Best places to camp in Balkans

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Best places to camp in Balkans
Camping and travelling have always attracted people and especially the young generation. This journey can be an excellent chance to know each other better. Also, you can collect a lot of exciting memories for yourself and your children. All around the world, we can find beautiful places for camping, but there are some regions which are created for such kind of activities, and the Balkans are one of them. If you desire to get much information about the Balkans, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will give thorough knowledge about camping places in the Balkans and answer questions such as which countries are in the Balkans, what are the best places to camp, where are places to camp for free, and more.

Which countries are in the Balkans?

Balkans are located in Southeast Europe, and there are 10 countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia. The Balkans cover an area of 550,000 square km, and the population of all countries together is 55 million. Also, the European part of Turkey and Greece is part of the Balkans, but in general, they are not considered as a Balkan country, so we will not mention any data about them in this blog. Which countries are in the Balkans have the highest and lowest population? Romania is the most populated country in the region, with almost 20 million people. On the other hand, Montenegro has the lowest population, with 622,000. After getting some facts about the region, it is time to learn the best places to camp in Balkans.

Camping Rino, Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

The first example of the best places to camp, which we want to talk about, is in North Macedonia. The name of the camping area is Rino, and it is located on the bank of Lake Ohrid. The Rino has a stunning view and everything to relax, even their motto is "Feel Like Home". You can take a coffee (this is free) and enjoy this beauty. Furthermore, you can swim in the lake, there are special sections for that, but sometimes it can be cold (depending on your vacation season). That is why summer would be the best time to visit if you want to swim in the lake. Moreover, there is a restaurant where you can try delicious Macedonian meals at a reasonable price (Wi-Fi connection exists). It is one of the great places to camp, but it is not free. You will pay 10 Euro per night, and they can wash your clothes for an additional 4 Euro.

Autocamp Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Now we are going to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Autocamp Blagaj is 12 km away from Mostar (the administrative centre of the country). The camping area is on the bank of the Buna River, and the total area is 2500 square km. It means that 25-30 camp cars can be there at the same time. Autocamp Blagaj has an excellent environment, so here you will get rid of all of your problems for a while. Furthermore, there are many activities for travellers, such as canoe trips, table tennis, and more. Of course, you can swim in the river, but the water can be chilly. Even in the summer, the temperature is something around 10 Celsius. Unfortunately, this camping area is not free, too. You will pay 10-20 Euro depending on the season.

Kamp Tura, Slovenia

Kamp Tura is more expensive than most of the camping fields, but there are many activities. Also, this is next to the village of Vipava, which is very cute. You will have a chance to talk with residents and learn fascinating facts about their culture. Besides, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can taste Slovenian meals. After hiking to the mountains and forest, you can enjoy meals in such kinds of places. As we mentioned, Kamp Tura offers many activities such as a tennis court, playground for volleyball, football, handball, basketball, an artificial climbing wall, bowling, and more. Besides, there is a special section for children, so while your children play, you can spear time for yourself. Some of these activities are free, but some are for 2-8 Euro per hour. The daily rental opportunity exists, but it is expensive and changes between 200-1000 Euro. You can rent a tent for 2 Euro per day or a caravan of 5 Euro per day. Everything is free for children to seven years. Hot water, Wi-Fi, and parking are free of charge, too. In conclusion, this campground is costly, but if you don’t have financial problems, then Kamp Tura is one of the great places to camp.

Ethno Household Lukovic, Serbia

Are you looking for somewhere where you can relax and stand away from Wi-Fi and social media for a while? If your answer is yes, it means that Ethno Household Lukovic is an excellent station for you. This campground is in Serbia, 10 km away from the Belgrade highway. As you can guess, it is next to the village, and the name of the settlement is Akmacici. Here you will stay in Zlatar’s log cabins. These cabins mix traditional Serbian architecture with modern standards. Air conditioners and bathrooms are available in all homes. Besides, you can participate in tours. The biodiversity and excellence of nature will charm you. Nowadays, there are more than 300 bird species, farm animals, various mammals, and more here. Also, during the tour, you will visit the Uvac River. There is a lake where you can rest, and it is just 20 minutes away from the camping area. You may have a picnic and taste delicious Serbian foods. Are those places to camp for free? Sadly, you should give 14 Euro per night, but it is not much charge for such kind of places to camp.

Camp Zlatorog Bohinj, Slovenia

lake bohinj Camp Zlatorog is on the shore of Lake Bohinj in the village Ukanc. The camping area is so large and covers 5 hectares. There are two different zones here, Zone A and Zone B, and depending on the zone, you will pay different prices. For example, in Zone A, payment for an adult is between 11-16 Euro (depending on the season), but in Zone B, it changes between 11-13,50 Euro. The charge for children (7-14 years) in Zona A is 7,70-11, and in Zona B, it is 7,70-9,50 Euro. We can say that between June and September, Zone B is cheaper. Besides, there are additional payments for electricity, washer/dryer, and so on. Also, there are many activities, such as in many campgrounds. You can take part in tours, play games, swim in the lake, having a meal in a restaurant. The restaurant is accessible every day, and bars open from 08:00 until 22:00. For sure, the best activity is available in the boathouse. There you will find boats, canoes, kayaks. This campground is one of the great places to camp for couples who want to spend a romantic vacation.

Camping Legjenda, Albania

Another example of places to camp which we would like to recommend is Camping Legjenda in Skhoder, Albania. The campground has a 10,000 square meters area, 2000 parking spaces, and a 2000 square meters forest. Let’s look at the details. For adults, it is 6-7, for children 3 Euro per night, and vehicles 3 Euro (cars, caravans). There is no charge for the pool, Wi-Fi, playground for children, clean water, currency exchange, volleyball, public area with tables, chairs, supervised parking, barbecue. Moreover, there are also different one day tours. Also, there is a restaurant bar where you can try local and international cuisine, and prices change between 0,50-10 Euro. They have 10 years of experience in the field, so no doubt that you will like the meals. Lastly, if you don’t want to sleep in a tent or caravan, there are private rooms.

Auto Camp Kod Boce, Montenegro

Auto Camp Kod Boce is in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. Kod Boce is more affordable than other camps, 7,20 Euro per night. Wi-Fi, rental cabins, shower, and kitchen facilities are available. It is important to note that bathrooms are solar-powered, so don’t go too late; you may get a shower with cold water. Hiking and rafting activities are the most attractive characteristics which make this campground one of the best places to camp. White-rafting activities took place in the Tara River, which is the second deepest in the world. There are three various charges for rafting: half-day 12 km 50 Euro per person, full-day 36 km 110 Euro per person, two days 96 km 200 Euro per person.

Are there any places to camp for free?

Unhappily, almost in all countries, camping in wildlife is forbidden by the government. Because of such kind of illegal activity, you may have some issues with the police. On the other hand, some travellers say from their own experience that there is no problem in such sorts of actions because police are not so severe against such kinds of behaviours.

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