11 reasons why you should travel to Ghana right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Ghana right now
where is Ghana. Ghana is located in West Africa. It is a fast-growing country with different people from different countries. The fast-growing economy of the country is one of the reasons people travel to Ghana. You can travel to Accra now, which is the capital city of the country if you want to maximize this. The time in Ghana may not be the same as yours, so you should identify the best time to travel to Ghana. This country is the right gateway to Africa. If there is anything you should know, it is the Akwaaba (welcome) you will receive from the locals.

Why Travel to Ghana Now?

There are many reasons why you should make Ghana the next destination on your travelling list. Some of the reasons why you should travel to Ghana right now include:

1. Independence Pioneers

In the year 1957, Ghana got its independence. Ghana was the first nation in Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve freedom. This took place under Kwame Nkrumah, who was the first president and pan-Africanist. You should travel to Accra now if you want to see what has happened since then to date. It was after the independence of Ghana that other African countries followed suit. Other African countries got inspiration and guidance from Ghana on the steps to take in bringing nations of different landscapes and tribes together. If you want to learn how this was achieved, travel to Ghana now. You should write the National Museum of Ghana in Accra down as one of the places to go to. There are lots of historic journey celebrations pictures to see. You should also be part of the myriad of celebration which happens each year. This takes place in March. Also, join the yearly Asa Baako festival. You will enjoy this one a lot as it is celebrated on the stunning beaches of Busua, the Western part of the country. However, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, now is not the best time to travel to Ghana.

2. Wildlife

You should travel to Ghana if you love wildlife. There are lots of domestic animals that are pleasing to the eyes. Some of these animals include pygmy goats, chicken, and cows driven by traders. These traders are mostly from Mali. You will also see colourful birds and parrots. There are cheeky baboons that line along the quiet road of the Shai Hills Production Reserve. You will also see herds of elephant at the Mole National Region.

3. Forts and Castles

If you are looking for a place to see many historic forts and castle in Africa, then you should travel to Ghana. The country has more of these historical forts than other countries in Africa. This is the time in Ghana, where many are reflecting on the history of slavery and colonization. The structures you will see in Ghana are incredible in terms of geography and architecture. These structures stretch throughout the coastline. Is it safe to travel to Ghana to see these structures? Yes, travelling to Ghana is safe.

4. Rivers and Lakes

You should travel to Ghana now to see the beautiful lakes and rivers in the country. The largest artificial (man-made) lake in the world known as the Volta’s river stretches from the Akosombo Dam by South to the northernmost region of Ghana. It also crosses into the neighbouring country, Burkina Faso. Through the way, the river continued its tributaries all through the country and provided beautiful islands and landscapes along the way. Lake Bosumtwe in Kumasi is a natural lake that is 5-mile wide. You will see rivers Pra, Ankroba, Densu Rivers, and more on the plains of Accra.

5. Volta Region

The Eastern part of the country has many mountains which are beauties to behold. It is a place you should go to get a fresh breath of air. There is always a concern when the subject of the mountain is discussed. Is it safe to travel to Ghana to see these mountains is a possible question in your mind. You have nothing to worry about as it is safe. The people of Ewe have a stronghold that moves across the country’s border. It also stretches into Togo. It consists of the best vistas from the mountain top, and with a guide, you can climb it. With this assistance in place, the question “is it safe to travel to Ghana to see these mountains?” is answered. However, it not easy to trek, but you will receive a reward when you finish. The reward is to visit the high-vantage waterfalls that are secluded. This is the best place to have a great and stunning view of the country and Togo. You will also see ancient forests with fresh fruit from these waterfalls. Make sure to look for attracting lower Wli Falls. It’s a glorious site where bats are swirled in the temperate forests.

6. Music

You should travel to Ghana now if you want to experience the energetic music scene. There are many artists who sing different genres of music such as Afrobeat, hi-life, hiplife and others. You will see lots of live venues to visit when you travel to Ghana. This is one of the reasons lots of visitors come to Ghana. The country is known as lovers of music.

7. Cultural Festivals

Ghana is a country that has many and various tribes such as Ewe, Ga, and Akan. The country also has many cultural festivals that take place every year. You are certain of seeing olden days of rituals being performed. The people of Ga have a festival that is known as  Homowo festival. This festival is held as a memory of a severe famine. It starts with a stereo music ban. The end of the festival is followed after people dress in white as they move to the ocean in appreciation. In the northern part of the country, Techiman, another cultural festival called Apoo Festival is held. At this festival, male dress as women and women dress as males. It is celebrated to remove social evils from people. Tourists travel to Ghana to witness this festival.

8. Cape Three Points

Located on Ghana’s southern tip and arguably one of the country’s This is situated on the southern tip of Ghana. They are peaceful and alluring beaches. If you are looking for a place that is peaceful with a serenity atmosphere, travel to Ghana and visit here. This resort gives people a desert island environment and foods that are locally sourced. It is located in a village that contains a historical lighthouse, drawing surfers from different countries to Ghana.

9. Craftsmen and Artisans

Different beautiful Ankara fabrics are manufactured into different styles using the Kumasi’s Bonwire kente weavers. The fabric has lots of roles to play in the lives of Ghanaians. Fabric in the country turns a normal streetscape to a multi-coloured panoply. There is delight derived from the straw weavers gotten from Bolgatanga with their sun hats, striped, and traditional baskets. Djembe drums of different sizes are crafted by wood makers in art or traditional centre. There are other instruments that are made from calabash gourds. Also, the makers of different coffins at Nungua inspire with their unique caskets. The uniqueness of the casket made former American President Jimmy Carter buy two for himself. You can travel to Ghana to see fantasy coffins or get one or to learn how to craft one.

10. Business Opportunity and Cafe

You will see many young and rich entrepreneurs in Ghana. Coming here now will motivate you to start up something for yourself. When you see young entrepreneurs and kids starting up life for themselves with a laptop, you will take your future with your hands. You can earn a lot by starting up a cafe business. You will see different fresh and sweet juices at Cafe Kwae. This Cafe is found in Airport city. If you are a lover of tea, Ghana should be your next destination. You will not get disappointed.

11. Hiking

Ghana is known for having different hiking for the experienced, newbies, and lovers. The majority of walking and hiking tours are done in the National Parks. They are personalized to include wildlife, culture, biking, hiking, history, and birding. With the Volta Region that is discussed above, you will have the privilege of experiencing waterfall hiking. This hiking involves the combination of swimming and steep hiking in lagoons. This hiking attracts both locals and foreigners. You should travel to Ghana for your next resting vacation. It is an opportunity to relax and connect to nature.

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