12 Instagrammable places in Tirana

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12 Instagrammable places in Tirana
capital of Albania, you will plunge into the past and present of the country, which has experienced strong upheavals since its foundation in the 1600s. In the city of Tirana, Soviet-era buildings, brand-new projects and proud historical monuments are falling apart side by side, while the wonderfully elevated landscape that borders the city to the east requires exploration. Each monument has its own complex and emotionally charged history, whether it's the oppression of the 20th century or everyday life in Tirana during the Ottoman Empire. And if it gets too hot in the summer, you can have a great time and refresh yourself in the Adriatic Sea, which is easy to reach.

Where is Tirana?

tirana city Tirana is the capital of Albania and its largest city. It became the capital of Albania in 1920. The Albania population at the 2011 census was 418 495 people. The city is home to many public institutions and public and private universities and is the center of the country's political, economic and cultural life. The municipality of Tirana is located in the Tirana district, about 32 kilometers inland. The average altitude in Tirana is 110 meters, and its highest point is 1,828 meters in the Mali-i-Gropa area. The town is mostly surrounded by hills, with Mount Daiti on the east side and a small valley on the north-west side overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The Tirane River flows through the town, as well as the Lane River. The city borders the surrounding municipalities of Paskuqan, Dayt, Parka, Vacarr, Cheese and Games. There are four artificial lakes in Tirana: the Artificial Lake Tirana, around which a large Park is built, Lake Paskukani, Lake Farka and Lake Tufina. Where is Tirana located is on the same parallel with Naples, Madrid, Istanbul and New York, as well as on the same meridian with Budapest and Krakow. Let's explore Instagrammable places in Tirana:

1. Pyramid

man riding bicycle The first places to visit in Tirana is Pyramid. It may seem strange to start with an abandoned building, but the Pyramid is unique. It is an unforgettable and culturally significant building from 1987, built shortly before the fall of communism. It was intended as a museum to honor the country's despotic dictator Enver Hoxha, who ruled from 1944-85, but naturally, those plans were scrapped after 1990. Now on the agenda is a debate about how to deal with the post-World War II period, when Albania suffered from 45 years of isolation. Some want it to be restored as a monument to that period; others want it to be demolished. At the same time, it remains unused, except graffiti artists and Instagrammers, of course.

2. Daichi Express

horse This cable car is perfect for a fun family weekend and a great city experience. Take a gondola up to the dramatic mountain on the eastern edge of Tirana. The cable car stretches for a kilometer, making it the longest in the Balkans, and climbs more than 800 meters up the mountainside. The trip takes about 15 minutes, and at the top there is a tourist complex with restaurants and Tirana hotels. Of course, the city's view will be remembered for a long time, but there are also year - round activities, including trekking and horse riding in summer, and skiing in winter.

3. Skanderbeg Square

tirana city It is here that the main monuments of Tirana are collected, including the Clock Tower, the Ithem Bay Mosque and the National Historical Museum. It is named after George Kastriot, an Albanian national hero who is credited with stopping the Ottoman Empire's advance into central Europe. There is a monument to Skanderbeg on the square, which occupies the place where a statue of communist Joseph Stalin once stood. The square is surrounded by neo-Renaissance architecture, as well as a large lawn with flower beds that complete the majestic atmosphere. Skanderbeg is the main venue for popular celebrations such as the 100th anniversary of Albania's independence in 2012.

4. Mount Daichi National Park

mount daichi national park In Europe, it is unusual to find a national park right on the doorstep of the capital of Albania, so do not miss the chance to go further into the mountain range that forms the eastern border of Tirana. If you really want to get out of here and experience the natural scenery, then follow the trail that connects Mount Daiti with Mount Tuyani, which rises to 1580 meters. This peak is the highest in the park and can be climbed on foot if you regularly hike. The summit's view is something that takes effort, not least because it includes a vast reservoir - Lake Bovilla. Surrounding this lake are sheer cliffs, which also provide excellent conditions for rock climbing.

5. Grand Park

grand park To the south of the prestigious Blloku district is the Grand Park of Tirana, which is the best Instagrammable places in the city center for fresh air and training. It covers 230 hectares and is surrounded by a large artificial lake. It is known that here is the Presidential Palace, which was originally designated the residence of King Zog I but was completed only a few years before communism. The park also contains the tombs of several Albanian national heroes, including politicians, writers and philosophers. Fishing is possible on the shores of the lakes throughout the year, which indicates an improvement in water quality, while outdoor swimming is possible in summer.

6. Cave Pellumbas

cave pellumbas Cave Pellumbas is one of the best places to visit in Tirana. If you need to see more of Mount Dajti National Park, which rises to the east of the city, spend the day in the vicinity of the village of Pellumbas. Here you can go hiking and climb to the beautiful natural monument. From the village there is a trail that goes two kilometers into the mountains before reaching a cave full of stalagmites and stalactites, but also with traces of human activity dating back more than 300,000 years. It descends 350 meters into the mountains and during the Second World War gave shelter to the inhabitants of the village of Pellumbas.

7. Bunker'art

bunker art Instagrammable places of Tirana, pro level. This extraordinary landmark provides a glimpse into Albania's recent past. Bunk'art is an underground bunker that was built for the communist-era politicians of Tirana and the top military leadership in case of a nuclear war. The shelter's scale and detail is striking: It occupies more than five floors and has more than 100 different rooms, including a conference room with 200 seats. The purpose of today's attraction is to help people come to terms with a turbulent period in the Albania's history, but will delight people who like Cold War installations and communist design.

8. Prez Lock

tirana To the north-west of the city is a 15th-century fortress, towering over the same name's village. It was built and owned by the Topia feudal family, whose estates occupied the area between the Shkumbin and Mat rivers. At one time, this structure would have been an outpost built to protect the territory from bandits. The pentagonal castle's value now lies in its intact walls and towers, including the clock tower, which was installed in the 1800s. The fortress walls offer panoramic views of the plain, the city of Tirana and the mountain range behind it.

9. Spill Beach

spill beach Spill Beach is one of the best places in Tirana. In summer, Tirana can indeed be hot, but a day at the beach is just a quick car ride that will easily fix this problem. The coastline stretches for three kilometers and is located south of Durres. The beach is wide enough to find a place for yourself at any time of the year, and if you come with your kids, you can let them have fun on the gentle and shallow surf with peace of mind. Split has all the hallmarks of a European beach resort, with restaurants, sports facilities and more, but prices for things like soft drinks, chairs and umbrellas are much more reasonable than you'll find in more famous beach spots.

10. Sky Tower - Sky Tower

tirana city Did you know that Tirana has its own rotating bar with a beautiful view of the city? It's definitely worth a visit to the Sky Tower, and seeing the city lit up at night while enjoying a drink is a nice way to spend an hour or more taking fashion photos for your Instagram. Address: Rruga Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, 5/1 Sky Tower, Tirana, capital of Albania.

11. District Block

tirana District Block an elite and fashionable area of Tirana, which most tourists will go to. Many cafes and restaurants can be found in the Blloku area of Tirana, and you can also see the house of Enver Hoxha, the former Albanian dictator.

12. Clock Tower

clock tower The 35 m tall Clock Tower of Tirana was built by Ottoman architects in 1822 and for many years was the tallest building in the capital, where a bell sounds every hour. It can be climbed to enjoy the impressive view of Sheshi Skenderbey.

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