14 reasons why you should travel to Portugal right now

14 reasons why you should travel to Portugal right now

Arzu Rasulova25 August 20201329 views8 min. read
14 reasons why you should travel to Portugal right now
Where is Portugal?", I suppose you are new to travelling. Portugal is located in Southwestern Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula. The country is in the neighbourhood of Spain, and the Atlantic Ocean borders it from south and west. Although Portugal, Lisbon is not as hyped up as the other countries where people travel most of the time. However, recently the country and its beauty are all over the internet. We suppose Portugal, Lisbon is the new favourite place on the beach and summer vacation lovers. Therefore, we present to you our fourteen reasons why you should travel to Portugal right now. Let us begin!

1. Coffee

coffee and cake While travelling to any country, as a tourist, the most-consumed drink is coffee. Taking walks, visiting new places, having fun, discovering new places - all the time, you will need something to give you the energy. As we assume, you want to discover the best places to travel in Portugal, and the first question you ask is “What to do in Portugal?”. Here is the tip, go and get yourself a coffee. Portugal is one of the countries where you can find the best and cheapest coffee in Europe. The reason behind this coffee heaven is mostly because of the influences of Brazil, Angola and other states, which Portugal colonized back in the time. We believe this is a quite good reason to go to Portugal, Lisbon.

2. Fish

fish It is always the food. But here is the most proper answer you can get for the question of “What to do in Portugal?" - eat fish. Fish is so good and delicious even vegetarians want to try it. The fun fact about all these delicious fish is that it is cheap. The country is one of the biggest producers of fish in Europe, which makes it affordable for everyone. Portugal offers lots of species of fish for its visitors. You can easily find sardines, sea breams, sea bass and codfish in this tasty country. Try to eat it with many different ingredients, vegetables, sauces and potatoes. We are sure you will find your fish. There are fish for everyone's taste.

3. Cobblestone Streets

cobblestone street Where is Portugal? Do you know this country is covered in cobblestone streets everywhere? Exactly. You can notice these beautiful artsy cobblestoned streets in Portugal. It is like a 3D experience. These streets are part of urban construction in Portugal. They are made of really expensive stones and for sure one of the best places to travel in Portugal. These mosaic floors are catching the attention of everyone. Make sure you do not look at it too often. You may become dizzy.

4. Santos Populares

santos festivities The country is the place of festivals, or most likely the place for music festivals, which we will talk about later in more detail. These Santos Populares (Saints Festivities) are kind of religious, as the sake of saints organizes them. However, you do not have to be religious to take part in this festival. Saints Festivities are happening in June. The main participants of the festival are the Lisbon residents. When to travel to Portugal? - In June. You do not want to miss this fancy and beautiful festival happening in the country.

5. Climate

The best climate you can ever find in Europe is the climate of Portugal. Maybe you have heard it dozens of times. It is true. If you still have questions like “When to travel to Portugal?”, “Is it safe to travel to Portugal?” or “What is the best time to travel to Portugal?”- you are at the right address to find the answers. First of all, we would like to note that it is truly safe to visit Portugal at any time. As having the best climate in Europe, you can plan your visit to Portugal for any season. The winters are passing mild, and the summers are filled with the cool breeze which is coming from the Atlantic Ocean. One true reason to visit Portugal might be the sunshine. This country has an amazing level of sunshine - all you need on a summer vacation.

6. Azulejos

ceramic art For our artsy fellow out there, hear us out! Tile art is one of the renowned things in Portugal. You can find the elements and designs of tile art everywhere in the country. Starting from the architectural buildings, modern design instalments, to souvenir shops, a tourist can find items with tile art. Want to see more about it? Hashtag tile art on Instagram, and see by yourself. A funny but really surprising fact about tile art in Portugal is in the capital city of Portugal, in Lisbon, there is a museum for tile art pieces. One of the treasures the city has.

7. Wine

wine Remember we talked about drinks at the beginning of our article for giving the fourteen reasons why should visit Portugal right now? Here is the second drink for you - wine. Portugal has the best wines in the world. The country is extremely good at producing quality wine. Although it comes after France, Spain and Italy, it has the bests to offer you. One point is that you can find a bottle of good wine in Portugal for an extremely low price. For the information of white and red wine lovers, you can find the best ones from the area called Alentejo and the red wine in the Duoro region. What to do in Portugal? Have a glass of wine and enjoy your holiday together with your beloved ones. But before, please check the visa policy of Portugal to see if you need a Portugal visa or not.

8. Porto

porto city One of the best places to travel in Portugal is for sure Porto. Porto has become the favourite destination of travellers recently. This place is ideal for your honeymoon or a romantic holiday with your husband. This is a fairytale city which is located in Portugal. We are assured you will have the best vacation in this city. Best sceneries, delicious food, cold drinks, lots of fun and most importantly, lots of love around here. Just a little reminder - make sure you do not fall in love with Porto.

9. Beach

beach Beaches! Beaches! Visiting a country on the shores of the Atlantic and not going to a beach would be such a disappointment. Where is Portugal? - it is where the nice beaches are. The thing about Portugal beaches is that you can not choose between them. The diversity of beaches are for sure one of the reasons to visit Portugal right now.

10. Music Festivals

concert On the one hand, if you are wondering whether is it safe to travel to Portugal during the music festivals, your answer is yes. Just make sure you know what you are doing and do not forget to have fun. On the other hand, if you are thinking about “When to travel to Portugal?” or “What is the best time to travel to Portugal?”, here is your answer - during the music festivals in summer. As we already mentioned that Portugal is the country of festivals, you might already have an idea of this. Super Bock Super Rock is one of the most hyped-up music festivals happening in Portugal during the summer alongside MEO Sudoesto and NOS Alive. We assure our rock lovers that these festivals are going to give you the indie vibes you are looking for.

11. Oceanario de Lisboa

oceanario If you are looking for another reason besides the ones we have mentioned above, you surely will get a strong reason in this part of our article. Portugal has the best aquarium in the world. It is called the Oceanario. You do not have to worry about whether is it safe to travel to Portugal; just make sure you add this miracle to your travel bucket list.

12. Waves

waves Portugal is the country of big waves. Located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is for sure hosting the best waves of the world. Nazare is a village in Portugal that is known for its big waves. One can come to Portugal either to watch these beautiful waves or join a surfing tour. You can find the pictures of Nazare all over Instagram.

13. Algarve

algarve Algarve is the favourite place for sun lovers. As you might already know, this country is full of sun and lights. Many tourists every year are visiting Portugal for the sun. Even the local people are fond of sunny days. All you need - sun, sand and sea are there for you in Portugal. Many beaches are world-famous, such as Lagos, Portimao and Tavira. Make sure you visit one of these beautiful beaches and enjoy your summer vacation in Portugal. The best time to travel to Portugal is for sure summer. Enjoy the sun!

14. Coimbra

coimbra river For education and culture seekers, one of the oldest universities in the world is located in Portugal. Coimbra is not the best place for tourists, as there are not many tourist sites to see. However, one can enjoy their day in Coimbra by doing what locals are doing. There are lots of places to visit, restaurants and cafes to go to. In Rome, do as Romans do! Have a nice vacation on the shores of Portugal!

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