10 reasons why you should travel to Bhutan right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Bhutan right now
Bhutan is a beautiful and small country located in the mountainous regions of the Eastern Himalayas. This country is considered one of the cleanest countries in the South Asian region. Bhutan has also been named the "Land of the Thunder Dragon". Bhutan Capital is Thimphu. Bhutan has no colonial history, and Bhutan's Wangchuk family contributed significantly to maintaining unity in this country. Bhutan borders with states of India like Sikkim, Assam, West Bengal, and Arunachal Pradesh. Explain that protecting Bhutan is a constitutional obligation of Bhutan, and 60% is still a forest. Bhutan is a country where tobacco is banned, hence leading the world's first carbon-negative countries to ban tobacco sales. Bhutan's country is full of natural beauty and beautiful tourist spots, which are heaven for nature lovers. People love to travel here because of its delicious food and natural beauty. If you are likewise planning to travel to Bhutan or you want to know why you should travel to Bhutan? So undoubtedly you will get enough information/help from this article. Here are 10 reasons why you should travel to Bhutan right now.

1. Exquisite Culture of Bhutan

bhutan The most prominent feature of Bhutan can be termed as the culture here. This country has been fortunate in this matter that no other country has ever ruled it. That is the reason why there is no impurity in the culture here! To maintain the culture of Bhutan identity, the Bhutan government has issued orders to the citizens of the country to wear the national dress in public places. Apart from the monarchy, Buddhism is the second power of Bhutan. Buddhist Lamas have a remarkable influence on the public so that you will find Buddhist Vihara at every place. There are also temples and mosques. But for a long time, the impact of Lamas has remained on the people there. In every Buddhist monastery there, you can see small children as monks. Who later become lamas. Traditional attire typical of Bhutan is another cultural attraction. People here like to wear fine woven clothes and clothes of different colors. And the traditional decoration still proceeds its existence in the houses here.

2. Bhutanese flavor 

budda in bhutan Talking about eating and drinking, even though Bhutan is a Buddha country, there is hardly any vegetarian here. But if you travel to Bhutan and are vegetarian, then there is nothing to worry about it. You will also find vegetarian restaurants here. By the way, most Bhutan people are omnivores. Even though people believe in Buddhism, beef is eaten openly here. When I travelled to Bhutan, the taxi driver here was telling me that his wife does not eat beef. He feels how we can eat the flesh of the animal whose milk we drink. But in Bhutan, there are only a few people with this type of thinking. Most people also eat beef.

3. Love of Bhutan people

bhutanese child Bhutan is a small country on the world map. But the culture, the way of life of the people, the custom and manner are all monarchical, and the society here is called matriarchal society. The natural beauty is such that you can remain in sight. It is a poor country, to say, but the heart of the people here is huge. Bhutan people are naturally luxuriant, which is why people like to travel here frequently. Among them all, there is something inside them that they consider necessary to share with others.

4. Bhutan weather

bhutan cloudy weather Weather in Bhutan depends on altitude. The length of the mountain is up to 7,000 meters in the northern parts of Bhutan. Bhutan weather conditions of these parts are similar to the Arctic. While the south area is close to India, the weather in these areas is hot & humid in summer and cool in winter.

5. Bhutan's lifestyle

farmer in the farm In Bhutan, potatoes, apples, and oranges are mainly produced under agriculture. Apart from this, lodges and hotels are being promoted due to the tourism sector. Because of Bhutan's governing system, public life is passing through happiness, peace, and fearlessness. There is a severe faith in the public towards the government due to which slogans, strike demonstrations are not carried out against the government. There is complete control over crimes. In case of any inconvenience here, 113 number dial free police service can be obtained. A particular complex has been constructed for the vegetable market. In this two-story complex, pure vegetarian and self-cultivated vegetables are sold. An utterly vegetarian hotel, "Gessel" is also available here for the food of vegetarian people.

