The 10 Most Architecturally Extraordinary Consulates

The 10 Most Architecturally Extraordinary Consulates

Gunel Eyvazli21 April 20212831 views7 min. read
The 10 Most Architecturally Extraordinary Consulates

Travelling is a different experience for everyone. Some people do it for joy, some people treat it like a hobby, and some people are not interested in travelling. However, it doesn't matter for what reason you are travelling. It is a fact that travelling to other places has a therapeutic effect on people. The change of scenery, the excitement of the road adventures, the new people you will meet on the way, a modern culture you will learn, etc. All of these are enough reasons for people to travel around the world.

Unfortunately, travelling is not comfortable all the time. In our world system, there are borders, visa requirements for specific countries, and other obstacles that may prevent you from packing your suitcase and start planning your route. For example, if you are not from a certain part of the world, you cannot enter several countries without having a visa. You have to get your visa by submitting several documents to the embassy or consulate of the country you want to travel to. Then they are going to decide whether you are eligible to enter the country or not. It doesn't sound perfect, but it is what it is.

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There are so many consulates and embassies of other countries in every country. Consulates are diplomatic missions like embassies represent the world countries in other countries. They deal with several issues, such as issuing visas to its citizens, government to government negotiations, etc. Consulates are often located in the capital or major cities of the countries. Embassies and consulates can operate in the same building. Embassies usually deal with government-related issues, such as negotiations, conferences, etc. However, consulates usually deal with the visa process, marriage, and birth certificates. If you also want to check if you need a visa for any country, check the visa requirements based on your citizenship at

Embassy and consulate buildings are very different in every country, and they are also an indicator of representation in some cases. Let's look at some of the most beautiful and unique consulate buildings around the world.

1. Consulate General of the United States in Guangzhou, China

usa consulate building

In bigger countries like China, there can be multiple consulates or embassies of one country. The United States has several other embassies in China, but this building in Guangzhou stands out for its architectural design. This beautiful building is a very good example of good modern-designed diplomatic missions around the world. The US Consulate General in China's one of Guangzhou's biggest cities is responsible for serving the four provinces of Guangzhou.

The US Consulate General in Guangzhou has been officially operating since 1979, even though the first consular by the United States in China goes way back to ancient times.

2. Embassy of Ecuador in Bogota, Colombia


These two South American countries are also neighbours and have good diplomatic relations. The Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in Colombia is very modern and attracts everyone without efforts. According to the designers, the building represents the new diplomatic relations between Colombia and Ecuador. The government of Colombia sponsored this building. The inside of the building is very broad and mainly consists of white and some bright colours splash.

3. Embassy of Japan in Bratislava, Slovakia

embassy building

Japan and Slovakia are two very different countries and have very different cultures. One of them is a very beautiful Asian country. The other one is an equally beautiful country located in the heart of the European continent. The Embassy of Japan in the capital city of Slovakia is a pure example of combined beauties. It is located in the centre of Bratislava, on the Main Square, Old Town.

It looks like a typical European building with a nice pastel colour from the other building.

4. French Embassy in Haiti

french embassy

French Embassy in Haiti is one of the most beautiful buildings in general. At first glance, it looks like a stadium, a circular building located in a park.

This building was built years after the devastating earthquake in 2010. It looks very beautiful between the tall trees and looks like it is a very luxurious beach house.

5. Embassy of Netherlands in Maputo, Mozambique

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The building of the Dutch Embassy in Mozambique is another example of an interesting embassy and consulate buildings. It is located close to the ocean, near the capital city Maputo.

The building itself looks orthogonal. Climate was one of the main factors considered when this building was made. For example, as Mozambique is in the southern hemisphere, it is different from the northern hemisphere's weather orientation. The cooler and hotter sides of the building have been articulated to accommodate the heat and cold. It is a very aesthetically pleasing building to look at.

6. Embassy of Egypt in Lisbon, Portugal

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You would assume that the Embassy of Egypt in Lisbon, Portugal, is an expensive villa. This grey building has very intricate and beautiful details both outside and inside. It also has a nice amount of green surrounding the place, giving the whole building a fresh and relaxed aura. Inside, wooden elements stand out as opposed to the façade of the building. It is located in the capital city of Portugal. It was built in 2017.

7. Embassy and Consulate of Belgium in Athens, Greece

embassy office

These two beautiful European countries have equally beautiful consulate/embassy buildings in each other's territories. The embassy building of Belgium in Athens looks straight out of someone's imagination. It seems nearly unreal, with its white/grey, cold colours, big, long windows.

There are seven Belgian embassies and consulates in Greece in different cities, but doubtless, this one is the coolest.

8. Embassy of South Africa in the United States

south african flag

This building of the South African embassy in the United States is quite grand and looks very secure and safe. It is supposed to portray New South Africa. The interior matches the beauty of the outside building as well. It is located on Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C.

The history of South Africa's delegations to the United States started in 1929. However, the official embassy building was first established in 1949.

9. Switzerland Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya

consulate building

It is, again, a combination of two completely different cultures in the world. The Embassy of Switzerland in Kenya is a wonderful work of Roeoesli & Maeder. Its red-brown colour brings it a nice antique look. It is located in Nairobi, the biggest and capital city of Kenya. It is not a tall building like many other embassies that we have been listing so far. It looks like it has been spread out across the land. 

10. Embassy of New Zealand in the Russian Federation

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This beautiful building was built in 1903, and Lev Kekushev designed it. Lev Nikolayevich Kekushev was a Russian architect famous for his Art Nouveau style buildings. The building is called Mindovsky house and is an example of Art Nouveau architecture as well. It is located in Moscow is the capital of Russia. Even though it looks like every beautiful Russian house, it also has distinct elements that make it much more exciting.

These are some of the most beautiful and unique consulate and embassy buildings all over the world. The most exciting thing about these buildings is that the host and home country are very different, such as Japan and Slovakia. Still, the more culturally diverse these countries are, the more beautiful these houses look.

There are so many other beautiful diplomatic missions around the world that are worth looking at. The design and architecture of the building also represent the country and usually makes the first impressions. 

Usually, consulate and embassy buildings are designed nicely, located in the nice part of the city. The design of the building also represents the country it belongs to. There are many more wonderful and tasteful embassy buildings in the world.


Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington DC, United States; North Korean Embassy in London, United Kingdom; Italian Embassy in Brazil. Austrian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, and many others can be examples too. All of these buildings are so different from each other. They are all uniquely designed. Other examples of attractive embassy buildings worldwide can be the United States Embassy in Moscow, the capital of Russia; Embassy of Libya in Valetta, Malta; Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan; Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada.  

If you are planning on going to any of the countries mentioned above in the near future, think about visiting one or some of those beautiful buildings. Visiting nice buildings and taking a picture in front of them is a very common thing tourists like to do. Especially if you are a fan of architecture, uniquely designed buildings, and see some good examples. We think that all these buildings deserve a nicely taken picture in front of them!

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