13 reasons why you should travel to Cameroon right now

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13 reasons why you should travel to Cameroon right now
where is Cameroon question. Cameroon is a country in Western Africa. The country has a boundary with six countries, including Chad in Central Africa. Chad Lake - the lake which shrinks its size year by year, located in between Chad and Cameroon. The country lies along the Atlantic Ocean, which is the reason why seafood holds a special place in the country's cuisine. Twenty-five million people are living in the country, and they speak more than 250 languages. In ancient times, there were two ethnicities, one settled around Chad Lake and another in the south part of the country - around rainforests. Cameroon people are knowledgeable, and the literacy level is more than 71%, and the younger generation has a perspective of building a bright future.

1. Wildlife

cameroon wildlife The country has more than 300 species of animals and 900 species of birds. The country is the most biodiverse in Africa and surrounded by dense forests. There are many national parks in Cameroon. Before coming to see wildlife in Cameroon, learn what are visa requirements for travel to Cameroon.

2. Bustling cities

view of yaounde Do you know what is the capital of Cameroon? Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon. Yaounde and Douala are the most populated and hectic cities in Cameroon. In Yaounde, forests and skyscrapers merged into one another. Yaounde located close to the centre of the country and developed last year. Still, there you can see imprints of French imperialization, but the country is moving forward to delete it. New buildings remind the old roots of the country and represent tribal patterns, which were signs of indigenous tribes living in the area of the country.

3. Tea plantations

tea plantation Tropical countries of Africa - where is Cameroon also located, are famous for their tea. There are two tea plantations known in the world, in Limbe and Ndawara Highland. These places are the tea capital of Cameroon. These plantations are close to mountains, and the climate is just perfect for fertility and the growing of tea bushes. Plantations located on the outskirts of large cities and covering hills. It is a great experience to travel to Cameroon tea plantations. If you request formally, you might have an option to walk around hills. Tea is collected by locals who do not get much money. If you are friendly, you can talk to them about their life, how much they earn from their job.

4. Korup National Park

suspension bridge Korup National Park is the most famous natural attraction in the country by hosting many bird species. This park remains untouched after many years. The park provided lodging infrastructure and attracted not only tourists but bird scientists to the country. This is a place where many birds live and reproduce. This park is located in a tropical climate, and preserving flora and fauna is on a high level. Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, red-eared guenon, and Perseus's red colobus are primates that visitors want to see the most. Korup National Park is on the border with Nigeria and almost on the shore of the ocean. The closest city to Korup Park is Mundemba, and people take tours from this city to see the national park. Many guides who will guide you through the park speak the ethnic Cameroon language.

5. Diverse climate

fishing village Some travellers assume that Cameroon is a small Africa. It has many horizons, and climate changes several times throughout the country. The north of a country is deserted, and the centre of a country is a mountainous area. If you want to see jungles and rainforests, you need to travel to Cameroon, especially the west of the country.

6. Douala city

cameroon Douala is a port city and the biggest city in the west. If you don't know what is the capital of Cameroon, you might guess Douala is the capital. You will not feel the time in Cameroon. It flies, and you get tired after a long tour around Douala. Douala is the industrial capital of Cameroon and the trade centre of the country. The city is the most expensive one in Africa. 

7. Cheaper than most African countries

geese Yaounde city has a nearly 3 million population, but the infrastructure is poorly developed. The rest of the country is cheaper than many other African countries. Living and education cost is much lower than that of other African counterparts. Travel to Cameroon is an opportunity to enjoy with a small budget.

8. Mount Cameroon

mount cameroon Where is Cameroon Mountain? It is the tallest mountain in Cameroon, which is more than 2000 meters. Cameroon line is a name of a sequence of mountains lying from the ocean to inner Nigeria, including central Cameroon. These mountains are volcanic, and most of them are active. There are volcanic lakes in Cameroon. The temperature of the lakes is high due to "boiling" underwater levels. However, the answer to the "Is it safe to travel to Cameroon" question is yes, but it is not safe to get closer to these lakes. Lake produces carbon dioxide and twice in history caused the death of animals and people. Mountainous areas are also known for rainforests. The tropical climate makes these places the most humid place on Earth. Rainforests host many animals and birds, not excluding flora. Cross River gorilla and leopard are just two endemic animals living in these rainforests.

9. Cameroon people

chief It is the most diverse country on Earth when it comes to population. More than 250 tribes and people groups live in the country. The population is more than 25 million, and the country is not highly urbanized. You might wonder what the Cameroon language is. These tribes speak their language, but the population speaks 24 languages. Official languages are French and English. Around 20% of the population speaks English, and these people live close to Nigeria and Central Africa. Diversity in the population brings colourful traditions to the country. Each tribe has its way of celebrating, welcoming guests, and many other things. Spending time in Cameroon is an astonishing experience you would ever have.

10. Foreigners in Cameroon

transport Many imperialist powers came to the country, such as Portuguese, French, English, and Dutch explorers, with the hope of new natural resources. The most spoken Cameroon language is French, which is a principal language alongside English. Most local citizens work for English or French companies. You will see dissatisfaction with tea workers. Despite hardships, Cameroon produces one of the best tea kinds on Earth. "Lipton" and "Elephant" are the most known tea kinds growing in Cameroon. It is said that French companies import these tea types, and local Cameroon people earn nothing.

11. Embrace diversity in construction

northern part of the cameroon Can you imagine different ethnic groups living together and demonstrate their traditions by introducing unique ways of living? Cameroon is the only country in Africa that its citizens live in houses like a beehive. Do not ask what is the capital of Cameroon, because every city is the capital of one ethnicity. They live, eat, and cook in a way that is unique to them. For example, Musgum people build their conventional houses for a living. When someone from the Musgum tribe invites you to Cameroon, you might ask, "Is it safe to travel to Cameroon." You must know that it is not only safe, but another level of excitement to be a guest for Musgum people. Other tribes - Bamum people invented their writing system. Even in the 1900th years, this alphabet got into use in trade and other parts of life. Other tribes present face masks for daily life, which attract many tourists and inform them about the history of the country.

12. Cuisine

cameroon cuisine As I wrote before, Cameroon is a multicultural country. Many ethnicities live in the country, and each one of them has its cuisine and traditions. Most food includes meat, fish, and spices. Staple foods include rice, cassava, sweet potatoes, and maize. Sweet potatoes are used in meals and sweets. After French colonization, native Cameroon people gained new habits such as having breakfast with French bread. The English part of the country uses pan loaf. Kumba bread and dinner rolls are the main bread types. Some foods are unique to Cameroon, such as plantain, hot pepper, okra, and bitter leaf. In the middle of mouth-watering meals, you will lose track of time in Cameroon. If you visit Cameroon, do not return home before trying such meals as Mbanga Soup, Ndole, Achu Soup, Kondres, and Kati Kati. Some cities are especially famous for their foods and named as the food capital of Cameroon. On the shores of the ocean, people prefer seafood, especially fish. There are many types of fish and cricket in the country. The question "Is it safe to travel to Cameroon" is no longer valid after you taste Cameroon food.

13. Easy visa requirements for travel to Cameroon

buffer and passport The country welcomes many tourists each year. Let me explain the visa requirements for travel to Cameroon.
  1. Your passport must be valid beyond six months of your stay in Cameroon
  2. You need to fill the visa application
  3. Have two photos in the size of 2x2
  4. You need to arrange flights and hotels
  5. Vaccination against yellow fever.

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