12 Instagrammable places in Rwanda

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12 Instagrammable places in Rwanda

Dreaming about travel to Rwanda and its most Instagrammable places is definitely something extremely exciting. After all, this is home to so many exotic photography spots, and most of them do have this extra quality of earning you the most liked Instagram photo! Nevertheless, travel is rarely just about the photos, and in this article, I will reveal where are the most magical places in Rwanda. Additionally, I will throw in a few tips and ideas for once-in-a-lifetime activities and interesting places in Rwanda. Some of them are so unique you would only see those on TV! Let’s start off with a short introduction to those who are not very familiar with this nation.

What is there to know about Rwanda?

view of kigali

This landlocked country is the fourth smallest in the African continent. Located just a few degrees south of the Equator, it is often called the country of thousand mountains and not without reason. It is generally high in altitude and rich in nature because it is located in the basins of two major rivers - Kongo and Nile. With that said, the country is full of tropical forests, savannas, stunning animals, and several volcanos too. What are the places to go in Rwanda to get your most liked Instagram photo? Read below!

1. Kimironko Market

kimironko market

Going to a market is definitely one of the best ideas wherever you decide to go. It is the place of unstaged local vibrancy - the Instagrammable place to see the product and observe the locals. That is definitely why Kimironko Market is one of the places to visit in Rwanda too. As a visitor, you will get an irreplaceable impression of the culture, but as an Instagram influencer, you will get the best moments to surprise your followers. Endless piles of fruit and vegetables, the stalls with vibrant and colourful kitenge fabric, and equally colourfully dressed Rwandans. By the way, if something catches your eye so much you decide to buy it - stay calm and negotiate! 

2. Nyungwe Forest

walkway canopy

Besides being one of last remaining Africa’s high altitude rainforests, this place is also extremely exciting to visit. It is one of the most interesting places in Rwanda just because of the biodiversity and the Insta-potential. Just imagine paths leading almost to the treetops overlooking those lush forests full of life. Yes, making that high canopy walk trail will be an absolutely amazing decision for growing the number of your likes and Instagram followers. That is...if you are not terrified of heights!

3. Gorilla Trek


Yes, you read it right. Many people travel to Rwanda just to see those thrilling primates in their natural habitat, and so should you! If you are aiming at capturing some unforgettable snaps of gorillas, one of the places to see in Rwanda is definitely the Volcanoes National Park. It is home to an estimated 300 (of about 880 altogether) wild gorillas, and the views feature a green, lush scenery along with those amazing animals. Obtaining a permit to enter the park might be expensive, but surely reaching the euphoria of the most liked Instagram photo will be worth it. Just imagine - a picture of gorilla moma feeding a tiny, fluffy gorilla bebé. Instant likeability!

4. The Congo-Nile Trail

woman contemplating the panoramic view

If you are an active hiker (or biker), The Congo-Nile Trail will be one of the best ways to get to know Rwanda. Walking past the very prominent Lake Kivu, you will see the most beautiful landscapes. Crystal clear waters, the rolling hills, majestic mountains, and lush vegetation all along the way. Great way to air your head and to frame some spectacular images of this nation walking from the basin of one major river to the other. By the way, this lake is also one of the 20 largest lakes in the world, but is just one of three that can be called an “exploding lake”! Carbon dioxide erupting from the deep lake water sometimes creates explosions, but none of those has been recorded recently. Therefore it can definitely be called one of the most interesting places in Rwanda!

5. Kurema Kureba Kwiga Murals In Kimisagara


Just head to the Kimisagara neighbourhood to capture those colourful murals depicting the lives and the stories of locals! Surely, will they look great on your feed, too - with the houses lined on the slopes of hills in the background?

