12 Instagrammable places in Riyadh

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12 Instagrammable places in Riyadh
Saudi Arabia visa types and make your travel to Saudi Arabia worthwhile, then you have got to visit the beautiful places in Riyadh! Out of the many places to visit in Riyadh, most of them are great Instagrammable places. You shouldn't have a dearth in filling up your Instagram feed as there is plenty to explore and click in these amazing places in Riyadh. So, if you are wondering where is Riyadh, it is the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is located in the geographic centre of the country. It is a modern city that is also the most populous in Saudi Arabia.  If you are on the hunt to find Instagrammable places in Riyadh, then keep reading. You will get to know about the most popular Instagrammable places and also some advice on your travel to Riyadh! Here are 12 of the Instagrammable places in Riyadh:

1. The Edge of the World

edge of the world Towards the northwest region of the city of Riyadh lies one of the most spectacular views that give off an unexpected and dramatic geographical wonder. From the rocky desert, you get a stunning view of the Tuwaiq Escarpment, a natural system of extensive canyons that cut through the sandstones of Central Arabia. You can get an uninterrupted view of the horizon from atop. This led to the nickname of this site that effectively reminds you of the edge of the world. Remember that there is no public transportation here. So, you will have to visit this site by driving there yourself or joining a tour group. 

2. Wadi Hanifah  

dry landscape Lying on the Najd region of the Riyadh Province, the Wadi Hanifah is a must-visit place in your travel to Riyadh. This wadi is a desert oasis that is running through the heart of the beautiful city of Riyadh. This gorgeous valley is covered in lush greenery with a stream running through the middle. The deep valley runs for many kilometres through the capital city and is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Riyadh. Being not too far from the city, this wadi is also a local family picnic spot!

3. Kingdom Centre Tower

centre tower The Kingdom Centre is a spectacular structure of modern architecture and is the tallest building in Riyadh. The 99 storied skyscraper has a sky bridge at the top and is a talking example of where is Riyadh in the field of modern architecture and technology. The sky bridge is open to the public, and definitely, a must visit to make your travel to Riyadh worthwhile. You can purchase a ticket for around 80 Saudi Arabian Riyals. We would recommend you to visit the place at sunset time to get both day and night shots for your Instagram feed! 

4. Heet Cave

entrance to heet cave Looking for some adventure? Then why not go for a swim in an underground cave in the middle of the desert! The Heet Cave is simply a 30 minutes drive from Riyadh city and a hidden gem among the beautiful places in Riyadh. The blue and crispy water in the underground lake is great for a swim. However, the hike downwards the lake is exciting but tiring. So, make sure to be in proper gear if you are planning to get indulged. 

5. Tahlia Street

tahlia street If you are looking for a place other than downtown Riyadh to do some upscale shopping and dining, then Tahlia Street is the place! There are beautiful and sophisticated cafes all along the street, offering the perfect backdrop for an Instagram pic! It is one of the most popular streets in Riyadh and is often occupied by large crowds, especially on the weekends. Branded shops, elegant coffee houses, and international cuisine, you name it, it is there on this street

6. King Abdullah Park

king abdullah park King Abdullah Park is a good choice among the most peaceful and calming places to visit in Riyadh.  At a reasonable entry fee of 10 SAR, you will get access to the refreshing air and nature and the fascinating outdoor activities for both adults as well as kids. Other attractions in the park include the magic forest, the musical water fountain, and live performances. The beautiful colourful flowers make for the perfect Instagram shot, don't you think? 

7. Al Masmak Fortress

al masmak fortress Looking like a giant sandcastle, this 19th-century mud fortress is a great backdrop for Instagram pictures. The inside of the fort serves as a museum that displays the history of the city. The exhibits provide insight into the ancient culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia. The fort is built from clay and mud-brick and has four watchtowers adding to the splendour. Moreover, there is a traditional souq or marketplace in the area which is worth visiting. 

8. Old Dir'aiyah

old diriyah This is the old capital of the country and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located near the diplomatic quarter and the wadi Hanifah, the Old Dir'aiyah has ruins of the old buildings and fortifications. Part of the area has been restored and serves as the visitor centre. This is one of the exciting places to visit in Riyadh that helps you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The transformation of this old town to its restored and renovated version has resulted in UNESCO identifying it as one of the World Heritage Sites. This clearly shows where is Riyadh in its efforts to keep the ancestral values intact. 

9. World Sights Park

riyadh city Is your travel to Saudi Arabia equal to travelling the world? It would come by as a surprise, but yes, it is! The World Sights Park in Riyadh has miniature versions of significant monuments from all over the world. Take some stunning pictures with international landmarks and make your followers watch you with envy on Instagram! From the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you can see all of the world's renowned monuments here! The World Sights Park is located amid the city of Riyadh and charges an entry fee of 10 SAR for adults and 5 SAR for children. 

10. Al Zal Bazaar

al zaar bazaar Looking to shop and also click some Instagram worthy amazing pictures at the same time? Then head over to the Al Zal Bazaar located in the popular Ad Dirah neighbourhood in South Riyadh. This souk is nearby the Masmak Fortress and is a treasure trove of traditional Eastern artefacts. The name literally means "the carpet market" and is no wonder that you find handmade rugs of all size, shapes, and patterns in this souk. This souk is more than an exotic bazaar to shop for exquisite artefacts. It is a reminiscence of the influence of trade and business in the culture of Saudi Arabia since ancient times.  

11. Wadi Namar

wadi namar One of the famous tourist attractions, the Wadi Namar, is a picture-worthy place that you ought not to miss while in Riyadh. Moreover, it has a relaxing atmosphere fit for an evening with friends and family to enjoy the breeze and do some barbeque. The park has an industrial lake, a corniche, and a 2-kilometre-long valley dam. Enjoy your evening time here, and also, make sure to click plenty of amazing photographs while here. It is a wonderful spot with nature's presence in all aspects- simply perfect for an Instagram shot!  

12. King Fahad Cultural Centre

Set in a very beautiful location, the splendid building of the King Fahad Cultural Centre is surrounded by lovely landscaped greenery. The aesthetic lighting makes the place Instagram worthy and a positive vibe to your visit. The large auditorium is usually the venue for world-class cultural shows and has state of the art acoustic systems. Make your travel to Saudi Arabia more informative with a visit to this cultural centre. World-class cultural performances and other official events are hosted in this banquet hall. The building occupies an area of 10,000 square meters and has a capacity of 3000 people. 

Final words

riyadh city night So, if you are still stuck on questions like where is Riyadh and if visiting there is worthwhile, I say you leave your doubts aside. The beautiful city of Riyadh holds strong in its cultural and heritage values while imbibing the latest in technology, architecture, and standards to evolve as a modern city. The city may not be as attractive and appealing as its neighbouring cities like Dubai, but the place still makes a mark in the arena of tourist attractions. You can definitely find plenty of picture-worthy places in Riyadh, no doubts about that!  

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