11 reasons why you should travel to Greenland right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Greenland right now

Greenland is an icy island, a wonderful corner of the planet that will conquer your heart with fabulous landscapes and massive glaciers. Greenland on the map may seem like only a big lifeless glacier island, but in fact, there are many exciting places that every traveller should visit.

Where is Greenland? The island is located to the north-east of the North American mainland. The capital of the island is Nuuk (Github). Often tourists are interested in what country Greenland belongs. Therefore, it is worth clarifying that the island belongs to Europe and together with the neighbouring small islands belongs to the state of Denmark. The Atlantic and Arctic Oceans wash the island.

If you have not thought about visiting Greenland before, be sure to read this article. Most likely, you will have a desire to go to the island rather than to travel quickly. The nature of Greenland will amaze you with its landscapes, and the local cuisine, severe weather, and, of course, the whales will make you fall in love with this extraordinary and fabulous island. You can talk a lot about the beauty of Greenland Island, but it is best to see it with your own eyes.

1. Fabulous northern lights

greenland during the northern lights

Greenland's nature amazes with landscapes and unusual phenomena, one of which is the northern lights. It is on this island that you can feel the beauty of one of nature's wonders. Greenland is located beyond the Arctic Circle, which is why the phenomenon called Aurora Borealis can be observed from anywhere on the island. Looking at the glow, you will see celestial emeralds against a dark sky. This fascinating picture is described in many works of art, but you can see it with your own eyes and take many unique and beautiful photos for your collection. If you are visiting Greenland to admire the northern lights, go to the island in September. It is during this month that the fabulous view of the Northern Lights is displayed above the island in full beauty. 

There are even special excursions, during which tourists are taken to particular places where the glow is most beautifully displayed. Around midnight, on the plains away from the city, the landscapes of Aurora Borealis are the brightest and most beautiful. Such a tour must be visited if you are travelling in Greenland.

2. Swimming in hot springs

swimming in hot springs

Greenland is an island of contrasts. Among icy wings, you can swim in thermal springs with hot water. This is an unforgettable experience. Just imagine, among the cold desert of snow and ice, you swim in natural hot baths. This unique natural wonder is located on the island of Uunatork in western Greenland. The water in the springs is about 34-38 degrees Celsius. This contrast will please everyone, for this reason, be sure to travel to Greenland as soon as possible.

Although Greenland weather is freezing, such springs warm up and make the trip even more enjoyable.

3. Greenland ice

greenland ice

Everything we know about the Ice Age in Greenland can be seen with our own eyes. Greenland on the map is an icy island; in fact, there is a lot of ice here, the age of which is estimated more than 110 thousand years. This is the past of planet Earth, which you can get acquainted with so closely on the territory of the fantastic and mysterious island. The nature of Greenland is endless ice, which, according to calculations, can easily cover 14 regions of England.

All ice on the island is called Greenland Ice Shield, and it is the second largest after the Antarctic. Such a massive size of the glacier is challenging to imagine, so it is better to see it with your own eyes travelling around the island.

The weather in Greenland is cold, but on different parts of the island is different. In the central region, the air temperature never rises above 0 ° C. In summer it is -12 ° C, and in winter it reaches -60 ° C. Therefore, if you are going to travel and admire the glaciers, you should dress warmer.

Greenland's ice is one of the wonders of nature, which, despite such severe frosts, everyone should see.

4. Glacier in Ilulissat-Isfjord

ilulissat isfjord

Continuing the theme of the glaciers of Greenland in a separate paragraph, we will highlight the glacier in Ilulissat-Isfjord. This is the most popular site among tourists, and it is here that the glacier from the UNESCO World Heritage List is located.

The way to the glacier can be both by air and by land. This is an amazingly beautiful place where icebergs are born. Be sure to come to the Jakobshavn glacier to feel the power of nature and admire the ice sculptures, which are here at every turn.

Greenland is also called the icy desert: glaciers, snow and dry frosty air. Not every tourist will like this weather on the island, but all these disadvantages are compensated by the stunning views and wonders of nature that you will meet at every step.

Travel to Greenland right now, and it is a unique island, where you will see a lot of exciting things, and it's not just glaciers.

5. Getting to know the whales

humpback whale dive

The bowhead whale is a marine mammal, which is about 18 meters long and weighs up to 100 tons as an adult. It is the layer of fat that protects the whales from cold seawater and is a food reserve for the winter period.

It is also worth going to the island of Greenland to see these Greenland animals.

According to some recent calculations, the number of whales is no more than 3 thousand; the animals are listed in the Red Book.

To get acquainted with the whales, you can sign up for unforgettable excursions to the sea. You will be surprised by the beauty and power of these animals. This is one of the main reasons why you should travel to Greenland. Whales, which swim off the coast, are an integral part of nature in Greenland.

