10 reasons why you should travel to Angola right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Angola right now
Angola, the very first things are probably to ask about where is Angola, why travel to Angola, is it safe to travel to Angola, what is Angola capital, Angola currency, Angola language, Angola people, Angola flag, etc. Angola is a country located in Africa. To define where is Angola exactly, it is more precisely on the southwest coast of the continent. The country shares borders on the north with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, on the east with Zambia, and the south with Namibia. Angola has an Atlantic coastline on the West with a length of 1,650 km. There are more than 16 million Angola people. The area of the country is 1 246 700 sq km. About more than half of its territory is plateaus from 1,000 to 2,000 meters, which makes the country one of the best countries by nature, so you can have a great time in Angola. Angola capital and biggest city is Luanda; there are quite beautiful places to visit in this city, too. Among all reasons, in this article, you will read about the ten best reasons to travel to Angola. Also, you will find answers to your questions about where is Angola, is it safe to travel to Angola, what is Angola capital, what is Angola currency, what is Angola language, how friendly is Angola people, where to spend a wonderful time in Angola, what is Angola flag, etc. 

1. Nature

angola landscape One of the best reasons to travel to Angola is its beautiful nature. We can say that the country is blessed by the magnificence of nature. It has a great number of various landscapes: white-sand beaches, green hills, tropical forests, sandy deserts, splendid waterfalls, and so on. The fauna and flora of Angola are of great wealth. There are more than 8 thousand species of plants, 275 mammals, 78 amphibians, 227 reptiles, 915 birds, and more than 300 insects in Angola. You can see different types of animals, as well as the African elephant, black sable, African lion, leopard, hippo, chimpanzee, rhino, gorilla, antelope, sea turtle, whale, dolphin, and shark. You will say nature is the best reason for traveling to Angola besides nice Angola people.

2. Catumbela River and Kalandula Falls

angola waterfall If there is something that you cannot miss if you travel to Angola, it is the Catumbela River. This is one of the most important coastal rivers in Angola. It has its sources in the Cassoco hills, one of the greens and lovely places in Angola. An important fact is that the Catumbela River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The nice thing about seeing the Catumbela River is able to appreciate all the landscape that surrounds it. This is an entire region of green vegetation and some mountains. There will be no place that transmits so much tranquility. You should try to have the opportunity to enjoy this landscape. It will be one of the best things in Angola. The Kalandula Falls is a group of waterfalls found in Kalandula. Precisely, in the province of Malanje. It has an extension of more than 400 meters and a height of more than 100 meters. This makes them the second most crucial waterfall in all of Africa.

3. Luanda

luanda Luanda is the capital and the biggest city in Angola. Luanda has a great cultural and historical heritage from colonialism. Also, you will see examples of local cultures in the city. I want to mention the Nazare, Dos Remedios, and Do Carmo churches, Ana Joaquina Palace, Natural History, Slavery, and National Anthropology museums among the places to see in Angola capital. Also, The Fortaleza de Miguel is a place with a beautiful overview of Luanda Bay. The Iron Palace, The Miradouro da Lua and the modern buildings of the National Bank of Angola are other examples of the city's excellent architecture. Also, if you know a little bit about Angola language, Portuguese, you will have a nice trip to Luanda.

4. A safe country

camera Angola is a good destination for safety seekers. Even though the civil war, which has lasted more than 25 years, ended in 2002, the country still has moderate levels of crime. Despite that, the touristic destinations of the country are safe, and you can comfortably travel through the country. So, I can answer your question about is it safe to travel to Angola with yes. But never say never. Robbery is common in some parts of Luanda; accidents happen even with foreigners. Due to these reasons, I recommend visiting the country as a group with professional tourism companies or ignore these parts of the city. Because a single person can easily be a victim of the crime moreover, although the conditions of the health system are not satisfying, you can be safe with some vaccinations and have an excellent time in Angola. Due to some diseases that are still spreading in Angola, it is better to do routine vaccines before your trip to Angola.

5. Culture

dance Culture is one of the best reasons to travel to Angola. Angolan music, does nos matter traditional (such as semba, rivet) or modern (kuduro, kizomba, zouk), has excellent prominence both internationally and in the country. Traditional musical instruments like batuque, kissing, and marimba are essential representations of Angolan culture. Creativity adds new rhythms and variants to formal dances. In carnivals, you will see the excellence of dance, music, and tradition. If there is one thing that Angola is famous for, it is its tribal dances. Angolans wear typical clothing to dance. The face and body are also painted to perform these traditional dances. Seeing some of these dances is an excellent way to get closer to Angolan culture. In a more intimate way, you will get to know about their traditions and customs.

6. Cuisine

cuisine Angolan cuisine also has delicious and mixed dishes, with influences from Portuguese cuisine and Mozambican methods. It has mixes of Portuguese, Brazilian, and African flavors. The most famous examples are Kibeba, Muamba de Galinha, and Ponde. Also, palm oil is always present in Angolan cuisine. Additionally, in handicrafts, Angola has many things to offer so that you will return home with unusual and striking souvenirs from traditional markets.

7. Palaces

palace The Palace of the bullets was, for a long time, a building of great importance in Angola. It was in 1975 when more tourists began to visit this Palace. One of the reasons is that this year was when the civil war that had been carried out to achieve independence with Portugal ended. Also, this Palace receives that name because it has the memory of hundreds of bullets in its entire ceiling. The building of the Governor's Palace dates from the 19th century. The Palace is one of the most recognizable symbols in the city. It is located in the Angolan province of Benguela. You will see certain ceremonies and events in the Governor's Palace.

8. Cathedral of San Salvador and National Bank

angola The Cathedral of San Salvador is located in Luanda, the capital of Angola. It is one of the best cathedrals in this African country. One of the most distinctive aspects is the set of domes located on the towers of the cathedral. These are some of the most attractive aspects of the cathedral. The cathedral is also famous as the Luanda Cathedral. Inside you will see one of the most important religious figures for Angolans, the Lady of Remedies. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to see this beautiful religious gem. The National Bank represents one of the most valuable architectural works in Angola. It has a structure very similar to that of the National Assembly. As you will see, its domes attract the eye of anyone. This incredible building is solely responsible for the monetary policy of all of Angola, including the issuing of Angola currency.

9. Maritime Passenger Terminal

port The Maritime Passenger Terminal is one of the most recently built buildings in Luanda. Apart from being a beautiful building located in a port, it has managed to become one of the buildings that are used the most today. It is used by thousands of people to go from one city to another. This makes it a place of interest for tourists. From the Maritime Passenger Terminal, you can sail to other cities under the Angola flag. One of the most striking aspects of the maritime terminal's architecture is its large clock tower.

10. National Assembly of Angola

diplomatic hall The Angola National Assembly is one of the key buildings in the country. It is the parliament of the Republic of Angola. You will, during your trip, stand out by itself for its aesthetics—built-in its entirety with a structure that can remind you of typical Arab buildings. You can see how the red color ultimately frames the beauty of the building. It is a building for state purposes. Also, it is one of the biggest claims of tourists for its aesthetic appearance. If you travel to Angola, do not hesitate to see it. Apply for an Angola visa today and start to plan your trip.

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