12 Instagrammable places in Port Vila

Roxana Acosta Sosa15 January 20211080 views13 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Port Vila
trip to Port Vila and do you love photography and the world of Instagram? Well, you have just arrived at the right place. Port Vila has many Instagrammable places to take a unique photo. For this reason, we have compiled some of the places that many influencers have chosen to succeed in this social media and to clarify your doubt about how to find Instagrammable places over here. Surely the "likes" and the "followers" will rise like foam at the same time, showing precious corners of this island. First, let's describe where is Port Vila. Let's get started!

Where is Port Vila?

sunset Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu, a country made up of 83 islands located in the South Pacific and surrounded by the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and New Caledonia. Speaking specifically about Port Vila, it is located on one of those islands called Efate. The official Vanuatu language is French, although a large part of the population speaks English, Bislama, or one of the 100 islands dialects. The Vanuatu Islands are one of the richest regions on the planet culturally speaking, it is a melting pot of languages and customs that change from island to island and even from town to town: Masks, traditions, customs, and dances are some of the characteristics that differentiate them. wooden bridge Its population comes from the Austronesians belonging to the Lapita culture of Southeast Asia and has lived on these islands since approximately 2000 BC. As Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu, it is the most populated city, which has a population of 45,000 and as a curious fact to take into account, Vanuatu is in the fourth position in the ranking of the happiest countries in the world, according to Happy Planet Index, an organization that uses variables such as well-being, life expectancy or care for the environment to compile this list. Now, let's go to what concerns us and discover where and how to find Instagrammable places in Port Vila.

1. The Mele Maat Cascades

port vila nature The beauty of this tourist destination is exploring it and not spending the whole day alone in the Port Vila hotels pool. Here you come to discover this Instagrammable place to delight you and also your Instagram friends who have not yet visited it. The Mele Maat cascades are about 20 meters high and are located at the foot of the Klem hill and the path that goes up to it is really impressive, revealing precise waterfalls among the tropical forest. It is located 15 minutes from Port Vila and you can go on your own or in a group. In case you want to go with a guide, there are some departure times, one at 9 in the morning and the other at 2 in the afternoon. Generally, these tours usually pick you up at your hotel. lake If you don't want to go when there are many tourists, it is advisable to go in the afternoon. Besides, you will find several waterfalls and natural pools with fresh and very clean water. It is recommended to go with sandals or flip flops because the stones can be slippery. On the other hand, to enter you must pay around $30 per person.  As additional data, close to the cascades, you will find Port Vila hotels at reasonable prices, for example, the Fatumaru Lodge at just 1 km of distance with rooms of $136 per night. Another option is the Traveler’s Budget Motel at 9 km away from the waterfall with really cheap rooms: from $60 per night!. This place is surrounded by nature, where there are many native plants and flowers used for medicinal purposes by the natives. The place is beautiful to get the most liked Instagram photo.

2. Millenium Cave

millenium cave If you like adventure and great challenges, this place is perfect for you. Here you can go on a hike in the forest and climb over rocks that will take you to the largest cave in Vanuatu. In the end, you can cool off and relax in the river. Remember to bring water, lunch, dry clothes, good shoes for the excursion and of course, your camera to take amazing photos. To get to Millenium Caves, you must go to Espiritu Santo, another Vanuatu island that is only an hour's flight from Port Vila. To explore the island you can rent a quad for a day, it is super fun and another way to get the most liked instagram photo.   The Vanuatu Millenium Cave or just Millennium Cave gets its name from its discovery in the 2000s. This extraordinary natural sight was discovered by chance by locals who were exploring its land. After several descents and explorations, little by little the sight was opened to adventurers in search of sensations. The eco-tour organized by the local community has only been open since 2012 and is very successful.  millenium cave This cave is a 1-hour road trip until you reach the town of Wambel with cabins in a clear and landscaped area in the middle of the forest. Children with wide smiles will greet you. You can leave the 4×4 here and continue on foot. Now you must reach a second town 20 minutes away on foot, Vunaspef. The air becomes more humid. You must cross a bamboo bridge built by the local community, several rivers. The vegetation is ultra-green, lush. Once in town, you will be offered a tour guide who will be willing to accompany you to the Millennium Cave. You must cross the forest for 1 hour and a half but beware because you will encounter some obstacles such as a wooden ladder that forces you to walk with your back to a slope, Indiana Jones style! Those photos will worth millions of great comments and Instagram followers!  The price of the excursion is around $75 per person.

