10 things I wish I knew before going to Antigua And Barbuda

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Antigua And Barbuda
where is Antigua and Barbuda, we also need to know what is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, so let's read further. Being a top tourist destination, the Caribbean is well connected by air as well as cruise ships. Antigua is an air hub connecting the island with all the continents. There are direct flights from North America, Europe, and Asia connecting most world capitals to the largest city and port, St. John's. It is really worth getting Antigua and Barbuda visa and makes your dream real! mamora bay There are numerous cruise companies that make a stop at St. John's too. The largest city on the island of Barbuda is Corrington. The entire shoreline of both the island is awash with white beaches, lagoons, and natural harbors. It is a surfer's paradise, while those indulging in scuba diving will not be disappointed at all. Now that we are aware of the basics let us start packing our bags. But not before we learn 10 things I wish I knew before going to Antigua and Barbuda.

1. Super fish: Stingray

stingray The stingray is one of the most dangerous of sea creatures, but only when provoked. Otherwise, these docile marine animals, especially the Southern stingray, are generally called the puppy dogs of the ocean. The Stingrays bury themselves in the sand, basking in the warm waters. A visit to Stingray City is a must. You may also end up getting a hug from these reticent guys.

2. What is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda?

capital of antigua and barbuda St. John's is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda as well as the largest city and port. The international airport is also situated here. The capital of Antigua and Barbuda also has a deep harbor that can accommodate large cruise ships. It is also one of the reasons why many cruise operators make St. John's port of call. If you are visiting St. John's, then do visit the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. The Museum of Marine Art also has a small facility that showcases the fossilized bedrock, volcanic stones, petrified wood, a collection of more than 10,000 shells, and artifacts from English shipwrecks. Both these museums garner a considerable footfall around the year. The capital of Antigua and Barbuda also boasts of an impressive skyline, which is dominated by the white baroque towers of Saint John's Cathedral. The Botanical Gardens is also an attraction for tourists. It provides an idyllic refuge from the hustle and bustle of the main city. There are also a few forts you can visit. They are a reminder of the colonial past of the island country. The oft-visited fort is Fort James though nearby forts to are in vogue. The Government House is where the Governor resides. This is a 19th-century palace that is at risk of the tumultuous weather the island faces throughout the year.

3. Antigua and Barbuda culture

stadium in barbuda island The main Antigua And Barbuda culture is cricket. Yes, sports. It is akin to religion out here. Most famous cricketers are revered and have stands and stadiums named after them. The largest of them is the multi-purpose stadium named after legendary cricketer Sir Vivian Richards. The Sir Vivian Richards Stadium was built for the 2007 cricket world cup. The islanders are fond of their cricketing heritage, and it would be great if, as a visitor, you gain some knowledge about the sport and their achievements beforehand. There are also Antigua Recreation Ground and the Coolidge Cricket Ground. Music also plays an important part in the life of an Antiguan.

4. Antigua and Barbuda cuisine

antigua and barbuda cuisine Antigua and Barbuda is a haven for seafood. There are plenty of watering holes across the island that cater to all tastes. The national dish of Antigua and Barbuda is fungee and pepperpot. The other favorites are ducana, seasoned rice, saltfish, and lobster. When on the island, do not forget to taste the local rum. Antigua and Barbuda without the customer sip is a blasphemy waiting to happen. The local confectionaries are a rage, too: Sugarcake, fudge, raspberry are some of the delicacies you need to savor before you return. The Wadadli beer is a locally brewed beer and also a firm delight for the tourists. However, nothing even comes closer to English Harbour Rum. Nothing, I dare say.

5. Antigua and Barbuda beaches

marina bay The island has a beach every single year. There are 365 beaches that are known and some which are secret getaways. And each one is more gorgeous than the other. The Antigua and Barbuda weather also allows a visit to the beach. The island is warm and humid most time of the year except for the rainy season, which makes it wet and humid. However, the cool breeze in the evenings and nights make Antigua And Barbuda beaches an ideal place to lie down.

6. Antigua and Barbuda currency

old money The Antigua and Barbuda currency is called the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. There is confusion regarding the commonality of the currency across the two islands. Antigua and Barbuda are two separate islands, but a single nation, and hence the currency applies to both of them. The East Caribbean Dollar replaced the British West Indies Dollar in 1965, and the former became the official Antigua and Barbuda currency. The US Dollar is widely circulated, too, being so close to the American mainland. So do not get confused while handling cash. Also, every bank has currency conversion booths.

7. Antigua and Barbuda flag

antigua and barbuda flag The Antigua and Barbuda flag has a 7 point rising sun, which represents the dawn of a new era. The color red represents the dynamism of the people and the blood of the slave forefathers. The Antigua and Barbuda flag also represents the three specialties of the island, the Sun, sea, and sand. The island is famous for it all over the world. As a tourist, this is trivial information but good to know. It makes local conversations more interesting.

8. What to do in Antigua and Barbuda?

saint john The most pertinent question that is asked by every first-timer who sets foot on this wonderful piece of land. The islands are seemingly a destination for infinite opportunities. Visit the beaches, travel the city now that you know what is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, go for hiking trails, hug the stingray, scuba dive in the numerous lagoons, swim in the staid waters of the Caribbean Sea, or simply soak in the Sun and celebrate life in solitude. If you haven't had enough, then guzzle on the Harbour Rum and gorge on some splendid Caribbean delicacies. The numerous bars and restaurants will provide you with the food you dreamt of. There is plenty to do in Antigua and Barbuda. So the next time somebody asks you what to do in Antigua and Barbuda, just tell them "to enjoy." That is what the Caribbean is famous for. Live life amongst the sand and the beaches and of course play some cricket. The Antigua and Barbuda weather will pretty much allow you to do anything.

9. Antigua and Barbuda hotels

sandals grande There are plenty of hotels and restaurants under the Antigua and Barbuda hotels Association, though the type of services and the quality vary from one hotel to another. It is better to book one beforehand rather than travel, land and find there are no hotel rooms available. The island is a tourist magnet, and hence the availability of rooms may become a dicey affair. However, most Antigua and Barbuda hotels offer great food, and that is something to look forward to. The range of hotel rooms ranges across a wide prism. From the super luxurious Marriott at Hermitage Bay, Jumby Bay Resort, to the standard single or double room occupancy types. A bit of research is necessary, depending on the budget you are looking at. Please do remember being one of the top travel destinations in the world, Antigua and Barbuda is an expensive place. However, if you choose to budget wisely, the vacation would be a breeze. As easy as finding where is Antigua and Barbuda.

10. Antigua And Barbuda language

antigua and barbuda island Though the local language is Antiguan Creole, hardly a few speak it. The official Antigua And Barbuda language is English since it was a British colony for a long time. Also, being so close to the American mainland, the English language is the one everyone speaks. And they speak it fluently. However, the natives speak a rapid version of the language, so that might cause some challenges at the beginning. The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are the veritable paradise on Earth. The Sun, sand, and the wide ocean and seas surrounding it make it tone the most sought-after places to visit. The locals are warm, and the island is generally considered to be safe for travelers. There have been incidents of crime, but they have been far and few. It always pays to be cautious and follow the simple rules of traveling anywhere. Another highlight of your trip will be the cuisine, which seems to be an endless list of delicacies. The English Harbour rum has made a name for itself but so has the locally brewed beer. The Antigua and Barbuda weather is ideal for the guzzler. The pertinent question of what to do in Antigua and Barbuda has now been precisely answered. We began by asking where is Antigua and Barbuda, and we ended up living an experience. Visit Antigua and Barbuda, and a happy memory will be etched forever.

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