

portugalian girl The city of Porto is located on the hills. This contributed to the creation of viewing platforms, which offer an Instagrammable view of the area. It is best to visit them during the day, as the city is poorly lit at night. We suggest that you include the following in the list of mandatory viewing platforms: 1. The platform at the Cathedral: From the height, you can admire the colorful houses with tiled roofs. In this place, you can always hear music and the cries of gulls. From this, it becomes somehow fun and festive in the soul. 2. The platform on the Clerigouche tower: The most popular of all. To get there, you will have to defend the queue, and then overcome the 225 steps of a very narrow spiral staircase. But don't worry – your efforts will be rewarded. The panoramic view of Porto is simply mesmerizing. 3. The playground near the monastery of Serra do Pilar: If you are looking for Instagrammable places in Porto, you should definitely come here. The Instagrammable view of the Douro River, the King Louis I Bridge, and the old town will leave not only an exciting response in the soul but also wonderful photos.

9. Porto City Hall

porto city hall Its construction was started in the twenties of the last century. This six-story building, decorated with a 70-meter tower with a huge clock, is worth seeing firsthand. The monumental structure is made of marble and granite. It is decorated with columns, arches, and sculptures. And the window openings, made in the form of various geometric shapes, give the town hall a certain pomposity. Since the city hall is located here, only the first-floor hall and the tower are open to the public. And don't forget to capture it from the outside – according to eyewitnesses, the town hall is the most photogenic building in the Portuguese city.

10. Crystal Palace Gardens

porto palace Several hectares of immaculate landscaping with various alleys, lawns, and walking paths attract nature lovers. It is noteworthy that the Crystal Palace itself has not been here since 1956. In its place, a huge pavilion has been built, where various entertainment events for children and adults are held. By the way, the park has many playgrounds, various sculptures, and Instagrammable places to relax. The territory of the park is divided into thematic zones: Rose Square, Garden of Smells, Alley of Feelings. Everywhere you can meet peacocks walking slowly and importantly. And comfortable benches and cozy cafes scattered throughout the territory will allow you to take a break after a tiring walk.

11. Matosinhos Beach

matosinhos beach If you look at the city of Porto on the map, it is obvious that it is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This means that there must be beaches here. The largest is Matosinhos Beach. Golden sand, waves suitable for surfing, as well as accessibility from the city center attract lovers of an active pastime here. Here you can rent a surfboard and wetsuit and go to conquer the waves. I advise beginners to use the services of a coach. Just keep in mind that the water, even in the hottest season, is very cold, because it is affected by the Atlantic Ocean. Not far from the beach there is a street with many restaurants and cafes where the most delicious fish and seafood are prepared. After a good meal, go to the ancient lighthouse, where you can feel the full power of the water element, seeing how huge waves break at its foot.

12. Historical Trams

historical trams And finally, take a ride in one of the old trams, which were built as early as 1872, but still properly perform their function. Sitting on the leather seats, you can take a ride through the most Instagrammable streets of the city and feel like a local resident who is in a hurry about his business. Well, did you want to visit this beautiful romantic Portuguese city? I think so. Most tourists who are lucky enough to get acquainted with the country, jokingly argue about which city is better- Porto or Lisbon. And so far, they have not been able to come to a consensus. Therefore, when planning a trip to Portugal, start with a visit to the capital. And how to get from Lisbon to Porto, you will be told not only by the Internet but also by any passer-by.

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