12 Instagrammable places in Salamanca

12 Instagrammable places in Salamanca

Tural Abbasov10 March 20211672 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Salamanca
Spain is on everyone’s list of must-visit countries; however, it is a bit sad that the majority of visitors usually pay a visit to larger cities, like Madrid or Barcelona. So, this time we will be talking about a less-visited tourism destination that you should definitely travel to Salamanca! Salamanca is a city that is both young and old at the same time: young, a center of higher learning for hundreds of years for the many students who go to university in the city. And "old" because of the sea of ancient buildings that, looking out over the cityscape. Salamanca is a cosmopolitan city that has preserved its heritage and boasts the oldest university in Spain. A prime universal representation of Plateresque architecture is the Plaza Mayor. But where is Salamanca? The city sits on several hills along the River Tormes. In 1988, the Old City was announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The municipality has a population of 143,978 as of 2018. It is one of Spain's most important university cities and provides 16 percent of the Spanish language teaching demand in Spain. Thousands of foreign students are attracted to Salamanca. Now that we have answered your question of “Where is Salamanca?” it is time to start our list of 12 Instagrammable places in Salamanca, also worth to mention it is highly likely that your next most liked Instagram photo might be taken here!

1. New Cathedral

towers of the new cathedral of salamanca What to do in Salamanca? Definitely visit New Cathedral! The building started at a time when the Gothic style became less popular and blended with the modern style of the Renaissance, giving Spain the resulting Plateresque style. However, since the authorities needed the new cathedral to fit with the old one, this cathedral kept much of its gothic character. The Plateresque doors and windows, notably the west doorway and the north doorway, are richly decorated, featuring a relief of the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem. The structure, 110 meters high, has a stunning roof. We can easily say that it is surely one of the most important places in Salamanca.

2. Plaza Mayor

salamanca plaza If you were looking for places to visit in Salamanca Spain, then I got you covered. The charming public square in the center of Salamanca is considered to be one of Spain's best plazas. Arcaded three-story houses in a standardized architectural theme line the square. The buildings were started on the basis of Alberto de Churriguera 's designs in 1729 and finished in 1755. It was built in the classical baroque Spanish style and is a popular meeting place. In 1988, the old city of Salamanca became a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

3. Old Cathedral

cathedral Salamanca's oldest Christian landmark, the Former Cathedral, was built between 1100 and 1200. One of the most majestic monuments of this architectural era in Spain is this majestic Romanesque cathedral. Although the Old Cathedral is not as grand as the New Cathedral, it has its own distinct charm and a relaxed atmosphere that is mesmerizing which makes it one of the Instagrammable places to go in Salamanca. There are also magnificent tombs of bishops in the cathedral and of the oligarchic patron of the cathedral. The Capilla de Santa Barbara of the 14th century was where university students appeared for their final exams before their exams.

4. La Clerecia

panoramic view A segment for the church and classrooms and a monastic area where the monks lived were built into the building. Today, Clerecia serves as the headquarters of the University of Salamanca Pontificia. This memorial is visible to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. Led tours are available, with an audiovisual demonstration. Tourists can love seeing the magnificent interior of the church and can also visit the towers of Clerecia to enjoy the city's excellent views.

5. Convento de San Esteban

convento de san esteban By being one of the most important places in Salamanca, with its picturesque facade, the church is also one of the most instagrammable places in Salamanca. In around 1255, the Dominicans settled in Salamanca, but, on the initiative of Cardinal Juan Alvarez de Toledo, their original monastery was destroyed to create the parish church of St. Stephen in 1524. Construction lasted until 1610, and Martin de Santiago and Rodrigo Gil de Hontanon were active. However, as shown by a blueprint in his hands, the architecture and design were by Juan de Alava, who started the work in 1524. With the side aisles and the dome, Rodrigo Gil de Hontanon was engaged. The facade contains the front of the church and the portico of the nearby monastery. One of the best examples of the Plateresque theme is the front of the cathedral. It is conceived as an outer reredos, in the shape of a triumphal arch, beneath which the ample decoration typical of this style unfolds under the barrel vault.

6. Old Town

old town of salamanca You can find almost all of the most popular tourist attractions in the region, including the cathedrals and university buildings, in the Old Town. There are also several historic monuments and houses that are worth a visit spread around the Old Town. While only the exterior is available to visitors, to enjoy its ornately painted Plateresque facade and arcaded patio, the Palacio de la Salina is well worth a visit. This old home is a manor house of the past. With more than half of the original stone arches remaining to stand, the Roman Bridge itself dates back to the first century CE. Unsurprisingly, the old town is one of the best reasons to get a Spanish visa and discover one of the best places to visit in Salamanca Spain. 

7. Art Deco Museum

art deco museum However, what to do in Salamanca for art lovers? Art Deco Museum is basically a decorative arts museum that sets up a sweeping tour of time from the last decades of the 19th century until the Second World War. This period of little more than sixty years is undoubtedly one of the applied arts' most fruitful periods. Utilitarian artifacts which respond to meticulous aesthetic standards are the majority of the items that can be seen at the Museum.

8. Clerecia Church

salamanca architecture Known today as the Royal College of the Society of Jesus by both locals and foreigners, the Clerecia Church in Salamanca is Baroque in style and houses a community section-the church and school rooms where the Jesuits taught-and a private section where the monks slept. The church has an immense Baroque cloister of three levels. This statue is now Salamanca Pontificia University's headquarters. Who knows maybe your most liked Instagram photo will be taken right here? 

9. Convento de las Duenas

cloister of las duenas To accommodate the nuns of the Dominican order, the convent was founded in 1419. The cloister, remodeled in the 16th century, is Renaissance in style, pentagonal, and arranged on two floors. In comparison to the medallions bearing the magnificent heads of old men and delicate feminine faces on the lower level, the capitals, particularly those on the second level, feature striking high reliefs depicting fantastic beings and terrifying demons. And currently, the spot is one of the Instagrammable places to go in Salamanca.

10. Museum of Contemporary Art

museum of contemporary art In 2002, when Salamanca was named the European Capital of Culture, this groundbreaking museum was established. In a complex that was once a jail, the Domus Artium holds a collection of modern art. The room has been fully redesigned and enlarged in order to display the artworks to the greatest benefit.

11. Roman Bridge of Salamanca

bridge Salamanca's Roman bridge spans the River Tormes. It is essentially a development of a central fortification with two different bridges: the old bridge running along the section near the city and it is of Roman influence and the current bridge. As a result of many restorations, the bridge was introduced in the 21st century.

12. Torre del Clavero Tower

historical clavero tower Interestingly enough, the Torre del Clavero Tower is a part of Sotomayor's palace which is one of the main sightseeing in the city. It was built in the 15th century and has a square base that transforms as it goes up into an octagon. At each of its eight angles, it even has a smaller tower, where you can see different coats of arms, little blind arches, and so on. It presently houses the offices of the Regional Government of Salamanca. Apart from its permanent pharmacy show, it also holds art exhibits.

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