Most interesting facts about Tokelau

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Most interesting facts about Tokelau
Tokelau, and what is the capital of Tokelau? Tokelau located in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. It is made up of 3 coral atolls with a total area of 10km 2. The islands were first settled by Polynesian peoples about 1000 years ago, and it was not until 1889 that Tokelau became a British protectorate. In 1925. If you ask is Tokelau a country,  the islands came under the New Zealand administration, and today, Tokelau is designated as a self-administered New Zealand territory. The head of state is the queen/king of England, represented by a New Zealand governor-general and an administrator of the islands, while a village leader holds the head of government.  little island The interesting facts about Tokelau Nukunonu are that the first European who toured the islands was the English explorer John Byron in the year 1765; the absence of great wealth did not arouse interest in the British crown. It was not until 1877 that the islands became an English protectorate. Great Britain annexed them to the crown in 1916 and included them as part of the colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands (present-day Kiribati and Tuvalu, respectively).

Tokelau History

hourglass According to Tokelau history, in 1925, the United Kingdom transferred administrative control of the islands to Aotearoa (New Zealand). In 1946 the group received its current name of Tokelau, and in 1958 sovereignty was definitively granted to Aotearoa. A United Nations report on the consequences of the so-called “greenhouse effect” (warming of the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of pollution) included Tokelau in the list of islands that could disappear under the sea in the 21st century, if not they take drastic measures to stop the contamination process.

Geography of Tokelau - Is Tokelau A Country?

globe If you ask that where is Tokelau, then Tokelau consists of three atolls in the South Pacific, approximately halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, with a longitude of 171 ° to 173° W and a latitude of 8 ° to 10 ° S. They are located about 500 km north of Samoa. The islands are Atafu, formerly known as the Duke of York, Nukunonu, also known as the Duke of Clarence, and Fakaofo, formerly Bowditch. Between them, there is an area of 10.8 km2. There is no port. Tokelau is located in the typhoon belt of the Pacific Ocean. The United States claims the island under Guano Islands law, and the other three Tokelau Islands are claimed to have been transferred to Tokelau under a treaty in 1979. In the Tokelau draft constitution subject to the Tokelau self-determination referendum in 2006, Olohega is claimed as part of Tokelau, a waiver claim in the same 1979 treaty that established a border between American Samoa and Tokelau. If you are curious to know what is the capital of Tokelau. The capital of this country is Nukunonu. In essence, Tokelauans have been somewhat reluctant to advance their national identity in the political sphere: recent decolonization movements have been driven mainly from abroad for ideological reasons.

Interesting facts about Tokelau - Travel to Tokelau Islands

tokelau man Below, we will discuss the interesting and fun facts about Tokelau Nukunonu, the best places to travel you should know on your travel to Tokelau Islands.  The interesting facts about Tokelau are that against Tokelau’s claim in the draft constitution that Swains Island is part of Tokelau is the doubt saying symbolism of the three stars on the flag, reflect the Atafu, Nukunonu Island, and Fakaofo, that is, not including Swains Island (Olohega). The suggestion that could be inferred from this is that, in identifying with a three-star flag, Tokelau’s supporters of independence do not actively await Swains Island to be incorporated into any independent state of Tokelau that might emerge in the future.  In turn, against this, it can be argued that since the flag of Tokelau is currently neither official nor the emblem of an internationally recognized sovereign state. As an example, in support of this is the fact that in the 1990s, Tuvalu’s neighbours, Tokelau, with which it has cultural affinities, varied the number of stars - representing the islands in different official versions of their national flag. Tokelau is at a different time than most of the New Zealand area; they are 10 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), instead of 12 hours ahead, that is, 22 hours apart for much of the year New Zealand has daylight saving time (DST) for part of the year, while Tokelau does not participate. 

