11 reasons why you should travel to Albania right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Albania right now
Albania visa and arriving in Albania, you will be enchanted by the beautiful and unspoiled nature, Instagrammable landscapes, clear and transparent sea, silent resorts, breathtaking, Instagrammable views of the sea from the cliffs, amazing mountain landscapes, a large number of people, and an interesting culture. The Adriatic and Ionian Seas will simply surprise you with their unique views that attract visitors to the country. There are also unique places for diving enthusiasts, as the underwater panorama is not inferior to the surface one. Destination Albania beaches can be said to be one of the most popular due to crystal clear water and amazing mountain beauty. Albania is a country about which there are myths and contradictory stories. Therefore, a considerable number of travelers are afraid to come here, but there is no reason for this. Are you wondering Is Albania a safe place to visit? Yes, Albania is a safer country than some other popular countries. The crime rate in unique Albania is also quite low. Once in this charming place, you will get the opportunity to travel on a time machine. Here the traditions of Europe are very successfully combined with Asian customs and way of life, rapid growth, and modernity – with the legacy of communism and the color of the early XX century. It should also be noted that Albania is the only Muslim country in Europe. ksamili beach Over the past few years, Albania has managed to achieve a significant jump in tourism. New hotels are built here every year, new charming resorts are created, and the infrastructure is improved. Before the tourist heard the name of the country, the question arises, where is Albania? To find out where is Albania located, it is worth taking a look at the world map. Albania on the map is located in south-eastern Europe, namely Albania on the map is located on the Balkan Peninsula, in its western part. A traveler who wants to visit Albania will be faced with Albania tours, Albania beaches, or Albania resorts. Once you know where is Albania, where Albania is located on the map and some other interesting facts, check out the eleven reasons you should visit this magnificent country, especially since Albania tours, Albania beaches, and Albania resorts got viral on the internet.

1. Natural and eco-friendly products

bazaar The country strictly monitors that supermarkets sell high-quality, eco-friendly, and natural products. Although Albania is a European country, food prices here are very different from those in many other European countries and will delight visitors to the country. Lovers of delicious food, Albania is just a paradise for you. Soft cheeses, olive oil, many vegetables, seafood, very tasty desserts, and unique pastries in all their manifestations. And besides the fact that all this is incredibly delicious, then none of it contains GMOs.

2. Very kind and friendly attitude to the guests

music festival It is true to say that a guest in Albania is the most revered person. When you search for "Albania people" in the results, you will find that the locals are quite friendly and open. They have a kind of unique character, and the language barrier is practically not felt here. They speak Italian, German, and English, and many even speak Russian. A local resident is ready to treat you and completely free of charge to give you a ride to the right place and tell you how to get to the right street and help with the search for any information. Given the fact that Albania has opened its doors to visitors relatively recently, the citizens come into contact with great pleasure. And be sure that here you will be provided with the perfect service.

3. Unique cultural heritage

traditional dance performance To call Albania unusual is not to call it anything. The historical and cultural heritage of the beautiful country fascinates even experienced travelers. If you want to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages, then be sure to visit the legendary Rozafa Castle. If you want to get acquainted with Albania's culture and traditions, you should go to the Museum City Berat and the Butrinti Museum-Reserve. The city of Apollonia will literally dissolve you in its past. The heart of Albania is the famous Durres. The city of Tirana, the busy capital of Albania, is rich in interesting museums and art galleries that you should definitely see with your own eyes. Albanian Government and Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral is definitely a must-see.

4. Quite favorable prices

gjirokaster Like Albania, the people and prices here are friendly. Low prices here did not affect the quality of the goods and services provided. Low prices here apply to boutique hotels, excellent hotels, and Albania tours. Apparently, this is due to the fact that Albania is still little known, and the citizens have not learned how to "make money" on visitors.

5. The best Albania beaches

albania beach The beaches of Albania are probably one of the main points in the list of "sights of Albania." The Albania beaches are among the best among European beaches. The beaches of Albania are pristine beaches. There are both sandy and pebble bays. The best coastal part of the country is the Albanian Riviera.

6. Delicious food

traditional lunch You will also enjoy local Albania food. It serves the best quality street food. Also, there are great dining-place options, such as Padam, Mullixhiu, and Oda. Be sure to try Albanian desserts and seafood. As for seafood, you can be sure that they will be fresh and freshly caught.