3. Hiking on Mount Tabwemasana

hiking on mount tabwemasana Although you already know that Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu, taking advantage of the fact that you are in Espiritu Santo, you can visit the highest peak on the island and the entire Pacific, which has an altitude of 1879 meters. To reach the top it takes four days, but don't worry, some guides can take you to the top of Vanuatu. The views that you can enjoy from above will be worth it to post on Instagram, adding some emotion, and show the adrenaline of this trip. As you can see in Vanuatu you can do everything. To do this excursion, the best time to travel to Port Vila Vanuatu is the dry season from May to October, although earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, or volcanic eruptions can happen at any time, so, conveniently, you should be always aware of the news and weather conditions updates.

4. Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon Wondering how to find Instagrammable places? Blue Lagoon is another great spot. This is one of those places you say "WOW" when you see it. This lagoon is composed of freshwater although sometimes it is salty when the sea rises, it has an indescribable blue color as if the sky was reflected there!. It is an amazing and magical place. True oases in exuberant nature. This is a beautiful place to snorkel with clear water, it is 6 meters deep. A rope installed in a tree allows you to do the Tarzan, no doubt, you must ask someone to take that picture for your Instagram profile. The entrance price is about $5 and it is 1 hour and a half away from the city. How to get here? At the Port Vila pier some taxis and minibusses are offered to make this journey to Blue Lagoon. However, another option for those who are going to spend several days in Vanuatu is to rent a car or contract a tour guide. It is, of course, one of the great natural attractions of the Efate island and a magnificent reason to escape from the bustling streets of Port Vila.

5. Port Vila Market

port vila market For your Instagram followers to see the local wealth, you need to go take Instagram photos at the famous Port Vila Market. Here you can buy typical Vanuatu items, you will find very low prices. Also, here it is known for offering delicious fruits such as raspberries, sweet potatoes, coconuts, etc. All seasonal products with beautiful aromas and colors. And is this an Instagrammable place? Yes if you want to portray the essence of the locals and mix with them. If you are looking for other things, you can enjoy other delicacies as there are some French-style patisseries, thanks to the heritage left by the European invaders at the time. In these places, it is possible to taste Pain Au chocolate or delicious crepes. These businesses are the ones that serve the best coffee on the islands.

6. The Secret Garden

greenhouse If you want to understand the essence of the archipelago, it is convenient to visit it to solve many doubts since it is a Teaching Unit on Vanuatu. You can see its vegetation live, with its respective explanations about it. Here you will see the huts of the natives of all the islands, being able to enter inside and observe their similarities and differences, according to the enclave, the climate, and its inhabitants. They show you the fauna of the place, you observe it with your eyes and they tell you through posters what their habits and experiences are. From the huge spiders of the coconut tree to the so-called flying foxes, you will find ducks, parrots, iguanas, snakes, and also, local wearing so typical costumes with whom to take pictures with. Also, it explains other aspects that include cannibalism, volcanic activity, and its traditions related to the earth. It is like a very interesting open-air museum.  The best time to travel to Port Vila Vanuatu and enjoy this and other places without rain is during August, September, and October. 

