10 reasons why you should travel to Antigua and Barbuda right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Antigua and Barbuda right now
Antigua and Barbuda. Unusual names, aren't they? Translated from Spanish as "ancient, bearded," -this is a mini-reference to the past of the islands. The former Anglo-Spanish colony with a bloody history will not leave you indifferent, and the pirate ships, the famous English harbor will attract children. What else attracts the state of Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda capital, attractions, how to get to Antigua and Barbuda, and other reasons you should immediately go to the islands are described below.

1. Antigua and Barbuda on the map

many maps Are you wondering where is Antigua and Barbuda? Well, Antigua and Barbuda's amazing islands are washed by the Caribbean Sea and are part of the Lesser Antilles group. They are famous for their white, clean beaches with good infrastructure that does not violate the unity with nature. Antigua's island is more densely populated, but on the island of Barbuda, you will feel like the King of nature because it is there that the peace and grandeur of flora and fauna reigns. On the latter, there is only one busy place – Codrington. Antigua benefits from its larger area and diverse landscape. In total, more than 90 thousand people live in these picturesque regions. Nearby is the small island of Redonda, which is completely uninhabited. Its history is interesting, as are the animals. The national language is English mixed with Patua, the local dialect. The majority of the population professes Catholicism. According to history, a significant part of the population is ethnically occupied by Negroes, whose ancestors were brought as slaves to the English colonies' lands. The monetary unit of the islands is the Eastern Caribbean dollar or XCD. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere where there is infrastructure. Modernity and love for visitors, You can see it everywhere. Countless beaches and nightclubs are something that will appeal to young people. There are casinos in almost every luxury hotel, and the care of the staff is an integral part of educating the locals.

2. Nature of Antigua and Barbuda

nature of antigua and barbuda The tropical warm marine climate all year round contributes to the growth of the most beautiful vegetation and a pleasant existence of Antigua and Barbuda inhabitants. Thanks to the constant winds, being here will become a paradise. Rain falls rarely, but aptly. Sometimes it comes to emergencies related to hurricanes. For example, a couple of years ago, the notorious hurricane "Irma" destroyed almost the entire island and all its infrastructure. There were solid ruins, but the citizens did not give up and built everything anew. Now even better, looks at the island of Antigua with modern buildings. A dive into the local waters is definitely worth it because coral reefs of wonderful beauty are spread out at the depths of the transparent sea. And fiery sunsets attract most tourists from all over the world. How romantic it is to walk on the white sand of the Caribbean Sea and look at the stars, enjoying the cool drinks of local bartenders! Many yacht clubs will help you curb the sea waves. The views that open from the highest points of the islands are so fascinating that you will definitely want to return here more than once.

3. Local culture

man with surf board In the blood of the islanders flows love for everything natural and interesting, so a huge number of interesting monuments, holidays and a drop of history you will remember for a long time. According to history, the English Crown had a great influence on these lands. All sports came from there, for example, cricket, football. Special attention is paid to surfing and sailing, which are abundant here. However, on the other hand, American pop culture was also influenced. So, the first news is received from the American media. Styles of music vary greatly, mostly Afro-Caribbean. Every citizen of the islands respects the tastes of the tourist. The fashion here is also more similar to the American one but with peculiar notes. Religion is very much appreciated, so it will not be difficult for you to find another temple. Do you want extreme sports? You need to try a jeep safari, with which you will learn the inner beauty of the jungle.

4. Carnivals

festival Young people will be interested in the De Jam festival. It is famous for its popularity among tourists, bringing together artists from different countries. The most interesting carnival Caribana on the neighboring island, which lasts about five days. All carnivals are accompanied by street processions, pleasant music, theatrical performances of local people, as well as a fire show that will give a lot of positive emotions. Another, no less important carnival, called Traditional, was first held on the first of August as early as 1838, according to which slaves were freed in these lands. Until now, it is held on the island of Antigua and lasts for ten days. Be sure to visit it! Since the carnival is an important part of the history of the Antiguans. Fascinating, fun Antigua and Barbuda tourist attractions for tourists, stories from local residents, and the people's simplicity will bring something bright and kind to your life and diversify the gray everyday life.

5. Antigua and Barbuda people

antigua and barbuda people The good-natured Antigua and Barbuda people will always help you navigate. Because of the hard history that they have experienced, their character is hardened and ready for pleasant conversations with visitors. They will show you the vast expanses of the tropics, amazing recipes of local cuisine, tell you how to live under any authority, help you master diving and surfing, know everything about survival in the wild. After communicating with them, you will take away a lot of sincere, warm feelings. After all, the islanders are Antigua and Barbuda people who are firsthand familiar with all the beauty and horror that live on the edges of the Caribbean Sea.

