10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Afghanistan right now

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10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Afghanistan right now
world heritage. While there is little concern about security matters, the local government is very cautious about these matters, especially where hill passes and rivers attract people. There is always a concern, but with proper logistics, careful planning, and a reliable tour guide, you can make a memorable and rewarding trip. The advent of social media has played a significant role in changing the approach to travel motivation. Travellers no longer depend on travel guides to seek expert advice. Instead, they consider it appropriate to find information on Instagram or on the web in the form of videos, pictures, and reviews. Today we will tell you a few things about travel to Afghanistan, which will make it easier for you to understand why you should or should not go on a remarkable journey to Afghanistan, what not to do and what to do in Afghanistan. Governments of many countries prevent us from travelling to countries like Afghanistan, yet if you have made up your mind to go there, we will advise you. Why should you travel to Afghanistan?

1. Capital of Afghanistan 

capital of afghanistan Kabul is among the fastest-growing cities in the world, such as New York, London, and Mumbai. It has developed very fast in every field. Kabul recorded a report which indicates as much of a disorder as it has developed over the years. The reason is that it is very developed despite being a part of such a dangerous country. Afghanistan proves to be a thriving travel destination, and some places in Afghanistan is really worth seeing.

2. Tribes of Afghanistan 

afghan tribal members Afghanistan population is about to reach 39 million. According to the current population, the number of Afghanistan people from the Pashtun background is leading. A quarter of the population of Afghanistan consists of the Aimaq, Turkmen, and other ethnic groups. It is the mixture of different groups and tribes that makes this country so diverse.

3. Tourism 

city of afghanistan People from all over the world come to visit Afghanistan. The reasons are the beauty, the atmosphere, and the civilization there. There is a global heritage worth knowing about; people often find new things to highlight history. The visitors proceed to travel to Afghanistan, which is home to prominent lakes and valleys. Travel to Afghanistan is a bit unsafe but exciting. Every traveller who comes here is surprised when he sees the local beauty. The beauty of the buildings and the giant mosques there is worth seeing.

4. Religious places 

magnificent blue mosque This country is also full of cultural heritage. There are places like Mazar-i-Sharif and Kirka Sharif, which tell about the religion. Wherever you travel in Afghanistan, you will get to know about the traditions there. The trip to Afghanistan will prove to be exciting for people interested in religion. For example, there is a city of Bamiyan, where giant Buddhist statues dating from thousands of years ago are located among such places. Ancient strength of Indian, Chinese, Persian and Turkish are found at this place, and many other religious sites exist here.

5. Weather 

wakhan corridor The weather in Afghanistan is inconsistent. Cities of Afghanistan are situated at low altitudes, May and June’s temperature goes up to 120 f. It is not advisable to travel to such places as Mazar-e Sharif and Jalalabad between May and June. Travelling to Afghanistan is desirable in the months like September, October. And I advise you to avoid travelling during Ramazan. 

6. Food 

afghanistan meal Afghanistan people are much interested in the flavours. Here food is prepared by making a mixture of black pepper, cardamom, coriander, and saffron. Indian influence on the cuisine is visible. People here consider pulao and naan as their favourite food. Also, green vegetables are served in the food here, along with meat meals. Different types of food are prepared for different castes in various restaurants, and special preparations are made for the travellers’ stay here.

7. Religion 

residents of mazar-e-sharif Afghanistan is an Islamic country. The number of Afghanistan people following other religions here is significantly less. Sunnis are equivalent to the fifth part of the Muslim population here. Apart from Muslims, there are also some minor communities of Hindus and Sikhs. Buddhism in Afghanistan has rooted before Islam. Therefore, it would be interesting to visit this country because you will learn about each religion’s prevailing rites and their cultural details and culture here. 

8. Places of attraction 

kabul national museum Despite the insecurity, there are some places that people enjoy visiting. These places have a vibe towards the people, making them think about what not to do and what to do in Afghanistan. However, now these facilities have been largely destroyed. While the caves like Minaret of Jam, National Museum of Afghanistan, Lal town, Tora Bora caves draw people to themselves, there are even much bigger mosques like the Great Mosque of Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif, which you must see at least once.

9. History and culture

buddha of bamyan Most of the Afghan culture is stored with the tribals. A considerable part of the historical heritage of the country was destroyed during the Afghanistan war. However, even today, after seeing the remains of Buddhists in cities like Bamiyan, it is known that Buddhism was also prevalent here.

10. Tourist spots 

ancient kings palace in kabul The principal places to visit in Afghanistan are Kabul, Kandahar, Het. Baghlan, Jalalabad, Konduz, Charikar, and Mazar-e Sharif. Some of these places are famous for their beauty. So few places are culturally prevalent, and the food here has different importance. Darul Aman Palace is one of the world’s largest and famous ruins, reflecting Afghanistan’s rich history. Why should you not travel to Afghanistan?

1. Security

afghan soldier Local government buildings, foreign embassies, military establishments, commercial institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) offices, hospitals, residential compounds, and other tourist places are targeted in Afghanistan.

2. Robbery

schoolboys The local drivers, doctors, and guides are the potential danger in Afghanistan. It is essential to be careful with them, as some guides or drivers often rob people. If you go on a trip, then I would advise you to check for your safety once before following the guidance of any person mentioned.

3. Risk of terrorism

afghan soldiers There is a constant and extreme risk of terrorism throughout Afghanistan. Suicide bomb attacks, roadside bombs, car bombs, rocket attacks, and small arms attacks occur frequently. Anytime and anywhere, there is a chance that a terrorist attack may happen.

4. Violent crimes

afghan military The security situation beyond Kabul is unpredictable and unstable, especially in the south and east. Violent crimes such as carjacking, armed robbery, and dacoity are also issues, especially in rural areas.

5. Cautions

kabul center Almost every foreign government strongly advises against all unnecessary travel to Afghanistan. It is not surprising that the country is not the world’s most popular travel destination.

6. Limited medical facilities

woman in hospital Medical facilities are limited. Cleanliness and hygiene levels are low. Some private medical clinics in Kabul are fine for common health issues, but you will need medical evacuation if you are seriously ill or injured.

7. Infectious diseases

afghanistan children Waterborne, foodborne, parasitic, and other infectious diseases are widespread. They include typhoid, hepatitis, measles, and tuberculosis. Drink only boiled or bottled water with sealed lids, and avoid raw or undercooked food.

8. Dress code

afghanistan woman There are strong codes of dress and behaviour. Avoid public displays of affection. Wear clothes that cover your feet and arms. Consider wearing a headscarf if you are a woman.

9. Accommodation

traditional dining room During your trip to Afghanistan, stay in hotels confirmed by the government - this option will be best for you and your safety. Do research about hotels in Afghanistan when planning the travel.

10. Local life

local afghan people Afghanistan is the site of civilizations. This place is as right for travellers as it is terrible for locals. The lives of the local Afghanistan people here are in struggle, but it doesn't influence their attitude to travellers. No matter if you are into old or modern history, you will find both to see here. Travel to Afghanistan would be incomplete without a display of its heritage. Before travelling to Afghanistan, it is advisable to know what to do in Afghanistan and what not to do.

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