12 Instagrammable places in Greenland

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12 Instagrammable places in Greenland

If you do not know the country of Kalaallit-Nunaat, then you have definitely heard its official name – Greenland – a mysterious, wonderful, and sometimes inexplicable place of our planet Earth, washed by two oceans at once. Greenland is a country that is characterized by magnificent green forests, snow-capped peaks, steep cliffs near the coast, fabulous blue bays with icebergs, and other unique and wonderful sights. At the same time, it is a country where you will find opportunities for ice – clambering, skiing, snowboarding, and eco-tourism.

In an amazing country, you will also find beautiful small villages with colorful houses, as well as an old mountain panorama with unlimited snow and ice. In a word, this is a country where snow is everywhere and everywhere. Although today the entire island is covered with ice, in 982 the land was completely green.

The picturesque island of Greenland, which is the largest in the world, can rightly be considered the birthplace of snow and all that is associated with it. It is here that there is a considerable number of ice dwellings – igloo, glaciers-huge, wonderful snowy landscapes, and a unique phenomenon-the Northern Lights. The island of Greenland, where Greenland is located – is one of those places in the world that is almost untouched by humans.

Greenland on the map is located in the north-eastern part of North America, namely Greenland on the map is located between the continents of North America and Eurasia. Greenland is bordered on the world map by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Labrador Sea to the south, and the Baffin Sea to the west. Denmark, who owns Greenland, is also in the neighborhood. Denmark, who owns Greenland, of course, does not compare in size with Greenland.

nothern lights

In addition to all the magnificent places and panoramas on the island, it is worth coming to watch the Northern Lights – a wonderful natural phenomenon caused by the collision of magnetically charged particles. The result of this collision is a picture with blue, green, bluish, reddish, white and many other shades.

A rather paradoxical situation is that one of the island's attractions are thermal springs, the temperature of which in some places can reach +380 degrees. The townspeople call the thermal springs with immaculately clean water a medieval SPA.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of megacities and ultra-modern cities with skyscrapers, then the island of Greenland, where is Greenland located, is perfect for you. Be sure to take the most liked Instagram photos against the backdrop of beautiful sights. And to make it easier for you to choose where to take a photo in Greenland, we have collected for you Instagrammable places in Greenland.

1. The unique capital of Greenland

sisimiut museum

The city occupies the first place in the list of "Instagrammable places in Greenland". The original name of the city was Gotham, which translated means "good hope." Nuuk will simply amaze you with its sights, although compared to other capitals in terms of their number, it is far behind. The city is the smallest capital of the world, but at the same time the largest city of the island of Greenland, where is Greenland located. Nuuk is full of Instagrammable streets with traditional buildings, villas, and other residential properties.

In the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, we recommend you to walk through the old districts of Kolonihaven, where you can find such attractions as the Hans Egede House, the Arctic Park, the University building Ilisimatusarfijk, the Bredtet meat market, the kayaking club, the memorial sculpture in memory of Queen Margrethe, each of which is special and interesting to visit. Also, be sure to visit the Katuaq Cultural Center, which has an unusual shape and organizes various exhibitions and concerts; an Art Gallery rich in works by national artists; sculpture of the Mother of the Sea, which is associated with many legends and beliefs. If you have a desire to see paintings by local artists, head to the Museum of Fine Arts. If you are interested in painting, visit the home of the Greenlandic artist Nils Linges.

One of the most important attractions in the capital is the National Museum of Greenland, built in the early XVIII century and which houses various valuable exhibits that carry about five thousand years of history of Greenland. Therefore, this Museum will be the most interesting for tourists at any age. You will see a mummy found on the territory, folk clothes, ancient boats, details of dog harnesses, ancient tools, and geological artifacts in the exhibition halls.

Due to the fact that the sea surrounds the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, here you will enjoy stunning and breathtaking views. In order for tourists and other visitors to easily enjoy the Instagrammable panoramas, there were equipped viewing platforms, which are available in various angles. For example, the most popular Vail Watching Spot offers views of the coastline and whales playing in the sea.

There are also places for active recreation near Nuuk. One of these places is located in the east of the parking lot of the yacht club. A nearby international airport, a ski base Aroroy where there are Hiking trails of varying difficulty.

Another interesting, popular, and at the same time fabulous attraction of the capital, located on the shore of the Baffin Sea, is the House of Santa Claus, which has an office and a post office, where all letters with wishes from children (and sometimes adults) from all over the world come.

In short, the capital of Greenland, Nuuk is a town where a large number of places where you can take most liked Instagram photos are accumulated.

