12 Instagrammable places in Seattle

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12 Instagrammable places in Seattle

What is Seattle famous for?

Seattle, mostly known as Emerald City because of its thick evergreen forests. There are numerous Instagrammable places in Seattle you could visit. Ranging from the Iconic Space Needle to the thriving culinary scene. If you intend to travel to Washington, Seattle should be among your planned destinations. Famously known as host to the first Starbucks, Seattle is popular globally for the production of coffee aficionados. The city is said to have about 2000 coffee shops in various places in the city. Besides, the Olympic Mountains, as well as Puget Sound, offers a spectacular experience for nature lovers. Amazing right? Consequently, apart from Seattle's rainy reputation, you can as well enjoy the springs and summer. This is most convenient when food and music festivals are abundant. To make you apply for a US visa, travel to Seattle and visit these eye-catching Instagrammable places, we've put together some of the top destinations in Seattle. These include;

1. Olympic Sculpture Park

Seeking to enjoy some contemporary art outdoors? Well, the Olympic Sculpture Park by Seattle Art Museum comprises impressive artwork done by prominent a-list world-class artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Alexander Calder. Among its outstanding features is that the sculptures are designed to stand adjacent to Puget Sound, with the Olympic Mountains and the Space Needle as a backdrop. The Jaume Plensa's mesmerizing Echo holds a special not since it is a 46-foot high head gazing at the Olympic Mountains.

2. Space Needle

The Space Needle is one of the most Instagrammable places in Seattle you can visit. Whenever you think of Seattle, the Space Needle is what most of us picture. The Space Needle has been recently gussied up and has become more architecturally impressive. Visitors can now look 520 feet downwards through the glass panels, as well as experience a 360-degree view. Additionally, you can also take Instagrammable picture sitting on a bench on top of Seattle. It's fascinating how gorgeous, city vistas are at night as they are during the day. Also, ensure to check whether free film showings or any festivals are going on below the Space Needle.

3. Museum of Pop Culture

It's a fact that the Museum of Pop Culture provides a unique experience, unlike other museums. Museum of Pop Culture culture features the various times when risk-taking in the society has resulted in the pop culture the new trends existing today. The Museum of pop culture is one of the interactive Instagrammable places in Seattle you can visit. However, this will depend on whether the visitors decided to engage with the collections, as well as exhibits. For instance, the rock 'n' roll movement features the top pop culture icons like Jimi Hendrix. The Museum of Pop Culture is one of the places to visit in Seattle that allow you to witness what drives our world today.

4. Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center continues to offer interaction to visitors, especially young people, through several personal experiences. Here children can gravitate to the body works, as well as the Insect Village whereby, they engage in calorie bikes that calculate the amount of energy generated. To understand how animatronic dinosaurs work, you can take control of an animatronic pneumoferrosaurus. At the Pacific Science Centre, you can also see Tropical Butterfly House. The villages host around 500 butterfly species that are said to be imported weekly from Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. Pacific Science Centre is one of the most Instagrammable places in Seattle.

5. Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is inevitably one of the most visited aquariums in the United States, as well as, it is home to more than 380 species of invertebrates, fish, marine mammals and birds. Here visitors are allowed to touch some of these marine animals. Outside the Seattle Aquarium, you can find also different shorebirds that are natives to the Puget Sound area. Inside the aquarium, you get to view the spherical undersea room and the Underwater Dome that is surrounded by over 400,000 gallons of water.

6. Chihuly Garden and Glass

An adventurer intending to travel to Seattle should consider visiting one of the greatest treasures of the city. At the Chihuly Garden and Glass, take a look at the wonderful exhibits and collections on display. Also, you can explore the innovative glassblower, Dale Chihuly. Chihuly is renowned globally for his outstanding ability to create sculptures, using glass as an artistic medium to captivate onlookers. Here visitors are invited to view and admire one of Chihuly's amazing works at the glasshouse. You get to observe the colourful installations, as well as the changes in appearance resulting from the motion of sunlight above.

7. Museum of Flight

When planning to travel to Washington, the Museum of Flight situated in Seattle should be among your destinations in the area. Here you get an opportunity to explore a wide array of educational exhibits, flight-related historical objects, as well as, airplanes. On arriving at this place, you get to see the gallery that displays the largest aircraft present in the collection, which includes airplanes owned by the military like the B-17 Flying fortress and the Concorde, Air Force One, the first-ever created jet. For history buffs, this is the best Instagrammable place to visit. You'll love the Personal Courage Wing, which has been designed in remembrance of the crucial role played by the aviation team in World War I and II.

8. Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is a 92 acres facility with many endangered and threatened species around the world. The Woodland Park Zoo was the first to design naturalistic exhibits. Here 300 varying species are ranging from the African and Asian Elephants to the jaguars, snow leopards, grizzly bears, as well as, lemurs. You can also enjoy interesting daily programs, which include educational lectures as well as animal feedings. Or you just can shoot the most liked photo on Instagram.

9. MOHAI: The Museum of History & Industry

The Museum of History & Industry is also known as MOHAI ranks Seattle as a leader with regards to industries, innovation, and other events that have led to its significance. Experience the True Northwest, a journey to the region's history that begins from the native American cultures towards the present. Permanent collections of the Museum of History and Industry ranging from local invented products to vintage clothing.

10. Discovery Park

The Discovery Park is the largest park in Seattle that covers 534 acres. Here you get to enjoy the great view of the mountains, coastline, meadows, and forests. A fantastic escape from the city places to wildlife. This one of the most Instagrammable places in Seattle provides an Environmental Learning Center that comprises interactive information, and exhibits regarding the park, as well as educational programs. The Discovery Park consists of paved trails that offer a unique way to experience nature without having to put on some heavy gear on hiking boots. Here you'll come across meadows, as well as, cliffs adjacent to Puget Sound. This is probably the best place for you to enjoy the natural side of Western Washington. You will enjoy great views such as Mt. Rainier, Lush forest, Olympic Mountains. Amazing place, right?

11. Puget Sound

One of the Instagrammable places in Seattle, Puget Sound is a watery region that is filled with islands, a unique world of discovery, as well as, inlets. Some of the activities you can engage in Puget Sound include whale watching, visiting vibrant communities that define the Island, and sea kayaking. Puget Sound is equipped with an extensive ferry system that can access various locations in Puget Sound hence allowing island hopping and easy day trips. Whidbey Island, which is the largest in Puget Sound, is home to friendly towns such as the Coupeville, and the Oak Harbor, along with other exciting attractions such as, Deception Pass State Park.

12. Pike Place Market

One of the ideal ways to hear peculiar stories, as well as pass through the bustle of pike place is going for market tours. Numerous vendors provide a wide array of wares for sale. Vegetables, fish, fruits, and all sorts of things will give you the best Instagram photos. Besides, there are plenty of food choices. Over 200 proprietor operates shops, ranging from collectables, and antiques, to quirky speciality stores and book stores. The historic nine-acre shopping heaven comprises of crafts market that includes 220 regional and local creators.

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