16 reasons why you should travel to Belize right now

Fatima Mammadova17 November 2020819 views8 min. read
16 reasons why you should travel to Belize right now
Belize is a beautiful city with beautiful rainforests, a surprisingly mild climate, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. We strongly recommend you to travel to Belize and have an unforgettable time there! Do you know where is Belize situated? Belize is a country in Central America that occupies the southeastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean coast. Mexico borders Belize in the north and Guatemala in the west and south. As you know where is Belize, we will list for you 17 reasons why you need to travel to Belize Central America, will tell you about things to do in Belize, what is the best time to travel to Belize. Also, we will tell you is it safe to travel to Belize or not. Hope, this article will help you to make the right decision.

1. Caracol

ancient mayan temple One of the reasons to travel to Belize can be Caracol. If you're ready for adventure, take a trip to the ruins of Caracol in the Chikibul Forest Reserve. This place is in the centre of Belize and is the largest known Mayan complex in the country. Scientists are still making discoveries in its vicinity. Moreover, it is very Instagrammable.

2. Lamanai

lamanai Located a few hours away, Lamanai was one of the most populous Mayan cities in Belize. People lived in the area until the 19th century. Today, there are more than 700 famous ancient structures in this area, which makes here a great place to see a wide variety of both classic and modern Mayan buildings. You can take a water taxi down the river to see birds, crocodiles, iguanas, and other wildlife.

3. San Pedro

aerial view of san pedro The city is located on one of the most densely populated islands of the state - Ambergris. Here you can try quality snorkelling and diving, these sports can be done at any time of the year, so there are enough tourists here. Make any different festivals and celebrations will allow you not bored in San Pedro.

4. Beautiful nature

tiger fern waterfall Asking a question: «What to do in Belize?» don't forget about nature. Belize's wildlife is the country's most important property. All the local landscapes are so attractive and magnificent that, once seeing them, one wants to come here again and again. Most of the territory of Belize is occupied by a plain with numerous beautiful blue lakes and rivers, in some places, there are impenetrable swamps. The two largest rivers flow in the northern part of the country - Belize and Rio Hondo. There are also plenty of resorts there. While visiting Belize, you can not avoid visiting Belize city because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is the largest city in the state, divided by the Oulover River into two parts - southern and northern. There is a bridge over the river, on both sides of which there are beautiful embankments.

5. Caye Caulker

floating tree There are islets off the coast of Belize city popular among tourists; they can be considered as one of the best Belize resorts and reached by water taxi from Belize city. Caye Caulker is a small limestone island with just over 30 small hotels and a cluster of restaurants, shops, and organized diving.

6. Caving

sunlight filters You bought a ticket for one of the flights to Belize, but still do not know what to do in Belize? Caving is one of the exciting things to do in Belize. Whether you are an experienced speleologist or a beginner, this tour is for you! For example, you can take a time of the Aktun-Tunichil-Muknal cave. Believe it or not, but this tour is also great for inexperienced cavers as long as they are in good physical condition.

7. Palatable food

food served in a coconut shell What to do in Belize? What are other things to do in Belize? Enjoy the delicious food! The culture in Belize is very diverse, and so is the food! The coastal towns have more Creole influence in their food and offer plenty of fresh seafood. Try lobster or if you're adventurous, clam or barracuda.

8. The language

US dollars Belize is the only country in Central America where English is commonly spoken, and US dollars are widely recognized, making it an ideal travel destination for American tourists. There, quite a bit of Spanish is spoken throughout the country, especially far from the coast. Most Belizeans are very friendly and greet you with a smile.

9. Maya ruins

xunantunich and cave tubing There are more than enough Mayan archaeological sites; most are inland, in the Cayo area. The most historically significant one is Caracol, a place that was once the centre of one of the largest Mayan kingdoms. The most popular site is Shunantunich, which means "stone Baba" - a reminder of the ghost believed to live there. In Belize, it is legal for visitors to climb the ruins, which cannot be said for the neighbouring countries.