6. Pfunda Tea Factory and Tea Plantations

green tea plantation

Taking part in picking tea is just something super exciting. Just seeing the origin of your morning cup of tea will be an eye-opening experience. Especially if you are keen on finding Instagrammable places to show on your travel (or foodie) feed - Pfunda Tea Factory is one of the places to visit in Rwanda for several reasons. First, vast green tea plantations and photogenic people with backpack-baskets for the picked tea leaves. If you are lucky enough to book a tour, you might even join them and have some great shots of you doing it yourself. And the second reason - Pfunda is a sustainable tea company, and it is always great to support (read - visit) such businesses just because they make sure to give back to the local economy.

7. Akagera National Park

group of zebras

If you are still wondering where are the most magical places in Rwanda to blow up your Instagram likes, this is it. Besides being an amazingly beautiful place on its own, it is also the only big five safari experience in Rwanda. Not sure what “big five” is? Let me elaborate on this. It refers to the five animals that are the most difficult in Africa to hunt on foot - lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. I dearly hope you will not go there to hunt any of those precious beauties! But is definitely among the most exciting places to see in Rwanda and have the biggest catch of the day - an Instagram feed full of extra likeable images. If you do plan a visit there just keep in mind that getting there will rely on personal transport. But if you are not very keen on travelling there solo, book a shared trip from a trusted company. After all, that would be a great pity to travel to Rwanda and miss seeing those majestic creatures in the wild.

8. Mt. Sabyinyo

mount sabyinyo

If you are up for a challenge to get some great Instagram images, then this picturesque volcano is definitely one of the places to go in Rwanda. The tooth-shaped landmark is something you will see from afar, and also hiking there will be an amazing activity with additional Instagrammability. It is one of few places that can be called the home of an almost extinct mountain gorilla and features a quite steep but very distinctive path towards the summit. In my opinion, there is another reason that makes this peak one of the more interesting places in Rwanda. It lies on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda!

9. Inzora Rooftop Cafe

inzora rooftop cafe

There is no wonder lots of great things come from such rich soil that is present in Rwanda. Besides the tea plantations, it is also where some of the best coffee in the world is grown! When there, don’t miss the chance to try some of the best quality cups of coffee with an amazing view to bedazzle your Instagram followers. And believe me, Starbucks does not stand even close to this! One of the most Instagrammable places to do that is the Inzora Rooftop Cafe. You can be sure you will be offered a sustainably produced and amazing local brew! 

10. Bisate Lodge

If you are looking for truly unique Instagrammable places to wow your architecture and design-savvy followers, then look no further. This ecolodge will definitely catch the eye! Sitting on a rim of an eroded volcanic crater, this truly eco-friendly and exclusive hotel is made to look like bird nests. Among the other places to see in Rwanda, the view from the private balcony to the Bisoke volcano is definitely on the list! 

11. Food in Repub Lounge

typical food

Surely, Rwandan dishes are not the first that comes to your mind when asked what you will eat for dinner tonight. But let me assure you - their food is great, and you should definitely give a hand in making it more known among your Instagram followers! One of the most Instagrammable places to visit in Rwanda for some foodie pics is Repub Lounge - one of the best restaurants in Kigali. When there, just try the traditional brochettes, Misuzu, Akabenz, and big fish. Served along with amazing views, of course!

12. National Museum of Rwanda

kings palace

If, besides being an active Instagram user, you are also a culture-savvy traveller, then this place should not be missed! Located in the university town Butare, it is sometimes also called the Ethnographic Museum and is one of the main places to go in Rwanda to observe the ways locals live. The particular architecture, the tools, and sometimes even live performances of dances. Definitely worth a visit just to make some very obvious pictures of you visiting Africa!

I am sure the Instagrammability of this country was a no-brainer! It is small and full of visual appeal, therefore thinking too much about where are the most magical places in Rwanda isn’t really necessary. The key here is - obtain a Rwanda visa to travel to Rwanda, and creating the most liked Instagram photo is almost a given! Just remember to pack your telescopic lens, enough batteries, and memory cards to capture all of that amazing beauty!

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