7. Incredible speed of development

sarande Albania is a country that is developing at a rapid pace. Like mushrooms after the rain, ultra-modern hotels and beautiful villas are created. Roads in the country are just a dream of motorists. The infrastructure continues to improve, and today travelers can visit such wonderful places as water parks, huge shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, night clubs and many others. The country has high-speed Internet, which can be envied by the big cities of Europe. In a few years, the country will definitely become one of the most popular tourist destinations. In short, if you are in search of exciting sensations and are optimistic about the world, do not pay attention to the number of stars of the hotel and the all-inclusive system, then you should definitely visit this unique country. Definitely, this is one of the most magnificent places in the Old World.

8. Charming nature

nature of albania The unique and delightful nature of Albania will definitely attract the attention of more than one traveler. The nature of the country is surprisingly picturesque and diverse. It combines the beautiful Adriatic and Ionian Seas. A wonderful panorama seems to settle forever in the minds of tourists. And the waters available here are characterized by medicinal and even curative properties. One of the top resorts in Europe, Ksamil, is also located in Albania. At the same time, the country has magnificent mountains. If you look at the map, you will see that most of the country's territory is covered by mountain ranges that extend into the sky more than 2500 meters above sea level. The Albanian Alps, like a magnet, attracts lovers of mountain recreation. In the mountains, there are a large number of beautiful trails, and, most importantly, nature is untouched. The highest peak is considered to be Mount Korab, with a height of 2764 meters. Luxurious views, clean and fresh air, and a peaceful atmosphere here are guaranteed for sure. Along the coast of the Adriatic Sea stretches a narrow plain with remnant hills and ridges. Large areas are suitable for arable land. lake in albania There are also places in Albania that are similar to the Norwegian fjords. However, unlike in Norway, here you will not encounter a huge number of tourists and will be able to enjoy the impeccable scenery of pristine nature. And it really is. Here it is nature in its primary form that has been preserved, while in other European countries, they are almost completely lost. In these places, wild animals feel quite comfortable. Here you can see wolves, bears, lynxes, wild boars, roe deer, and many other representatives of the fauna. In a small area of the country, there are about 250 lakes of different sizes. Almost every big city has its own lake. Especially picturesque are Ohrid (the deepest lake in the Balkans), Shkodra, and Prespa. On the border with Macedonia, where the mountains go down and form a huge basin, there is Lake Ohrid, with an area of 358 kilometers. Although there is continued shallow water off the coast, the lake is quite deep with a maximum depth of 288 meters. Ohrid, in its origin, is similar to the nearby Lake Prespa, as it is also fed by underground rivers. A well-known inhabitant of the lake is a rare species of trout found here, as well as on Lake Baikal. Lake Ohrid is included in the list of sites under UNESCO protection.

9. Anyone can find something for themselves

blue sea Albania is such a versatile country that even the most capricious and demanding tourist will find something suitable for him. Do you want to enjoy the magnificent beaches and clear sea? Then you will definitely travel to Albania. Do you want to spend your leisure time actively? There will be plenty of entertainment for you here. Do you want to spend a holiday with your family, namely with young children? In Albania, it will definitely be entertaining and funny. Do you want to relax? There are a large number of SPA facilities in the country where professionals in their field will offer the best services. And finally, you will enjoy the local cuisine, as here it is unique and refined.

10. Gourmet coffee is everywhere

espresso Coffee lovers definitely need to plan a trip here. To visit here and not taste a cup of fragrant coffee is simply not forgivable, especially since coffee in Albania is not just a drink but a way of life for the local population. Walking through the central part of the capital of Albania, Tirana, you will find a large number of small cafes and bars, where people of all ages spend most of their time drinking coffee and talking. Beautiful coffee shops are located in the most fashionable area of the capital – Blloku.

11. Archaeological sites of Albania

archaeological site of albania In addition to Albania tours, Albania people, and Albania resorts, Albania's archaeological sites are also gaining popularity. While they are not very popular, you can get around them without numerous crowds of visitors, and this is quite convenient. Albania is home to impressive archaeological cities. Butrint and Apollonia just pleasing to the eye with their unique places, and the city of Berat, Korca, and Girokaster will also surprise you.

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