The world's most colorful holidays

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The world's most colorful holidays

If you want to get acquainted with the culture and history of a country, participate in its celebrations. All of us love the holidays and look forward to them. During the holidays all the family, friends, acquaintances and relatives come together to celebrate the unforgettable day. But what about a holiday in another land among people you do not know? 

We have brought some of the most exciting holidays and festivals in the world so that you can travel during these holidays. It will make your journey twice as exciting. Now let's look at some of the colorful holidays and best festivals in the world.

Burning Man Festival

What is Burning Man Festival? The festival has been held annually since 1986 in the Black Rock Desert in the state of Nevada, USA. The festival begins at 00:01 on the last Monday of August and lasts eight days. More than 70,000 people take part in the Burning Man Festival annually with incredible ideas, colorful costumes, and their self-made transport. In fact, this is not a festival but an environment that will change your mind and move you away from reality. The primary purpose is to make people more creative, kind, and open. You can't buy anything except coffee and ice at the festival; you only can exchange things with others. Hundreds of "mutant" vehicles and people in unusual clothing are moving in harmony with the music. Landscape, music, lighting is continually changing, so you can lose yourself and your belongings. This is natural for one of the most popular festivals in the world - The Burning Man Festival.

Those who come here to express themselves build different art objects in the middle of the desert have fun and learn. At the end of the festival, the participants destroy everything - burn all traces. And most importantly, on the last day, a human sculpture made of wood, the symbol of the festival, is being burned.

Knowing as one of the most expensive festivals, tickets cost an average of $ 500, but this does not prevent the flow of people.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead, one of the most strange holidays in Mexico, is held on 1st and 2nd November. The historical roots of the holiday go to the Aztecs.

Only the Mexicans managed to make the day of the dead a celebration. Pre-holiday preparations of these strange holidays do not end with decorating the house but also with preparing altars for the deads. Most of the shrines are occupied with pictures of deceased family members. Moreover, they put some of the dishes that the deceased loved, sugar skulls, and decorations on the altar. Everywhere is decorated with candles and wreaths.

The actual death for Mexicans is when they are forgotten. Traditionally, the dead usually return to their homes in those days. Nothing terrible is happening these days, but Mexicans must cheer their dead.

If you are in Mexico on the Day of the Dead, you should go to Zocalo Central Square. During holidays, it looks like a decorated cemetery, and people with skeletal make-up and costumes are everywhere.

On the other side of Mexico - in San Andres Mixquica, you can feel the mystique of Day of the Dead. It is remembered for its peculiar nights. Shows with candles at night make the holiday even more colorful.

Holi Holiday

When is Holi festival? India's colorful spring festival is in February-March. The myths about the Holi holiday go back to ancient times. It is associated with the name of the demon Holika. That is why every year, people burn the statue of the cruel Holika at the festival.

Pre-holiday buildings are painted in bright colors, everywhere is decorated with flowers, various beverages are made, water spraying machines are installed, and most importantly, residents buy colorful powders. It is interesting that, regardless of age, everyone actively participates in the holiday.

If you're in India, don't be afraid to get your clothes stained and mix with people who are coloring each other in this one of the most popular festivals in the world. Undoubtedly, you will have colorful memories from India.

Sapporo Snow Festival

Another festival in our most colorful and most popular festivals in the world list is Sapporo Snow Festival.  Annually, more than 2,000,000 tourists visit the winter festival in Japan. But everything goes back to the 1950s when children built six snow figures. Since then, Sapporo Snow Festival has been awarded a tourism license as a "winter city." 

At the festival in February, 25 teams from around the world prepare more than 100 snow statues. You can also enjoy an extraordinary exhibition.

Rio Carnival

girls having fun

One of the most exciting holidays in the world has always been chosen with challenging choreography, music, and unique costumes. Rio Carnival, which has become the national symbol of Brazil, was arisen during the slavery period.

The 14 best Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro get ready for the carnival for a year. They set musical performances, make bright, unique costumes for dancers, and create colorful decorations. And the day of the Rio festival, all of this is demonstrated.

There are street dance festivals, a parade of street musicians, night concerts, and various dance parties for the tourists. Tourists attending the carnival say that this holiday has become their most beautiful and unforgettable experience. Go to Rio de Janeiro and be one of those who enjoyed those memorable moments while being in one of the biggest festivals in the world.

The colorful, different holidays of the world do not end here, and almost every nation has its unique traditions and exotic holidays. Apart from our list, there are also positive, different holidays such as oranges, tomato fights, Electric Daisy Carnival, Diwali, etc. Do not stop your journey; there are still hundreds of places you can see and thousands of senses that you can live!

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