Tokelau Culture - Fun Facts About Tokelau

light and book Tokelau is pure Polynesian culture, as they have a pool of resources according to needs. Respect for the elderly is an integral characteristic of Tokelau culture and Tokelau language, age being which normally determines the level of employment, and older inhabitants occupying managerial positions’ Tokelau produces fine handicrafts, fabrics, such as carpets, bags, hats and fans. In Tokelau, stamps and coins are also sold as collectables. The Tokelau culture celebrates both religious and secular holidays with festivals, sports competitions and parades. Thanks to these great distances, indigenous culture has been preserved in Tokelau to a greater degree than in most places on the planet. The local speak the Tokelau language

What Is the Capital of Tokelau?

city hashtag Nukunonu is considered the Tokelau capital. It is the largest atoll of the three atolls. It has a population of fewer than five hundred inhabitants. The Tokelau capital has good natural features such as the landscape of the terrain, the small forest and the beaches on the site of the two main hotels on the atoll. The Nukunonu island is also the capital of government activities taking place in the Tokelau Atoll region. Also, people who reside here speaks the Tokelau language. The architectural features of buildings and government structures are unique and must be visited. Tokelau capital and its allies are one of the best places to travel to know fun facts about Tokelau, is Tokelau a country, and many more. 

Tokelau Beaches

clean beach sand They are countable with white sand and the warm green waters of the Pacific Ocean. The beaches at Nukunonu Island are very lively with many water sports such as swimming in the ocean sites, scuba diving, boat trips and diving in the snorkelling parks to get a pure view of the marine life around the glamorous atolls of Tokelau. Some beaches have lagoon characteristics that can be used as swimming sites. The lagoons are beautiful, and people feel safe to have fun in them.

Tokelau tourism attractions

beach Tokelau has amazing Tokelau tourism attractions on Nukunonu Island along with Nukunonu resort. Tourists can take a stroll through the main streets of the cities, shop for items, and even feast on unique local specialities at the local town’s restaurants and hotels. It is an amazing place, which attracts tourists Tokelau tourism from all over the world every year. The fun facts about Tokelau and Tokelau tourism are that you can get boat trips after visitors have paid for gas to move around the Tokelau Islands to see the beautiful scenery and surrounding waters turquoise blue of the Pacific Ocean.

How to travel to Tokelau?

flight to tokelau The most surprising thing is that travel to Tokelau islands is not easy. Before planning a visit, you must know where is Tokelau and the best places to travel. The island has no airport or coastal port to facilitate movement. The only means of transportation used to reach the atolls are by boat or horseback from the atolls. Finding a place to sleep in Tokelau can be quite a challenge. Tokelau has fewer numbers of the rest house, resorts, and guesthouses. The hotel, Nukunonu resort, attracts tourists to enjoy unique adventures in Tokelau. Thanks to these great distances, indigenous culture has been preserved in Tokelau to a greater degree than in most places in the Pacific. Such things make this destination unique. These form a kind of wall around a lagoon. In this area, there is a small population whose lifestyle is sure to surprise you.


Tokelau has a very tropical climate, with a temperature of about 28 degrees, but the irregular blondes spoil it. It is on the very northern edge of the South Pacific cyclone zone, so tropical storms are rare but not impossible. The most recent was in 2005 and was Cyclone Percy. Between November and January, the ships that arrive are filled with scholarship students and other Tokelau residents living abroad, returning to spend Christmas with their families.  

Tokelau flag

flags Tokelau flag was adopted by the local parliament of the dependent territory of New Zealand in May 2008. Until that date, the official flag corresponded to the New Zealand flag, although the officialization of the flag by the authorities is still pending. New Zealanders.  The Tokelau flag is composed of a navy blue background on which is located a curved yellow triangle with four stars forming the Southern Cross in the canton. The background represents the Pacific Ocean, while the stars are a reference to New Zealand and the three atolls that belong to Tokelau (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo) and Swains Island, claimed by said territory but under the current administration of the United States. In 1989, an unofficial flag was designed to represent Tokelau. This flag consists of a blue cloth containing three golden or yellow concentric rings. These rings are cut off on the left and right side of this prestigious Tokelau flag. In the cut of the rings that are located closer to the mast, three white stars with five points each are represented and in the one that is further away from a green palm tree. The stars and rings represent the atolls of the archipelago equally, although they do not include Swains.

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