10 reasons why you should travel to Bath County

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10 reasons why you should travel to Bath County
where is Bath county Virginia and what county is Bath in. Considering that most visitors underrate this pearl, we decided to give detailed information and 10 reasons why you should get a USA tourist visa and travel to Virginia. In this blog, you will learn what county is Bath in, where is Bath county Virginia, how is Virginia beach weather, and more.

1. Basics About Bath County Virginia 

photographer Where is Bath county Virginia (what county is Bath in)? Bath is a United States county and located on the West Virginia state line. Bath country is the second-most populous county in Virginia by almost 5000 citizens. The total area is 1390 square km. Tourism accounts for a large part of the economy. For example, in 2018, the total income from tourism was $289.6 Million, and it was almost 4% more than the previous year. Because of the pandemic, there was a decline in tourism income. Besides tourism, the county is known for some notable people such as C. E. Byrd, Creigh Deeds, Jailyn Ford, Dan Ingalls, John Phillips, Sam Snead. 

2. Camping Experience

camping The marvellous nature of the county suggests unforgettable moments to people of all ages. One of the best ways to enjoy nature is camping. Many people agree that sleeping under the open sky and stars will help you to get rid of everyday problems. Besides enjoying and hiking in nature, you will have the chance to participate in various activities, such as boat trips, mountain climbing, man-made climbing walls, parties, sports, races, and more. Some of the well-known campgrounds are Blowing Springs, Bolar Mountain Recreational Area and Lake Moomaw, Dominion Back Creek Recreational Area, Douthat State Park, Hidden Valley Recreational Area, Peaceful River Campground. We can not give detailed information about all of them, so we will talk about one of the best, Peaceful River Campground. Located in the riverside of Cowpasture River, just 1,60 km away from Millboro on Route 39, the Peaceful River Campground offers a camping experience for short and long periods. It is caravan camping, so you should rent a tent. They have two options: with lights and without lights. 

3. Plenty Of Outdoor Recreations

fishing activity Bath county in West Virginia has thousands of activities for people who decide to travel to Virginia. We have already mentioned camping opportunities, but it was just a visible side of the iceberg. Bath has mountains, forests, lakes and it allows creating excellent areas for winter and summer tourism. For example, in summer, you can enjoy Virginia beach, cycling, fishing, horse riding, swimming, canoeing, and more. Also, they have many picnic spots. On the other hand, if you prefer the winter season, there are skiing, snowboarding, mountain hiking, and more. If you don’t have appropriate licenses for fishing and hunting, you may get lessons in Bath county, and after success in the exam, you can get a certificate.

4. Taste Craft Beverages

beer If you like to taste local wine and beer, this is the most powerful reason for you. There are some local craft beverage companies such as Bacova Beer Company, Rock Roadhouse Winery, and Troddenvale at Oakley Farm that offer outstanding beers and wines. All of these are small family companies, and it means that there are little machinery work and much human touch. Maybe, this is the main secret of the taste. Further, if you want to taste their beverages and take part in tours, you should register from the official websites. In this tour, you will get priceless facts about winery techniques, company history, devices that are used in producing, and more. Every year thousands of visitors travel to West Virginia to taste the delicious craft beverages.

5. Outstanding Art Exhibitions

big otter mill Another reason for visiting Bath county Virginia, is art galleries and exhibitions. A wide range of specially designed furniture, exotic yarns, potteries, and sculptures will hypnotize you. One of the best places to travel in Virginia Bath is Mary Barnes in Millboro, VA 24460. Mary Barnes was a teacher, and after retirement, she became interested in weaving. Now she uses various fibers to create many items such as vests, kimonos, mobiuses, cocoons, shawls. All of them are beautiful and different from each other. Furthermore, there is a place where you can find many specially designed furniture. You will find it in Warm Springs Mountain Woodworks. Remember to call for an appointment before visiting. Finally, if you like antiques, handicrafts, and paintings, we recommend these destinations: Warm Springs Gallery, The Sparrow’s Nest, and Springhouse Antiques.

6. Learn The Rich History Of A Small County

virginia There are plenty of historical places to travel in Virginia. You will find cemeteries, libraries, museums, historical markets, and more. Of course, The Bath County Historical Society Museum has a notable place among all of those destinations. The Bath County Historical Society Museum exhibits various artefacts from different periods, such as Civil War tools, Native American artefacts, clothing, antique side saddles, etc. Each of them keeps in secret exciting historical facts, so take part in guided tours to learn much as you can. Moreover, you can go to the Bath County Public Library to learn facts on your own. There are computers, journals, books, documents that contain priceless facts. You can make a reservation at the reservation desk, and after that, you can enjoy all opportunities that the library provides. 

7. Learn Particulars Of Farm Life

farm life Farm life has always been exciting for citizens in urban areas. If you have a desire to learn details of farm life, you can go to the farms, such as Addison Patch Farm, Apple Horse Farm, Fort Lewis Lodge & Farm, and Oakley Farm. Addison Patch Farm is one of the oldest ones and has been carried by the same family for three generations. In Addison Patch Farm, you can find various fresh products (eggs, homemade country blend pork sausage, jams, jellies) and see how they grow the plants, etc. Fort Lewis Lodge & Farm is a unique place that offers both accommodation and fresh foods. Such as in Addison Patch Farm, you can purchase various products and also you can work with them to experience the hardness of farm work.

8. Discover The Healing Power Of Springs

virginia After hiking and exploring the area, you can relax in The Jefferson Pools. Many people believe that firstly native Americans found that water, and they learned the healing power of springs, and after that, the area became a holy spot for them. Much after in mid-1750, the first spa resort opened here, and the name was the Gentlemen’s Pool House. Also, on June 1, 1836, a separate Ladies Pool House was opened by owners. The 36-meter high wooden pool holds 40,000 gallons of regularly flowing, pure mineral spring water that has a constant 98.5 degrees. The Jefferson Pools are so popular among locals and tourists because, besides being a therapeutic area, The Jefferson Pools have historical value. So every year, historians travel to Virginia to study the architectural and historical importance of the construction. 

9. Virginia Beach

virginia beach Virginia beach is one of the most attractive places to travel in Virginia. Virginia Beach is away from the Bath, but it will be worth visiting. Such as other beaches, it offers plenty of beachside activities and beach parties. Also, there are many cafes and restaurants around the beach, so you will not be bored after your visit. When is the best Virginia beach weather? Most people agree that the best Virginia beach weather is between May and early September.

10. Douthat State Park

lake Bath County Virginia has countless fascinating destinations, and Douthat State Park is one of them. Douthat State Park is a spot that combines various attractions for tourists. Man-made beaches, Douthat Lake, waterfall, forests, and more of them are in one place. You can go to explore the park and observe the waterfalls. You will find three falls in the park. After hiking and exploring the park, you can go to relax on the beach. Probably, the most exciting part of the park is the man-made beach. While resting on the relaxing sand of the beach, you can enjoy the beauty of Douthat Lake and listen to the songs of birds. Besides, you may try delicious meals in front of a mesmerizing view in Douthat Lakeview Restaurant.  It is evident that now almost everyone becomes an amateur photographer, thanks to smartphones. In recent years, there has been a dramatic development in smartphone cameras, and we can say that the quality difference between photo cameras and smartphones is so less as it was never before. So if you are interested in capturing exciting moments for the future, Bath can be one of the best destinations for this. Take a car or any sort of vehicle and start your journey. Even if you don’t have good photographing skills, don’t worry. The fascinating and poetic beauty of the county will help you.

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