12 Instagrammable places in Tarawa

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12 Instagrammable places in Tarawa
Kiribati located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The atoll is best known to outsiders as the site of the Battle of Tarawa during the American campaign against Japan. 

When was the battle of Tarawa?

balttle Tarawa was occupied by the Japanese, starting on November 20, 1943, the bloody Battle of Tarawa took place here. On that day, US Marines landed on the atoll and suffered heavy losses from Japanese soldiers occupying fortified positions on the atoll. The Marines captured the island after 76 hours of intense fighting, resulting in a total of about 6,000 deaths on both sides. Tarawa has a large lagoon with a total area of 500 square kilometers and a wide reef. Despite the natural abundance of fish and shellfish of all kinds, marine resources are being depleted due to a large and growing population. Tourism in this region, as in many small island developing countries, is actually seen as the dominant strategy. And for visitors, there is really something to see and capture for memory, about the latter I will now tell you in the list of "Instagrammable places of Tarawa" Bonriki.

1. International Airport

tarawa airport The Republic of Kiribati has a very small airport that is quite suitable to start the list of Instagrammable places of Tarawa right on the doorstep of the country. It is almost the only route in Kiribati and is located in a part of the atoll called South Tarawa which is a grouped archipelago of islands, specifically on Bonriki Island. The Tarawa airport has two existing Kiribati airlines, the main carrier Air Kiribati and the secondary Coral Sun Airways. Although almost most flights are carried out only within the archipelago, the importance of this object cannot be underestimated. The dimensions of the Tarawa airport, as you have already understood, are not large, but you will still be able to take a couple of most liked Instagram photos.

2. Giant footprints

island Walking through the densely populated traditional houses on the island of Banraeba in Tarawa is a fascinating way to see how people live in this long, narrow capital of Kiribati, which surprisingly has the same population density as Hong Kong, despite the fact that there are almost no buildings higher than one floor. On the rocky shore of the ocean there are a number of depressions in the rocks, which, according to local legend, are the tracks of giants. With a little imagination, you can see where the heel and toe marks are. It is believed that the largest footprint belongs to "Tabuariki", a giant who, according to the old people of Tarawa, was born and raised on Tarawa. He was one of the first inhabitants, and his exploits are often well told in local circles. He could pick nuts from coconut trees without climbing them, and he went fishing on the go. In any case, this is a great place to add to your collection of "Instagrammable places of Tarawa" and capture these unusual footprints.

3. Parliament Building

parliament building hall Kiribati, on the territory of which Tarawa Atoll is located, is completely independent and has its own administrative buildings. One of them you will definitely like, and you will definitely want a photo on its background. This is the Parliament building. To learn more about the history and architecture of the Parliament Building, you can also take a short tour, a modern building with white walls, canoe-shaped roofs and a light blue facade. The back of the building looks out over the lagoon. You can enjoy the view from the patio of the local club. As you walk around the building, look for informative signs and maps and take some most liked Instagram photos in front of the decorative fountain. Access to the buildings is restricted, so be sure to ask about tour options at the security office. Despite its small size, the building is shrouded in a certain symbolism and attracts guests of the state.

4. Remnants of the Echo of War

beach For many, the most famous event in the history of Tarawa was its occupation by the Japanese during World War II and subsequent capture by US troops in one of the bloodiest clashes in the Pacific — the Battle of Tarawa. Today, there are many signs of this period on Tarawa. The easiest place to find large 8-inch anti-ship guns is on the south side of Betio Island, near the road leading to Bayriki. These guns were actually built by the British and delivered to the Japanese during the 1904 war against Russia. After the capture of Tarawa in 1942, the Japanese installed them on land to protect them from the expected invasion of the islands. Other important remains at Betio include the Japanese command bunker, a very tightly constructed structure that is now located on the grounds of a Mormon church. Also near the sports center in Betio is a monument to the Americans who died in battle.

5. The monument to camp Tarawa

camp tarawa The plaque for the monument was cast by Wayne Bellamy of Phoenix, Arizona, and set on a stone that was chosen by local Marine Leroy Lindsey. The engraved granite panels were added and consecrated on March 29, 1998. Between 1995 and 1998, the Camp Tarawa Historical Foundation raised the funds needed to create a large three-panel stone and granite monument to complement the original monument. Three panels are dedicated to the second and Fifth Marine Divisions and the Amphibious Corps. The opening ceremony was held on March 29, 1998. Among those present were many veterans and three active officers. To this day, this memorial preserves the memory of the fallen Marines whose lives were claimed by the Battle of Tarawa.