7. Hideaway Island

hideaway island This is another of the Instagrammable places that you must visit. It is usually very popular among tourists because it is the ideal place for snorkeling. It is located in the municipality of Mele, 10 km from Port Vila. If you decide to spend the day here, don't worry, you will find a restaurant/snack bar where you can have lunch but you have to pay around $12 (per person) to access the island. The beach in front of the islet is equally good to relax and chill. Its waters are very crystal clear, if you have a submersible camera, you can take excellent photos to share with your friends on Instagram.

8. Ambrym Volcanoes

ambrym volcanoes The Ambrym island, is part of the famous Pacific Ring of Fire, the most active volcanic region on the planet, as it is a very extensive subduction zone corresponding to the limits of the Pacific tectonic plate. The Marum volcano, located on this island, is an hour's flight from Port Vila and is famous for its lava lakes. If you are brave and dare to do the tour of the volcano, you can do it with a tour guide, it would be like an extreme activity for those who love adrenaline since the colossal crater of the Marum volcano protects one of the most breathtaking natural spectacles known: the lava lake. When is the best time to travel to Port Vila Vanuatu to see this spectacle? Right now!

9. Underwater Post Office

underwater Now that you already know where is Port Vila, is time to take a memorable photo in the underwater Post Office. This is real! You can send a postcard from under the water, it is the first underwater office in the world to send postcards. Half an hour from Port Vila, very close to the impressive and exuberant Mele waterfalls and the Secret Garden, you can get the photo of the year to impress your followers because yes, it is an Instagrammable place, of course. It is a small fiberglass cabin, which is installed three meters below the sea and can only be reached by diving. It is unique in its style and has been in operation since 2003. Therefore, its employees are expert divers, who day after day descend into the depths to remove and place the postcards that hundreds of people send to this place. Same that by the way, can be purchased at Hidaway Island, described above. Also, they have the characteristic of being waterproof, so, surely, the correspondence will remain intact.

10. River Kayaking

river kayaking River Kayaking is more exactly a kayak trip on the Rentapao River, half an hour from Port Vila. The excursion lasts between 3 and 4 hours, starting in the morning. Serenity and nature are the keywords of this journey. The rainforest is intact as in few places on earth. This sight is exceptional. Around the river, there is wildlife mixed with the locals. If you want to get one of the most liked instagram photos, don't forget your camera. You can swim and cool off, spend a quiet and unique moment and it can be done by both adults and children.

11. Port Vila Food

tropical meal Whether you decide to eat in a restaurant or taste local food in some Port Vila hotels, you will discover that the gastronomic offer combines dishes that may be curious for someone not used to tropical food. Those whose taste buds are open to new experiences will be able to taste barbecues cooked on the ground and multiple delicacies made from coconut. The food here is very interesting and highly appreciated throughout the Pacific region thanks to its high quality and, above all, originality when preparing the different preparations, although its main ingredient when cooking is coconut. It should be noted that thanks to the French presence on the island, you can find quality restaurants in Port Vila where you can taste a wide variety of dishes, although if you move away from the capital, you will find places where the number of dishes is more limited and where They mainly base their cuisine on chicken and rice among other things. There are also specialties made with fish or pork cooked in a traditional umu oven. These dishes are usually accompanied by rice or taro, a typical plant of the area that gives a characteristic flavor to gastronomic preparations. The fish can be found raw, but marinated in coconut milk and seasoned with different condiments or even tropical fruits. So take photos of the local Vanuatu dishes, and remember that the restaurants are part of those Instagrammable places, the food is always welcome on this social media.

12. Mele Bay Beach

mele bay beach This beach is one of those incredible Instagrammable places with white sands and turquoise water where you can easily see dolphins and sea turtles. Those who have come here to see the dolphins have done so early in the morning. Also, Mele Bay is known for its turtle sanctuary where they offer diving services to see them and swim near them. Here you can also see corals and many colorful fish. Undoubtedly there is much, much more to see and do to get that most liked instagram photo, coming to Vila Port is an unforgettable adventure and if you bring your camera, it will also be for your friends on Instagram.

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