12 Instagrammable places in Gibraltar

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12 Instagrammable places in Gibraltar
Instagrammable places and places to visit in Gibraltar. Immense Tourism activities, thousands of parties rich geographical and cultural diversity makes this place the most unique part of Europe. With an area of around 6.8 km2 and a total population of 32,000 people, it ranks 5th according to density in the world. Also, this place offers you much exploration as compared to the small area it owes and in summers it becomes one of the busiest tourism spots. The territory offers such diversity in beaches, hills, caves, rocks and architecture that you surely will wonder why you didn’t know till today where is Gibraltar. Secondly, you would ask is it safe to travel to Gibraltar? Well of course yes, it is one of the most peaceful places in Europe. With such scenic beauty, historic background, most affordable flights and places to stay in Gibraltar, it becomes one of the favorite tourism spots in Europe. Let’s have a detail look at the top 12 most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar. 

1. The Rock

gibraltar rock It’s a 400 meters high cliff that ranks at the top in the list of places to visit in Gibraltar and imprints its importance by being a part of the full name of this territory. To reach the top you can opt to hike or get a cable car ride from the Base station. Both modes will provide you with numerous chances to capture many scenic sites that can become your perfect story of the day on Instagram. Reaching the top of this hill you can enjoy the view of three countries namely Morocco, Spain and the whole of Gibraltar itself. Also, you can get a clear sight of the two continents of Europe and Africa.

2. Barbary Macaques

barbary macaque Barbary Macaques is the only place in Europe where you can encounter peaceful wild monkeys. If you are lucky enough some of the curious ones will visit your hotel corridor during your stay at different places in Gibraltar. Else you got to travel through cable car to reach their home if you desire to meet them. They are harmless creatures and you can get much closer to them for a memorable click. But don’t forget to keep a check on your valuables as some of the naughty ones can try to take them away. So, beware whenever you come across these pickpockets while your travel to Gibraltar.

3. Mediterranean Steps

If you opt to hike to reach the Rock, Mediterranean Steps are the safest and well-maintained path to go for. This track is in use of the British Military to reach to their bases and is the most established one. The path is carved with beautifully winded stone staircase also used by local people for travelling and fitness activities. This track is surely a hard one to opt for reaching the top but the naturally built path gives you a chance to test your fitness and get closer to natural scenes. You can also get a glimpse of the whole continent of Africa from these steps. Some of these stairs are very sloppy and Instagrammable but if you got height phobia don’t take the risk.

4. St. Michael’s Cave

cave Once you enter the St Michael Cave you will forget to blink your eyes. As this is the place where you can find tons of spectacular stalagmites and Stalactites which are being deposited since AD 45. Some of these are even beautifully colored due to different impurities and range between 12-45 meters in length. A walk through these beautiful carvings of nature will let you lose track of time and you will feel like being at some dreamland. But don’t forget to take an Instagrammable photo as you are at one of the most stunning places of Gibraltar. Many concerts, theatres, marriages and even photoshoots are organized here keeping the beauty of this place in mind. 

5. World War-II Tunnel

tunnel After Siege Tunnel one of the wonders of Gibraltar is the World War-II Tunnel which will let you amaze endlessly. You can find the whole city lying underground which was a result of day and night efforts of people back then to construct the base camp during world war-II. You can find barracks, hospitals, power stations and all the rest that was needed to keep the soldiers going. And that’s not it can you imagine the tunnel was reached by ambulances and vehicles to help out the soldiers. A single click at this historic place can get you some of the most liked Instagram photographs.

6. Europa Point

sunset Europa Point located in the south of Gibraltar Peninsula is famous Trinity Lighthouse. It was constructed in the 18th century and after certain alterations, it is standing still till date to guide the marine transport travelling along the Strait. Europa Lighthouse located at the extreme south of Gibraltar separates the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Due to this unique and fascinating location, it becomes one of the most prominent tourism spots. So, whether you get a chance to climb the 49-meter tower or not you must get an Instagrammable photo with this famous lighthouse.

7. Meeting Dolphins

dolphins Having an interest in marine life what about watching dolphin bravura live. This is a worth trying experience during your travel to Gibraltar especially if it’s a family trip. During this 75-minutes-long tour through the strait of Gibraltar, you pass through the home of more than 200 Dolphins. You can book a ride on specially designed cruises with viewing vessels to witness these marine creatures. And recording any of their special move you can get hundreds of likes on Instagram.

8. Windsor Suspension Bridge

This 71-meters long suspension bridge was built in 2016 in Natural Reserves of the Rock. If you decide to hike to reach at top of The Rock-it will come across your way through different trails. And don’t panic if it sways a bit during some windy day. While crossing this bridge you are much closer to the Ape’s Den and a good spot to see Gibraltar Monkeys if you haven’t seen them yet. Standing at a proper site you can click a photo capturing the view of other famous places. That’s why it is one of the most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar.

9. Irish Town

gibraltar In Gibraltar lies the Irish Town where neither Irish live nor it’s a town. Then why it’s called so? Well back in the war Era, this place was converted to Barracks and Storehouses. But as the war lasted long it was necessary to amuse the British soldiers and boost their moral. So, the best way out found was to set up a town where troops can find chances of entertainment and relaxation. For this purpose, the Royal Navy allowed a troop of Irish Ladies to offer food, drinks and other services trade to soldiers. And the elegant architecture here elaborates transitions this area has gone through during that time.

10. Princess Caroline Battery

gibraltar If you ask about a place from where you can get the most beautiful view in Gibraltar most people will tell you about Caroline’s Battery. From this spot you can capture the ever-beautiful Gibraltar Airport and Marina. Being patient for a while you can even get most liked Instagram photo of the famous take-off of planes from this airport. And guess what you don’t have to pay for your time spend in this battery which makes this place even more crowded. 

11. Referendum Steps

Gibraltar is the land of historic places and Referendum step also termed as Devil’s Gap Road is one among these places to visit in Gibraltar. These set of stairs were painted in the memory of the 1967 referendum when Gibraltarians voted in majority to stay British rather than turning Spanish.  This place is not only famous due to its historic background but you will also find that it is the starting point of most of the hiking trails. And a little walk from this spot will lead you to some lovely views. Which is also a reason that you will find a photo of this spot on most of explorer’s Instagram visiting Gibraltar

12. Catalan Bay

gibraltar Catalan Bay is a hidden tourism spot in Gibraltar and most of the people don’t get a chance to see it. But if you talk to locals, they will surely mention it among the list of places in Gibraltar that worth watching. It is usually categorized as the beach spot so you better visit the place on a bright sunny day. This place is not very crowdy as least known for tourism yet got hundreds of Instagrammable spot. And if you like to spend your time in peace this is the top place to stay in Gibraltar. Your travel to Gibraltar starts from a very adventurous place the “Gibraltar Airport” which is also considered as the scariest Airport of the world. As runway is built to takeoff while ending up in the sea. Also, if you take the wrong exit at Airport you got to travel the whole country to reach your destination. And once you enter the territory the choices of enjoyment and fun are endless. And the trip will surely give you most liked Instagram photo for your profile. What you got to do is be alert while your air travel and Gibraltar Airport exit. Just pack your bag after Knowing all about where is Gibraltar without worrying as the locals are friendly enough to guide you about places to stay in Gibraltar.

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