6. Plant, copra

coconut The only significant industry that the city of Tarawa has and produces products for export is copra, that is, the processed pulp of coconuts. People on many of Kiribati's remote islands make a living by harvesting coconuts, which grow naturally; the pulp is then dried in the sun and sent to a factory in Betio for processing. This is an interesting place, because it is an example of real island ingenuity. The man in charge of the operation studied engineering in New Zealand and used his knowledge to design the equipment that is now an important source of hard currency for the country. The coconut pulp is crushed, the coconut oil is extracted for use in cosmetic products, and the remaining powder is packaged to produce nutritious animal feed.

7. Maneaba

tarawa To visit maneaba is the right decision, if you are determined, to explore the local traditions that the city of Tarawa will reveal to you. The heart of every Kiribati community is a traditionally built conference hall called the Maneaba. These open buildings are high-roofed with coral slabs supporting a huge coconut tree roof held together with coconut thread and thatched with pandanus leaves. They are easily recognizable and serve as a venue for weddings, funerals, birthdays, meetings with neighbors, and even as makeshift vacation spots for visitors from other islands who need a place to stay overnight. The whole community is involved in its construction, and every aspect of the arena has both a symbolic and a practical function. Here you will be able to capture the background and inside of these lovely huts in memory of Tarawa.

8. Laguna Club Ambo

tarawa island The turquoise lagoon and long stretches of soft sand attract tourists to Ambo Island, which is ideal for relaxing walks along the waterfront in the shade of leafy palm trees. A visit to Ambo Island is just the beginning of the adventure, as you reach the point of Tarawa city to plan your vacation. Enjoy the views from the nearby Ambo Lagoon Club, which is located on the shore of the lagoon and offers a variety of activities. There is a swimming pool, volleyball, a safe lagoon for swimming, a conference room, a bar and darts. The bar, which is an ideal place for a special party, is also a good place for a photo shoot. Get a great experience with the Instagrammable panoramas of Ambo Lagoon Club. Here you have the option to snap stunning most liked Instagram photos to keep the memories for a lifetime.

9. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

cathedral Sunday Mass is a process that is not bypassed by the Republic of Kiribati, and all thanks to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati. The beautiful sound of the choir fascinates visitors to the mass and even made a strong impression on people far from religious topics who prefer to sleep on Sundays. The cathedral itself is nothing more than a Western-style building, filled with Catholic attributes. There are no benches, as the congregation sits on the floor, and the beautiful stained glass windows, high beams and bright interior create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Instagrammable church, very spacious and has a view of the lagoon. It is also nice just to visit here and see how the locals pray. The cathedral is also impressive, with Instagrammable local elements and original bells on the outside. All this is combined into one good reason to include this cathedral in the Instagrammable places of Tarawa.

10. National Library and Archives of Kiribati

library The office of the National Archives belongs to the construction of the time of the 50s. It still serves to maintain the information and search for the data collected over all this time. The records are stored on microfilm and old ledgers, some of them transferred to a computer. An interesting place to visit if you have a family connection to the Gilbert Islands or want to learn about any person who lived on the atoll. Inside, you will also find a small collection of books. It is partly supplemented by volunteer and missionary groups, so there is not a little foreign literature and interesting historical works. The building itself is not very striking because South Tarawa can not boast of architectural advantages, but the interior is worthy of a few pictures.

11. Fema Lodge Motel

motel The Republic of Kiribati has a family-run Fema Lodge in its center. The owners take great pride in offering affordable and spacious rooms suitable for both business and leisure travelers. The fully renovated rooms at Fema Lodge offer both short-and long-term stays. The single and double rooms are well integrated into the surrounding living area. The motel offers Instagrammable views of the nearby lagoon. It is located in an ideal location where you can feel the cool breeze. The same summer wind blows through the outdoor dining area, where guests can relax with a drink in hand while taking great keepsake shots.

12. Terau Beach Bungalow Guest House

beach The next place for temporary accommodation of tourists, which we will discuss in our Instagram run, is the Guest House "Terau Beach Bungalow". Just a short ferry ride from the South Tarawa area, this is a true remote island experience. All the staff are incredible, kind and knowledgeable people. Here you will find great food, lots of seafood, clean houses and all the amenities for a good holiday. The guest houses themselves, as well as the view of the ocean with its mini piers, will serve well as decorations for your most liked Instagram photos.

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