6. Antigua and Barbuda resorts

antigua and barbuda resort Antigua and Barbuda's islands are hot Antigua and Barbuda tours that are sorted out already six months before the favorable season. They are beach towns concentrated on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea. The hills that cross Fryes Bay, Johnsons Point, and other famous Antigua and Barbuda resorts boast painted views. How to get to Antigua and Barbuda? There are certain difficulties. Since the resorts are far enough away from major countries, you will have to fly by plane for several days. There are no direct flights from Russia, only with transfers in New York, for example. There is an option with a transfer to London. The islands have two international Antigua and Barbuda airports with all the necessary equipment. They require Antigua and Barbuda airport fee of thirty to forty dollars each. Antigua and Barbuda visa requirements can change depending on the nationality. At customs, they check for the presence of narcotic substances and alcoholic beverages. Do you want to relax on the islands with animals? Be sure to take a certificate from a veterinarian and make all the necessary vaccinations for your animal and preferably yourself too. You can travel around the island by taxi or rent a car. However, the roads will remind you of your homeland, the number of gas stations is minimal, and the prices are too inflated. If you don't want trouble, leave your rental car in paid parking lots where it will be monitored. There is even a nudist beach-one of the four beaches of Hawksbill.

7. Kitchen

seafood The basis of Antigua and Barbuda's cuisine consists of vegetables and meat, which are enough for anyone here. You will also enjoy pies with meat and spicy filling. As already understood, the island cuisine is a mixture of Mexico and Brazil. Due to its geographical location, there is also an abundance of seafood, namely fish of different types. A large number of dishes are seasoned with spices and spices that are grown and brought to condition right on the islands. Of the main drinks, as in the best English traditions, of course, tea of all varieties. Unusual juices, drinks made from dates, and medium-ground coffee. Because of the cooperation with American fast-food restaurants, food courts are popular here. The price tags of cafes and restaurants are in the middle range, as are many tourist sites.

8. St. John's

little island The Antigua and Barbuda capital is the most popular and lively city of the islands. Most tourists of all ages are concentrated here. The modern city beckons with its paradisiacal corners. A little shopping, a taste of the local cuisine, meeting the inhabitants of the island – all this and much more you can do in the magical capital of St. John's. It is not safe to be alone at night, but places restricted to tourists are carefully guarded. Security is guaranteed. A large number of precious stones and various forms of souvenirs-figurines You will find on the shelves of markets. Almost all stores are open until five in the evening, so have time to buy everything you need! What else is St. John's famous for? Reggae, Bird Island, carnivals, and colorful citizens. As in any capital, there are many pubs, bars, interesting exhibitions; even photos for Instagram will not be difficult to make. The independent state lives on tourism and fertile soil, so it is worth honoring this paradise with your arrival.

9. Antigua and Barbuda tourist attractions

antigua and barbuda sea The main attractions of the Antigua and Barbuda capital and not only are neither more nor less than a couple of dozen monuments of architecture. Meet a couple of them. One of the most famous places on the islands is, in fact, the Cathedral, after which the capital is named, built two centuries ago. It has survived more than one earthquake. From the Cathedral and breathes a great and difficult history of the people, made in the old style: Baroque. Interested in pirates and mysticism-I ask you to board the restored pirate ship "Jolly Harbour." It goes out to sea and makes a circle around the coastal area. Sunbathe plunges into history and touches the aesthetics of piracy – all this is about the ship "Jolly Harbour." Another equally important Cathedral is named after St. John, with an interesting history and deep meaning. More history of the island can be found in the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. It hosts exciting exhibitions with rocks and archaeological excavations. Separately, it is worth highlighting the Devil's Bridge with a sad past. For the sake of long-awaited freedom, once slaves jumped from it, however, broke to death on powerful streams of water of the Atlantic Ocean. The island of Barbuda is famous for its limestone deposits, which are concentrated in caves. Inside them are Instagrammable lakes with the purest water. Stalagmites, stalactites – it's all about Barbuda. There was also a slave market as a historical reminder of the terrible times.

10. Traditions of the island

traditional red drink Tips. Don't skimp on a couple of dollars for the taxi driver or hotel staff. It is usually customary to tip with each payment. The locals themselves are very calm and kind, so do not try to bring them out. They are stingy with emotions but friendly and hospitable. Time on the islands seems to be left somewhere out there; everything is done in a measured, unhurried way. Watch your appearance. Restaurants and some Antigua and Barbuda hotels have a dress code that you must comply with. If you are going to a party with an unfamiliar local resident, ask for an invitation in writing. After all, it will be awkward when the owner meets an uninvited guest on the threshold. Take care of this in advance, preferably when meeting. Try any food that is offered to you; otherwise, your refusal will be regarded as an insult. It is preferable to avoid drinking alcohol at the table at a party and, in general, on vacation. Rum is popular, but try to replace it with traditional drinks of the islands. Smoking is the same situation. There is no public transport as such in the country. Only own cars or taxis. Respect the faith of the locals. Tours to the Antigua and Barbuda islands are worth the money because, for a couple of days of stay on the paradise islands, you will feel the atmosphere of love and freedom, which we often lack in the midst of city bustle and monotony. Visit the amazing and intriguing islands of Antigua and Barbuda, stay in the capital of St. John's, and taste a drop of the night energy of the sea climate.

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