10. Shopping

wind chimes conch shells Belize has a vast selection of various and unusual souvenirs. Usually, it can be purchased in major cities of the country - Belmopan, Belize, San Pedro. There are numerous speciality shops and shops in them. Interestingly, in Belize, it is customary to bargain only in markets or in private stores. But quite often you can see the opposite picture when residents arrange discounts to be involved in the bidding process.

11. Plasencia

placencia village Placencia is located farther from Belize City (3.5 hours), and it is hosting the former fishing village. There are several beachfront hotels, near the Belize resorts, cabanas and restaurants, and the narrowest street in the world. It is the perfect choice for travellers looking to take a day snorkelling or scuba diving tour or hike into the mountain jungle near San Ignacio for a night on the coast.

12. San Ignacio

houses near a bus stop Located on the mainland of Belize in the Cayo area, San Ignacio is 90 minutes from Belize city. Near the Guatemalan border, it is usually a stopover for travellers heading to Tikal. However, here you will find many Mayan ruins and San Ignacio jungle adventures. It's worth exploring for a few days. Hotel types range from cheap hostels or tree houses to luxury resorts. As for active activities, among the most popular are the Mayan ruins of Shunantunich, Kahal-Pech, Karakol, and the Aktun-Tunichil-Muknal cave.

13. Unforgettable water activities

You may already be aware of the Great Blue Hole, an often photographed sizeable underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize. Numerous tours will allow you to dive or fly over it. But did you know that Belize boasts the world's second-largest barrier reef ?! From any Plasencia Cave, you can take a snorkelling or scuba diving excursion, or take a unique tour to Shark Ray Alley where you can swim with rays and sharks!

14. Crooked Tree

crooked tree wildlife sanctuary Crooked Tree is the most famous nature reserve in Belize, which is home to a wide variety of birds. It is located very well - around four lagoons, forty kilometres from the city of Orange Wolf. To get here, you can book a canoe tour and use the services of a guide.

15. Babun

howler monkey To explore rare species of animals, you can visit the Baboon Sanctuary, which is located 30 km away from Belize city. It was opened at the initiative of local farmers. It is here that you can see the most famous monkey - the black howler. The reserve has become home to iguanas, cougars, 200 species of exotic birds, as well as the endangered river turtle.

16. Image Factory Art Foundation

image factory art foundation Copyright: @superblakwoman Art connoisseurs will surely like the exhibitions of contemporary artists and sculptors of the state. Often, employees organize exhibitions and open receptions with the participation of creative teams and painters. Guests are served with cocktails, and a tour guide is offered. On the territory of the gallery, there are small shops selling souvenirs, books, and gifts. We told you about 17 reasons why Belize is the worth of visiting and now, we want to answer the questions: What is the best time to travel to Belize? and is it safe to travel to Belize?

So, what is the best time to travel to Belize?

ambergris caye The climate at this time is overall delightful, with very little rain, little humidity, and the temperature in the area will remain between 23-29 degrees Celsius. All seasons can be considered as the best time to travel to Belize, so you can take one of the flights to Belize in time you want. But most tourists prefer to travel to Belize during the period from December to May.

Is it safe to travel to Belize?

airbnb beach house Although for most tourists, this country appears to be calm and peaceful, in large cities of the country, there is still a danger of petty offences and theft. After sunset, it is best to move around the streets of Belizean cities by private cars, taxis, and in groups of several people. Fans of unforgettable journeys through the jungle of Belize should remember that in such remote areas there is no ambulance, but there is an airborne medical aid that is ready to fly to the scene within 15 minutes. It is best to move around such places with a guide. So, with a few precautions, you can be safe to travel to Belize. Now, you know where is Belize, and lots of answers to the question of what to do in Belize. Take one of the flights to Belize and have a holiday of a lifetime!

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