16 reasons why you should travel to Estonia right now

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16 reasons why you should travel to Estonia right now
Estonia is a country of the former socialist camp, which gained its independence twenty-three years ago. During this time, it has travelled a path that other country can only enviously dream about. Estonia is called the country of the future for many reasons. Here are the main arguments that will allow, even with a cursory acquaintance with the country, to assess its citizens' standard of living. Programming is taught to Estonian schoolchildren from primary school. Since 2002, Estonians have received electronic passports. The voting procedure is also set up via the Internet. Estonia has introduced the institute of electronic citizenship for all migrants. Public transport in Estonia is free. It was done to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and become an excellent way to combat traffic jams.

Where is Estonia?

estonia This small country is located in the north of Europe, on the Baltic Sea coast. Estonia has two land neighbours - Russia and Latvia. The longest highway in Estonia is 400 kilometres. Estonia also owns 1,521 islands, where less than 5% of the total Estonia population lives. Estonia is attractive for a variety of Estonia attractions for tourists. There is a stunning architecture of old cities and wildlife untouched by man. The main wealth of Estonia is the people. The population of the whole country is only one and a half million people. There are the most friendly people who will always help and support. The language barrier will not be obvious for the Russian population since most of the population speaks Russian in large cities. According to the survey, 30% of the Estonia people speaks Russian, 67% speak Estonian, and the remaining 3% are divided among more than a hundred other languages. The most comfortable place for a Russian person who does not speak other languages will be in the country's north-east. The most important legend in Russia - Estonians are slow. There are thousands of jokes and anecdotes on this topic, but is it so, and where did this myth come from. First of all, the Russian, known for his language palette and expression, is confused by the Estonian language's regularity and the abundance of doubled vowels and consonants in words. Even the capital of Estonia – Tallinn, is correctly spelt with a double "l" and "n". Another reason is the national character trait, Estonians are calm, strict, and public expression of feelings, even within the family, is rarely found. Tourists need to know that Estonia is a member of the Schengen countries. Therefore, to visit this country, you need to apply for a visa to Estonia or Schengen. If there is one, then you will not need additional documents. Citizens of the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can visit Estonia without a visa.

1. Tallinn city

tallin What to see in Estonia? It is best to travel around the country by rental car, arriving first in the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. With this city, we will begin our description of the sights. The first one that deserves your attention is old Tallinn, which is included in the UNESCO List. You will see a chain of medieval streets with a square in the centre, surrounded by a stone wall. Toompea is a newer part of the old town. The buildings here belong to the 17th-18th century, but the lower part belongs to the 14th-15th century in the lower town. Walking in these locations will bring not only visual pleasure but also an educational function.

2. Lahemaa Park

lahemaa park If the tourist is not interested in ancient human buildings but nature with a multi-million-year history, it is worth visiting Lahemaa Park. This national park is suitable for hiking. Thanks to the efforts of the Estonian authorities, nature is preserved in its original form. During the walk, you will enjoy stunning views of the natural objects of the park. Nature has not changed significantly since the Ice Age. The meeting will also take place with numerous inhabitants of the animal world.

3. Saaremaa Island

saaremaa island If we are talking about natural Estonia attractions, it is impossible not to mention the island of Saaremaa. In the past, this island was a military facility. Now it is a tourist destination with unspoilt, picturesque nature. The island is part of the West Estonian archipelago. Kuressaare Castle is also located on the island. These walls were owned at different times by both the Danes and the Russians. Today, there is a museum, a blacksmith shop and several workshops on the territory. The fortress is also worth a visit to the Bishop's Castle. It is a 13th-century structure. It is now converted into a sanatorium, where you can perfectly improve your health, thanks to the incredible Baltic air and, of course, an abundance of wellness treatments.

4. Narva City

narva city Moving around the country, we will get to the city of Narva. This city repeatedly appears in many historical documents. It was captured by both Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, and during the Second World War, it was almost destroyed. However, the efforts of the local authorities have begun work on the reconstruction of the ancient fortress. A must-visit is Herman's castle, a tour of which will not leave indifferent even those who do not like history.

5. Puhajogi river

river In Estonia, there is a river with a difficult-to-pronounce name Puhajogi. In the valley of this river is the small town of Toila. Here is the next natural gem – Toila-Oru Park. The centre of the park was the Merchant Eliseev Palace, designed and planned by Georg Kuphalt, a famous Riga architect in the 19th and 20th centuries. The park area is more than 80 hectares, where there are steep banks with a height of more than 50 meters, a stormy river, and ancient forests. The park was destroyed during the war of 1939-1945, and since 1996 it has been restored, the work is almost finished today. The park impresses with the beauty of its nature and the brilliance of human-made architectural forms.