2. The city of Ilulissat

village of Ilulissat

On the western shore of the island is the city of Ilulissat, whose name means "icebergs". This name was given to it due to the fact that it is surrounded by a large number of huge blocks of snow. Tourists come here to enjoy the unique beauty of unspoilt nature and see icebergs at an extremely close distance.

The town's main attraction is the Ilulissat Fjord, which is a natural wonder and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Other places that any tourist needs to visit here are the Kunde Rasmussen Museum, the Museum of Cold, the Ilulissat Art Museum, the World of Greenland tourist center, where you can get information about the history of the island, the Greenland people who inhabit it, buy original souvenirs, and enjoy the works of national artists.

3. City Tasilaq

beautiful day in tasilaq

The eastern shore of the island is notable for one of the largest cities in Greenland. The city is decorated with bright and colorful houses, which are located on the coastal rocks, and the coast itself is simply dotted with white icebergs of unusual shapes. Also here you can enjoy fishing. Tasilaq – the most populous item in the region and is its administrative center. A distinctive feature of the town is a nature reserve, which is the largest on the planet. At the same time, Tasilaq is the most isolated settlement in the world.

4. The Village Of Narsaq

narsaq village

A village is a place that occupies not the last place in the list of "Instagrammable places in Greenland". This place leaves an indelible mark on travelers with its bright green landscapes and crystal clear blue water. The open sea will open before you a rather large number of icebergs and blocks of ice that float here. When visiting the village, you will encounter an unsurpassed picture of wonderland. The clean mountain air will cheer you up and leave you in a good mood.

5. Ice Canyon

winter wild river

Having visited Greenland, among other things, you will also get the opportunity to see a real natural canyon. But this canyon is not simple, but icy. Extreme tourists are sure to visit it, and the canyon, in turn, simply fascinates them with its luxury and beauty, which is combined with eternal tranquillity and harmony.

The canyon is so unique and beautiful that you will definitely want to take some most liked Instagram photos.

6. Fjords

iceberg floating

Harsh mountain ranges, called fjords here, will be very attractive for tourists. Fjords were created thanks to the work of glaciers and mountains and are considered a unique natural resource. Here you will enjoy the fresh mountain air, magnificent flowers during flowering and unique mountain ranges.

The largest and longest fjord on the planet, named after its discoverer, is the Skorsbisand Fjord, which is 250 kilometers long and almost 1,450 meters deep. The fjord is rich in a large number of varieties of flora and fauna. The main decorations are hills that rise above the water, and icebergs that create a brilliant Arctic panorama.

7. Disco Bay

disko bay

The bay, which is the largest bay on the west coast of the island, also has a magnificent view. Its banks are decorated with steep slopes, and there is a lot of ice inside. If you take a boat trip here, you will definitely see this part of Greenland's ancient natural beauty. The bay is especially Instagrammable at sunset when the blue and white colors are painted with an amazing golden heat.

8. Turquoise lake

clear lake

One of the most amazing places in Greenland is Turquoise Lake, surrounded by mountain slopes. It was formed as a result of the melting of several glaciers. The unusual color of the lake is also due to the color of the water in the glaciers. The lake's waters and the mountains create a wonderful border between the turquoise water and the turquoise sky. Because of this Instagrammable panorama, this lake is considered the most magnificent and unusual lake in the world.

9. Ice cover

ice covering the sea

An incredible adventure for visitors is a walk on the water to the Greenland Ice Sheet. On your way here, be sure to bring your camera with you to capture this fabulous panorama.

10. Eki Glacier

western coast of greenland

One of the attractions of the island is the glaciers. It is here that every year more and more new glaciers appear and no two glaciers are the same. What is no less interesting is that icebergs' colors always change and depend on the time of day. Did you know that it was the Greenland iceberg that caused the sinking of the Titanic?

One of Greenland's most notable glaciers is the Eki Glacier, which is located in Disko Bay and is the glacier with the highest speed. Here you can also see the process of the appearance of new icebergs-huge pieces with an incredible crack and roar break off from the Eka and fall into the water. Excursions to the glacier, organized by speedboat, cause unique feelings. After the tour, you will definitely feel an adrenaline rush.

11. National Nature Reserve

barren ground caribou

The largest and most inaccessible park on the whole planet is a National Reserve located in the north–eastern part of the island and is under UNESCO's care. Here you can find a considerable number of species of Arctic flora that grow on the vast territory of the tundra. You can even meet a musk ox, a polar bear, or a polar wolf.

12. Greenland National Park

greenland national park

Due to the harsh climatic conditions on the island, it is difficult to create a park. One and only is the Greenland National Park, considered today the northernmost and largest park in the world. The territory of the park is so large that it exceeds the area of many countries of the world. On the territory of the park are found about half of all musk oxen that are on the verge of extinction.

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