In the past, the whales lived in almost all the waters of the northern hemisphere of the planet; they even made it difficult to move ships in the coastal areas. But today, the polar waters are the last place where they can live. No one can predict with certainty how the fate of these beautiful animals will develop further, and as long as they inhabit the seas near Greenland, each of us have to see them.

6. Unusual Greenland cuisine

dead fish

One of the reasons to travel is to get to know the cuisines of the world. Greenland cuisine is not an exception. For many, the traditional dishes of locals can cause shock, because the products are not heat-treated. If it doesn't scare you, then it is in Greenland that you can taste fresh mammal meat from the sea. New, that is what a couple of minutes ago was removed from the animal (walrus or seal).

Not all travellers will be seduced by this food, but for connoisseurs of fresh meat is a fundamental reason for organizing a trip to the island. Such food did not just appear in the Greenlanders; it was with its help that the natives defended themselves from avitaminosis.

National Greenland dishes can be ordered at any restaurant in Greenland. If you are for extreme metal, it is likely that such dishes you will like.

7. Dog sledging

dog sledging

Icebergs and eternal ice is not the only association that you will have when mentioning Greenland. It is on the island that you can get acquainted with the natives - real sled dogs or Greenland Huskies. They are quite different from those Huskies that we are used to seeing in our area. The ancestors of these healthy animals are real polar wolves. Today, these animals live near people and perform an essential function. They are used for dog sledding, which is not only popular with tourists but is also an indispensable mode of transportation for residents.

With this transport, dog sledding, you can quickly get to remote places on the island, for example, where the fish are caught. This is an excellent alternative to any other land transport, while the cost of such trips is cheap.

If you travel to Greenland, be sure to try dog sledding trips. These powerful and beautiful animals will not leave you indifferent. Not only you can quickly get to your destination, but also make friends with the heirs of wolves, who have lived on the island for more than 4 thousand years.

This is one of the main reasons to travel to Greenland. The reason why you will fall in love with this beautiful place, despite the cold and snow, your mood and impression of the trip will be warmed by the beauty and uniqueness of nature in Greenland.

8. National Museum of Greenland

museum house

Copyright: @arcticrhythm2018

When viewing Greenland on the map, namely the list of its attractions, be sure to pay attention to the National Museum. It is located in the old part of the capital of Greenland. There are many interesting exhibits in the museum, such as a mummy from around the 14th-15th century, geological displays, types of dog sledging, national costumes, and everything associated with the long and modern history of Greenland. There is also an archive with documents and relics of national importance. For tourists who like to visit museums, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of the island and spend time in the capital of Greenland.

9. Lake Motzenfeld

lake motzenfeld

As soon as you reach the island of Greenland, you will see not only the harsh cold edge but also snow-white glaciers in crystal waters. One of the most beautiful corners of the fabulous island is Motzenfeld Lake. If you manage to get to the lake, you are already lucky, because the road to it is not easy. The way to the lake is through the Kaurorssuak valley, the lake itself is fed with water from melting glaciers.

The scenery here is stunning, peaks surround the lake over 1500 meters high, and on the way to the valley flows the river Corp Kufa. Despite all the complicated names, it is a very picturesque area and untouched nature. In this area you can walk for a long time, the main thing is to dress warmly because the frosty weather of Greenland shows itself here in all its beauty. Fans of icy and picturesque walks will undoubtedly like it here.

10. Excursion to Santa Claus

santa claus

For all who still believe in miracles, an unforgettable excursion to the house of Santa Claus will be. It is especially magical during the Christmas and New Year holidays when the atmosphere is festive. According to the Danes, it is on the Arctic Circle that Santa's main office is located.

Do you want to get a lot of complimentary, cool photos, and bright souvenirs? Then go to the kingdom of Santa Claus and his assistant's Elves. You will remember this fascinating excursion for life, and if you have children, they will be delighted. The post office of Santa is located in the capital of Greenland Nuuk. So don't forget to write a letter to Santa and your wishes will come true after visiting this fabulous place.

11. The historical city of Sisimiut


This city is trendy among tourists from all over the world; first of all, it deserves its popularity thanks to fishing. If you are a fan of fishing, you can come here at any time of year and fish on the shore of the beautiful harbor. What is interesting is that even in the strongest frosts, the water in the port does not freeze.

In the city of Sishimiut also come for the extreme. Among the attractions is popular jumping from a helicopter and descents from the ice slopes. Sashimi will be remembered for the arch of the whale's jaw, Chinese restaurant, colorful houses, and fish oil if you decide to try it. It is not only a historic city on Greenland Island but also a lovely and unique area that you will want to return to.

If you are brave and curious, then Greenland is the island for your unforgettable journey. There is something to see and where you can take many fascinating photos to remember. Greenland weather will not let you relax, but the unusually beautiful nature of the island makes up for all the shortcomings.

Which country does Greenland belong to? As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the island belongs to Denmark so you can get to the exciting excursions from this country by air transport. Once you are here, Greenland on the map will be viewed quite differently. It is, in fact, a great area with a deep history and sights that are nowhere else on our planet.

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