6. Piusa Caves

piusa cave The next human-made attraction in Estonia will be the Piusa Caves. These are incredible sandstone galleries, their length is tens of kilometres, and the area is more than 46 hectares. These caves' territory was recognized as a protected area, as the largest colony of bats inhabits them. The entire ceiling of the gallery is covered with these animals. Therefore, during the excursions, you can not make noise or make loud noises, especially from September to April, when bats winter in these Piusa caves. Besides, you can not approach the mice closer than a meter, as these animals can transmit various diseases to humans.

7. Soomaa National Park

national park Soomaa National Park demonstrates Estonia as a country of swamps and water meadows. It is a young park that began its work in 1993. Scientists were able to prove that this area is unique and requires conservation. The best transport to explore will be a canoe. Here you can meet a huge number of animals, birds and plants. Due to the special location of the rocks in this area, floods constantly occur, but the local Estonia population could adapt to them.

8. Rakvere Castle

rakvere castle Another medieval attraction is Rakvere Castle in Rakvere. This Estonian castle is unique in that it has been completely converted into an entertainment park. A tourist who comes here can feel like a medieval knight and try his hand at archery, javelin throwing and other medieval challenges. The first documentary mention of this structure dates back to the 13th century. Tourists can explore the castle not only from the outside but also wander through its endless galleries. There is a torture chamber with real tools that you can experience for yourself in the basement of the castle if you want.

9. Jagala waterfall

jagala waterfall Jagala Waterfall is another natural attraction that is available for tourists to visit. The size of the waterfall is average: width-50 meters, height-8 meters. The waterfall formed a river valley 300 meters long and more than 14 meters deep.

10. Kopu Lighthouse

kopu lighthouse Hiiumaa Island is home to one of the oldest lighthouses. The Kopu Lighthouse is made of huge stones, the walls are 3 meters thick. For more than five centuries, the lighthouse has not stopped its work. Every night the lighthouse keeper lights a lantern on the tower. The lantern was both wood and oil, now it is electric. The lighthouse complex, which includes the lighthouse keeper's quarters, a bathhouse, and an engine room, is included in Estonia's heritage sites.

11. Taagepera Castle

castle The centre for romance and privacy lovers will be Taagepera Castle, which is located 250 km from the capital of Estonia. The castle has changed hands many times, and its purpose is now in private hands and converted into a hotel. A stunning park surrounds the castle. Guests can enjoy various types of entertainment, including hunting or sports.

12. Vilsandi Park

vilsandi park A group of islands in the north-west of Estonia forms the Vilsandi Park, named after the main island in this range. People inhabit Vilsandi Island. This park is also called "Bird Park", as it is home to more than 250 species of birds. As for the flora, even here, the reserve has distinguished itself with a variety of more than six hundred plant species. For tourists, there are special routes with visits to viewing platforms.

13. Pyukhtitsky Monastery

estonia The most important Orthodox attraction can rightfully be considered the Pyukhtitsky Monastery. He is associated with such names of ascetics as Patriarch Alexy the Third, Saint John of Kronstadt. The legends of this monastery are incredibly diverse. The main of them are the stories of healing that occurred as a result of interaction with the icon. Since the end of the 19th century, since the monastery's foundation after the appearance of the Virgin on this mountain, the monastery has not closed its doors and has not stopped worship.

14. Matsalu national park

matsalu national park Another park for ornithologists can rightfully be considered Matsalu national park and located in the west of Estonia, covering almost 500 hectares. The park is mostly wooded, with water meadows and rivers. Hiking and boat trips are organized in the park. You can observe the beauty of flora and fauna from specially equipped towers located throughout the park. In the centre of the park, there is a hotel and a museum located in it.

15. Valaste Waterfall

valaste waterfall The list of natural Estonia attractions would not be complete without the highest waterfall in Estonia – Valaste. Its height is more than thirty meters. In the spring, when the snow melts, it turns orange, so it got the name Red Tail from the locals. There is an observation deck on the opposite side of the waterfall. In winter, the waterfall freezes and looks even more impressive and fabulous.

16. Observation Tower on Suur Munamagi

suur munamagi Observation Tower on Suur Munamagi completes our top attractions in Estonia. The tower is located in the village of Haanya. The building is situated on a mountain with a height of 320 meters, and the height of the tower is 29 meters. The view from the tower opens to 50 kilometres. The views are striking in their beauty. Estonia is a great country for "fast" tourism. All the attractions in Estonia are located close to each other, and the developed infrastructure will allow you to travel in comfort. Estonia is suitable for many novice tourists who are afraid of the language barrier or fear flying. Since Estonia is a member of the European Union, the calculation is carried out in euros, and prices are lower than other European countries by 2-3 times, although this country is not cheap. The average bill in a cafe for two will be about 60 euros. However, the level of cuisine and service will please you and will not make you regret the money spent. Friendly Estonia people will leave only pleasant impressions of the trip. Estonia is a country that has shown the possibility of rapid development and the "right path". Many people choose Estonia as a place to move for permanent residence. Careful attitude to history, nature and people made the country attractive in all respects.

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