6. Natural beauty

tiger nest resort Bhutan is the last great Himalayan kingdom and also the last Shangri-La. Here you will get to see beautiful views of the natural beauty of the Himalayas. Where there is a unique junction of icy mountains, lush green plains, and ancient forests, you will not get to see this beautiful scene anywhere else in the world. Clean and pure air will attract you to see the beautiful natural landscape here. You will be surprised to know why Bhutan is the first and only carbon-negative country in the world, which means that there are so many natural sources that absorb the emitted carbon entirely. The cities of Bhutan are perfectly clean, transparent, and tranquil. The hill here is covered with greenery. Between development and prosperity, there is greenery all around Bhutan. Bhutan people respect nature a lot. Their love for nature can be felt. They are heartily attached to these mountains. But Bhutan's most significant success is something else. Gradually, the world is changing its outlook on the right development and happiness.

7. Bhutan Fairs and Festivals

dancers While traveling to Bhutan, you should not forget the fairs and festivals here. You will be surprised to see some spectacular shows of masked dancers, allegorical religious plays, and grand social celebrations. Welcome here with a cultural and spiritual celebration. Locals indulge in sword dances, winter blues away, drums and feasting, stirring rituals, and colorful clothes display the faith here. That is why every year a lot of tourists come here to travel here or for summer vacation.

8. Beautiful hills and valleys

punakha The beautiful hills, fertile valleys, and ancient ruins of the country provide a panoramic view for any camera but also fill your mind with absolute bliss. The country is full of various exciting places. It includes the country's capital city Thimphu, Trashi Chhoe Dzong or Grand Religion Fort, Memorial Chorten, Changlimithang Stadium, National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Ripung Jong, Qichu Iyakhang, Taktsang, and Trongsa.

9. Great places to visit

prayer flags Now that you have already planned to travel to Bhutan, let us contribute to know the famous sites around the country. In Bhutan, Chele La Pass, Buddha Dordenma Statue, Tiger's Nest, Rinpung Dzong, Chomolhari, etc. are great places to visit. The attraction of these places pleases the person-minder from inside. You will feel like seeing many cafes, restaurants, small and beautiful houses here with natural beauty.

10. Special and cheap country for travel

terma inca resort Bhutan is unique for every traveler type, but it is even more special for Indians! Here you will feel like home by eating delicious food and spending cheaply. Local people know Hindi and English in addition to the local Bhutan language there, in Bhutan. Locals will welcome you warmly. New Bhutan is much more beautiful than how it was in the ancient period. Nature here symbolizes the beauty of Bhutan.

What to do in Bhutan?

tigers nest taktsang There is a lot to see in Bhutan, where you can consider a place you must visit. There is Taktsang Palphug Math, which is known as Tigers Nest Math too. On the way to this monastery, you will see unique views of the valley and the surrounding forests, which are equipped with Buddhist prayer halls. You will find many national parks here where Bhutan's national animal Takin, snow leopard, black-necked cranes, and tiger can be seen.

Best time to visit Bhutan

monks at the thujidrag gompa Although one can visit here in any month, the best time to visit Bhutan is - spring (April to July), or autumn (September to November). In these months, due to the Sethu's Utsav (festival of dances), a lot of tourists come here. Travelers seeking trekking, peace, and solitude travelers should come here from March to May when the flowers are blooming in the mountains or between September and November, during the period in which the mountains' view is gorgeous. It is advisable to travel there in the rainy season, i.e., July and August, because the rains in Bhutan are not very heavy and do not cause any particular hindrance to your plan. Nature and wildlife lovers will be especially pleased to come here, for the reason that 70% of the land area of this country is nature conservation. You will certainly find many national parks here where Bhutan's national animal takin, snow leopard, Black-necked cranes, and tiger can be seen. There are also options for a long hike or trek for adventure lovers, as well as rock climbing, kayaking, and fishing. The delicious local cuisine of Bhutan Capital will fascinate you. You will be surprised to know that the locals use chili as a spice and make its vegetable. People come here and enjoy these cuisines, travel-friendly weather, and natural beauty. So you too must make a plan to visit Bhutan and enjoy the natural beauty, cuisine, beautiful Instagrammable places here today. Let's pack your bag and start your journey to Bhutan!

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