11 reasons why you should travel to Djibouti right now

11 reasons why you should travel to Djibouti right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Djibouti right now
Djibouti visa, travel to Djibouti and find out what is Djibouti best known for. Djibouti is a tiny country in the Horn of Africa with a population of about 922300. Since much of the country has remained underdeveloped, it’s a wonderful place for eco-tourists looking forward to getting off the beaten track.

Is it safe to travel to Djibouti?

map Djibouti is a small country that has several unique features, unlike other places in the world. No wonder its touristic slogan is “Djibeauty”. If you want to know whether Djibouti is safe for you to travel to, I'd say, yes, it is. This small country is an ideal destination for outdoor lovers. The country offers numerous activities to engage in than you will have time for. Find out where is Djibouti and explore some of these unique tourist attractions in the country. Below are 11 reasons why you should travel to Djibouti.

1. Lake Assal

lake assal This is a volcanic crater lake nestled in the central-western part of Djibouti. Lake Assal marks the beginning of the Great Rift Valley that paves the way to the Danakil desert. Lake Assal is also known as the “Honey lake”, is found 71 miles from Djibouti city. A unique feature of this lake is that it is the lowest depression in Africa, 492ft below sea level. It’s the third deepest lake in the world, coming after the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. Lake Assal is, without a doubt, the best place you can visit in Djibouti today. Travel to Djibouti and witness the changing colours of Lake Assal with varying viewpoints, as well as experience the alluring lapping sound of the waters.

2. Lake Abbe

lake abbe Lake Abbe is another fantastic lake located in Djibouti. The lake is found amid the hellish and hot Afar depression. This amazing lake stretches to six miles; it’s covered by massive steam blasting limestone chimneys. The Sulphur vents give Lake Abbe an apocalyptic look. Tourists visiting this place get mesmerized by the high vents that stretch as high as 150ft. These vents make the lake easily visible from miles away. Find out where is Djibouti and catch this amazing experience at Lake Abbe.

3. The Hamoudi Mosque

hamoudi mosque The Hamoudi Mosque is one of the Iconic buildings in Djibouti, the next of the best places you would want to visit. Hamoudi mosque is among the ancient places of worship in Africa. The mosque was established in 1906. Its simple yet fascinating designs resembled the Abbasid style; the stone carvings, the green and white walls, the yellow arched windows, as well as the massive wooden doors at the entrance—such a lovely place to visit. Despite being located on a busy road, the mosque still functions as an active sanctuary with a capacity of 1000 worshipers. Find out what is Djibouti best known for? And explore some of these amazing places.

4. Moucha Island

moucha islands Moucha Island is among the many reasons why tourists travel to Djibouti every year. Located several miles from the shore of Djibouti, this magical stretch of Islands is engulfed by stunning coral reeds. Those who have a major interest in snorkelling, diving, and fishing will find all of these activities here as well. This could be your favourite place to visit with family and friends. A place you can take your lover for a romantic picnic away from work, to relax, and have fun together. At Moucha Island, you can catch the snorkelling experience right from the Gulf of Tadjoura once you arrive in Djibouti. The Moucha beaches are a famous entry point for day trips comprising of water-based activities, as well as aquatic sports. This is a starting point for the exemplary coral reef of the Red Sea. Enjoy having lunch along with a soft drink of your choice at the beautiful Lagon Bleu restaurant found in Moucha Island.

5. Djibouti Palace Kempinski

Rise in the morning like a Sultan in one of the best hotels in the Horn of Africa. The Djibouti Palace Kempinski is where elegance meets oriental luxury, a destination that is full of wonders. The place allows you to enjoy the parabolic view of the wonderful Gulf of Tadjourah. Whether you travel for pleasure or business, this is a place where not only memories are made but also a fine place to rekindle your love story with your partner. The Kempinski white gloves services have been founded here to assist in formulating a safe and healthy environment for tourists who visit this place at all times. Explore where is Djibouti and understand what is Djibouti best known for? A place that you would love to come to again and again just to have fun with people you cherish in life.

6. The Danakil Depression

One of the amazing facts about this place is that it’s the hottest place on Earth, yet despite this, people survive here. When you visit this place, a wavering mirage confuses the eye as the scorching sun cracks the earth. The dust and dry air suck moisture from your eyes and mouth. The Danakil Depression in Djibouti is the lowest, driest, as well as, hottest place on the Earth. The cool thing about this place is that nowhere on Earth one can experience such a hot climate. However, arriving here, you’ll be amused by how life has found its way here. This place is located in the Afar region, Northeast Ethiopia, as well as at the borders with Eretria. The Afar people call this place their home. The place receives only 200mm of rainfall annually, it’s 125m above sea level, and it’s among the lowest places in the Universe. These combined factors make this place unique, one of the inhospitable environments you can visit globally.

7. Khor Ambado Beach

khor ambado beach Khor Ambado Beach in Djibouti answers the question of what is Djibouti best known for? This outstanding beach 15km from Djibouti town is a safe place to visit for anyone who would want to know, is it safe to travel to Djibouti? Djibouti is one of the safest destinations in Africa. Here you will have a chance to discover incredible dark, as well as swimming magma precipices that are all over the shoreline. There are plenty of water sports to engage in here, as well as an extraordinary neighbourhood. On sunsets, the view here is wonderful, as well as, during the night, there is a portion of the best from Djibouti.

8. The Tropical Aquarium in Djibouti

tropical aquarium The Tropical Aquarium is among the finest place to visit in the land of Djibouti. The Djibouti aquarium is situated in an ancient piece of land in Djibouti City. This place, if featured as one of the best and greatest mainlands in Africa since, despite not wanting to get wet, tourists here are always inspired by the occupants here. Amazing things about this place are that the Aquarium is designed in a way that visitors can get the impression that they are in the midst of the splendidly reestablished, as well as stimulated marine biological communities.

9. Day Forest National Park

hut The Day Forest National Park in Djibouti is one of the popular parks in Djibouti. The place offers a serene environment to view unique animals, and there is a massive desert garden engulfed by energetic shades of the huge trees present here. The Day Forest National Park has located about 20km from the Gulf of Tadjoura. Nature fanatics will fall in love with the place. Being one of the two most secured forests in Djibouti, the place is surrounded by forsaking. In case you are lucky, you might encounter the Djibouti or Toha sunbird that both at some point have been spotted in timberland. This place is, without doubt, home to the most critical biological community, that is, the 900 ha remnants of East Africa Juniper, and the biggest timberland that covers nearly 1000 meters.

10. The Underwater World

djibouti underwater world With some of the best snorkelling, as well as diving globally, the Djibouti clear waters are a magnet for those having a vast interest in marine life. The variety and richness here are breathtaking. Enthralling caves, sparkling coral walls, and numerous coloured fish awaits you to go down the reef. In deeper water, you might be lucky to spot sharks, lurk manta rays, the whale shark (world’s biggest fish), as well as, turtles. People here put on wetsuits rarely due to the warm water here—one of the best places worldwide to encounter marine life.

11. The Sunset Spirit of Djibouti

sunset Over the years, Djibouti has developed a sophisticated shine. However, Djibouti’s people’s heart still dances to the native African drums beats. Travel to Djibouti, and visit the beach at dusk and capture the cast of free spirits as they celebrate the sunset drumming in circles, hypnotic fire twirling, along with interpretive dances. An experience you will only find in Djibouti, the Horn of Africa. The upbeat energy here is highly infectious, and the vibe is inclusive. Find out more about this great place, and you will experience everything what is Djibouti best known for.

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