12 Instagrammable places in Zimbabwe

12 Instagrammable places in Zimbabwe

Gunel Eyvazli09 January 20212048 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Zimbabwe
Hodophile" is an ancient Greek word that describes a person who loves traveling more than anything else in this world. I have prepared this blog about Zimbabwe for all hodophiles out there. Now, some of you have heard a lot about it, some of you cannot wait to read the rest, but some of you want to get an immediate answer to the question popping in mind right now: Where is Zimbabwe?

Where is Zimbabwe?

harare city When we look at the world map, we can see a country surrounded by Zambia from the northwest, the South Africa Republic from the south, Mozambique from the east, and Botswana from the west. Yes, you guessed it right! This country is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is located in the southern part of the Africa continent. It has 16 million of the population, that 85% of them believe in Christianity as a religion. You will be shaken when you hear the next fact about here. Wait for it… Zimbabwe has 16, yes, SIXTEEN official languages. If I could arouse your interest in answering the "Where is Zimbabwe?" question, let's move on forward to the next topic: Places to visit in Zimbabwe, particularly Instagrammable places here.

1. Victoria Falls

rainbow over victoria falls Victoria Falls is the first thing people want to see when they travel to Zimbabwe. It is one of the seven natural wonders of humankind's history lists that include the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest. The falls let the waters drop for the height of 108 meters to the ground so that you can hear the noise of water splashes kilometers far away from the falls. It borders the Zambian state. Furthermore, the falls is the very place where you can take shiny, natural, and extraordinary Instagrammable photos for your Instagram account. I did a little bit of research on Instagram and saw people taking photos near the top of the fall with the rainbow background. You cannot imagine how cute it looks! The photo shared by an influencer account, Bestjobers, is the most liked Instagram photo in Zimbabwe. The falls are one of the most necessary places to visit in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe government also turned Victoria Falls Bridge, which is right next to the falls, into the home for bungee-jumping activities. The bridge is also one of the worthwhile Instagrammable places in Zimbabwe.

2. Mana Pools National Park

elephants Mana Pools National Park is located on the shore of the Zambezi River. When you travel to Zimbabwe, you should and must consider this place added to the list of the Instagrammable places to see in Zimbabwe. The park is one of the spots of the world that UNESCO Heritage Site preserves. You can ask, "why does it really matter to visit?" Well, let me answer this question in this way. How many times in your life have you seen cheetah, buffalo, elephant, or hippo in their wild living conditions? That's what I guessed. You will not only experience the most exciting journey of yours, but also you will be able to capture it in your memories, and of course, in your Instagram account as well. So, Mana Pool National Park is one of Zimbabwe places to take outstanding Instagram photos with wildlife. You can use the park as the spot for your night camp to observe the splendid animals and their night adventures.

3. Chinhoyi Caves

chinhoyi cave Now, be all ears! I am going to talk about one of the most beautiful, excellent, and Instagrammable places to visit in Zimbabwe. Chinhoyi Caves! According to the historical facts, this place was a homeland to the people from the beginning of humankind's 1st century. However, historians and geologists have not solved the mystery about this place yet. Inside the cave, there is a blue-colored lake. As the cave has consisted of different crystals, limestone, and dolomite, the lake's electrical blue color looks very shiny. I should say it, and you will be the new star of social media with your most liked Instagram photo in the caves. Bear in mind! 

4. Zambezi River Rafting Trip

rafting Here, I think extreme sports lovers will be more excited about these places in Zimbabwe. This experience of rafting in the Zambezi River will give you the joy of your life. Zambezi River Rafting Trip could be the reason to travel to Zimbabwe. If you want to taste the adrenalin in your blood and beautiful memories in your mind, you must definitely visit here. This is the most Instagrammable place in Zimbabwe.

5. Elephant's Walk Shopping and Artist Village

artist village This part of the blog is for art lovers. Elephant's Walk Shopping and Artist Village is one of the places to see in Zimbabwe. The reason for my statement is that there are a lot of art boutique galleries in the village. The government has created a spot in the country to stimulate artists and attract foreign artists, as well as art lovers, to Zimbabwe.  

6. Balancing Rocks

balancing rock Balancing Rocks is one of the places to visit in Zimbabwe. You can compare it to other monuments such as Nemrut in Turkey, and this place has always been in the attention of tourists. Therefore, it is the second most visited place in Zimbabwe. Here, you can question and testify your trust in gravity rules. Let's capture the most liked Instagram photo in this beautiful spot.

7. World's View

sunrise at worlds view World's View is considered one of the most breathtaking spots of Zimbabwe. This significant and outstanding destination suggests 360-degree views. It also offers an inspired level of peacefulness. This experience will refresh your mind and soul at once. This can be the most liked Instagram photo of your feed.

8. Lake Kariba

lake kariba Lake Kariba is the place that the waters of the Zambezi River flow into. It is in the northeast of Victoria Falls. Oh, you should see it during the sunset! However, you should know that it is not a natural lake. Actually, it is the largest man-made lake in the world. People use it for fishing purposes. As the Matusadona National Park is located on the shore of Lake Kariba, you can see and observe different species of animals here.

9. Zambezi River Cruise

zambezi river Zambezi River Cruise will also give the chills of the wildlife in Zimbabwe. You can see the savannah region and the tall forests here. Instagram would be delightful to host the pictures you would take there. It is also near Victoria Falls, and you can hear the voices coming from there. If you want to see places to visit in Zimbabwe, you keep it in mind too.

10. Bulawayo

bulawayo We have discussed the natural places to visit in Zimbabwe to see wildlife and experience wildly interesting activities in nature. However, Bulawayo is the commercial center of the Zimbabwean government. The building's history takes us back to the near past, the 19th century. You can see how the colonial era has affected Zimbabwe. There is a boutique hotel and the National History Museum that attract tourists.

11. Great Zimbabwe National Monument

great zimbabwe national park The Great Zimbabwe National Monument is also one of the places that UNESCO World Heritage Site preserves. It is home to the ruins of the Great Zimbabwe state. The national monument also contains the ruins of the capital of the Queen of Sheba. Here, during the Middle Ages, it has been an important trading line. According to the legends, this place hosted the giants to use it as a playground for their activities. This is one of the most historical places on Africa's Continent of all time. You can use a little bit of mystery to attract your followers by posting pictures on Instagram.  

12. Chimanimani National Park

starfruit tree Chimanimani National Park is one of the places to see in Zimbabwe. It has stunning natural beauty. As the park is mountainous, it is the perfect place to hike, have camp nights, and observe the wildlife's true beauty. It is situated almost 2400 meters in height that are covered with green and thick forests, which is not commonplace for all people. If you are lucky, you can see leopards, antelopes, and animals from cat species. What are you waiting for? Hurry up, apply for Zimbabwe E-visa now and get to explore this land!

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