10 things I wish I knew before going to Kiribati

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Kiribati
Kiribati is a republic located on a sea island in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean. The Republic of Kiribati consists of 33 coral atolls that span approximately 4,000 km of the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati is famous as the Gilbert Islands. Kiribati offers a beautiful example of natural beauty and a blue beach. Kiribati is a tourist destination filled with all kinds of speed methods. The capital of Kiribati is Tarawa. When people travel to Kiribati, the first plan is to visit Tarawa. Tarawa is considered one of the most densely populated places in the world. palm trees There are many religious places in Kiribati for religious tourists, while Kiribati has many attractions for adventurous tourists. Kiribati has a lot to discover for history lovers, as well. Interesting things about Kiribati are that the food here is fresh and straightforward, due to which tourists love the food here at a high level. The folk music and dance here has developed into an art form, which causes excessive tourism here. If you want to go on a long journey on your holiday, then the Republic of Kiribati will be the righteous option for you. Before traveling to Kiribati, you will want to know what is there in Kiribati to make your trip quite exciting and memorable?   Let's investigate interesting things about Kiribati:

1. Kiribati people

kiribati people The local people are still leading a traditional life, who have a strong sense of personal pride. These people respect each other. People here are delighted to see the tourists coming here and welcome them wholeheartedly. The behavior of the locals is usually experienced by the tourists visiting here. Talking about Kiribati's western society, people here respect their citizens, religious leaders, and tourists very much irrespective of one's sect. You will be surprised by the learning path of interesting things about Kiribati. It has a variety of individual communities that have specific laws for their village. The village head or elders decide this particular law to maintain order and harmony in cities; these laws should be respected and followed. The people in Kiribati are delighted who will welcome you wholeheartedly.

2. Kiribati map for travel 

globe Talking about the Kiribati map, it is spread over 32 atolls and a solitary island. Geographically Kiribati is located in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres as an aesthetic of nature. Also, it has some borders in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. You would be surprised to know that Kiribati is the first country in the world to be located within all four hemispheres. Talking about the economic zone, Kiribati extends three geographic subregions in its Special Economic Zone, including Banaba, Gilbert Islands, and The Line and the Phoenix Islands. Banaba is a magnificent island located in Kiribati known as the raised-coral island. For your information, we would like to mention that Banaba on the Kiribati map was once a rich source of phosphate, but before independence, the whole phosphate source ended up in mining. Geographically, Kiribati is considered an excellent place to see, so you either should visit here. 

3. Nature 

sea Speaking of the scenic beauty of Kiribati; it has a storehouse of beautiful beaches. There is a lovely place for boating or sailing. Additionally, you can enjoy many atoll bikes or walking tours here. Seeing the lagoon here is also a memorable time in Kiribati. Here the immaculate white sandy beaches and waving palm trees will attract a distinct group of you, taking advantage of which you can do a photoshoot in this Instagrammable place.  You will be surprised to know that the outer islands' traditional culture is still very much alive. Kiribati people are very fickle by nature. These people will warmly welcome you. To participate in the ceremonies, you can enjoy time in Kiribati.

4. Who owns Kiribati? 

court of law Speaking of the ownership of Kiribati, it is a republic. That is, the politics here are in the framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic. The people here elect their President. The Kiribati people elect the President and the Board of Ministers, who owns Kiribati. The Government and its cabinet exercise the executive power of Kiribati. The Legislative Assembly exercises the legislative power her. Kiribati's judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. The Republic of Kiribati is established as a sovereign democratic republic. It is set by the public, who owns Kiribati.

5. Weather 

kiribati weather Is there any answer on your mind to the question of where is Kiribati? Yes, the location of an area affects the weather. Kiribati is a sea Iceland, so the climate from April to October is pleasant here. So it would be nice to travel to Kiribati between April to October. The western region receives rains in the months from November to March. Here, in May, more gentle winds and currents flow, making the tourists coming happy. Towards December, when the weather of sudden strong winds and heavy rains, this weather discourages travel. The city of Tarawa is located in Kiribati, which is a pioneer in tourism. Every year people from each corner of the world come here to travel, so you should also travel to Tarawa.

6. Beautiful beaches

kiribati sky If you travel to Kiribati, then you must visit the gorgeous beaches. Apart from this, if you are interested in swimming or the sea's life, Phoenix island can fulfill your wish. The island of Phoenix is called the world's largest marine protected area. The stunning combination of sandy sea and blue lagoon is a grand landscape. The beautiful sandy beach of Kiribati is one of the absorbing things about Kiribati here. If you wish to enjoy and have a memorable journey, you should see Kiribati at least once in your life.

7. Lifestyle 

desk Actually, one of the cool things about Kiribati is the lovely people here. The people here are so influential that they will fascinate you. You are going to feel as if you are wandering in your own country. Kiribati people usually welcome you warmly when you travel to Tarawa. Additionally, it will give you a place in its society and include you in the ceremonies and festivals. Kiribati has lots of beautiful beach views. People here will provide you with suggestions for boating or sailing, and you should also enjoy it.

8. Shopping 

shopping bag Do you have any idea of where is Kiribati's best shopping area? There are many places in Kiribati where you can do unlimited shopping. In Kiribati, markets and shopping malls on the shores of the sea coast are discussed worldwide. The Republic of Kiribati has a great atmosphere for shopping tourists. For the best shopping in the attractive markets here, you will find stalls on the beachside. If you know the right bargain, then you will like the shops on the streets near Kiribati.  If you want to do affordable shopping here, then you should travel to Tarawa. Apart from clothes, junk jewellery, drinks to famous wines, bamboo to terracotta, brass utensils, you can shop around the world in the market here.

9. Food 

cafe Everything is perfectly designed for travellers in Kiribati. The finest beach, sand, sun and the most important of these is the food here. One of the cool things about Kiribati is delicious food here. Kiribati's food is very different from the food of other regions and can be attributed to its rich and cultural heritage. Kiribati's seafood draws tourists here. Although the leading food of Kiribati people is rice and fish vegetable, apart from this, you will get the chance to enjoy many types of seafood in Kiribati. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can enjoy the finest non-vegetarian seafood between the beach and the natural views in Kiribati. 

10. History 

library After having an idea of where is Kiribati, you should ask the question about its historical sites if you are interested in such activities during your trip. European countries ruled Kiribati for the first 2000 years. When the British ruled, this island was known as the Gilbert Islands all over the world; the British Government built historical heritage sites in the Gilbert Islands, which is today one of the best historical heritage in the world. Kiribati gained complete independence in 1979. Here are such historical places present on Tarawa and Phoenix Islands which will fascinate you. Therefore, you must visit these historical places. flight I have mentioned all the essential things that you should know before you travel to Kiribati. Now plan to travel to Kiribati, and take an adventurous trip to Kiribati. Here you can experience and enjoy Kiribati culture. Additionally, explore the islands' natural beauty as you roam the outer islands of North Tarawa and capture them in your camera. The atmosphere of solitude and peace here is very enchanting. Here you will be the focus of the outer island experience. Apart from this, you can participate in recreational festivities like sightseeing, dancing, local sports, fishing, feast, canoe ride, etc.

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