15 reasons why you should travel to Hong Kong right now

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15 reasons why you should travel to Hong Kong right now

Hong Kong is on China's southern coast, 60 km east of Macau, on the east side of the mouth of the Pearl River estuary. Hong Kong is a fantastic and incomparable metropolis worldwide. You will be impressed by the unique skyline, the street canyons, the green nature, and the fantastic cuisine that Hong Kong has knocked our favourite metropolis Bangkok from its throne.

Yes, Hong Kong is loud and bustling and full of people. But a big city has never knocked us down like that. We'll show you why you have to get Hong Kong visit visa and travel to Hong Kong. So, let's go!

Here in this post, we'll represent the list of things to do in Hong Kong.

1. Hong Kong's Unique Skyline

hong kong skyline

The sight is simply fantastic and one of the significant reasons to travel to Hong Kong. It boasts countless glittering and shining skyscrapers, behind which green mountains tower. Their peaks are often mystically shrouded in clouds and fog. And then there are the huge apartment blocks with their many thousands of apartments that are so famous for Hong Kong. Huge bridges stretch over the water, which in addition to many tunnels, connects the countless islands of Hong Kong.

The city's skyline and architecture are amazing. You will be amazed when you look at Victoria Peak, as the city was built between the mountains and the shores of Victoria Harbor. The upper floors of the one shopping centre in Kowloon also offer you spectacular views over Hong Kong.

2. The Beautiful View of Victoria Peak

victoria peak

The summit of Victoria Peak, located about 554 meters above sea level, is the most prestigious residential area on the island and one of the landmarks that you cannot miss while you visit Hong Kong. The fun funicular climb will transport you to a summit where you can enjoy a privileged 360º view over almost the entire territory. In the distance, you can see the Chinese islands of the South Sea. Also, you can recharge your batteries at the Peak Tram terminal, which has a cafeteria, a restaurant, a supermarket, and several shops.

3. The Hong Kong Coast

lamma island

Although this city is not a beach destination par excellence, thanks to its pleasant climate, Hong Kong is a perfect place to enjoy the coast. In this city, you will have the opportunity to visit important places to visit in Hong Kong, such as Stanley Main Beach, Lo So Shing Beach, or Silvermine Bay Beach, places that will undoubtedly surprise you with their beauty and comfortable facilities that will make your visit a rewarding experience.

4. Lantau Island

lantau island

Double the size of Hong Kong Island, Lantau is the largest of all the neighbouring islands, although its population does not exceed 20,000. A ferry will take you from Hong Kong to Silvermine Bay, the island's main town, and a perfect place to sample a good seafood meal. But the jewel of the place is located on the Ngong Ping plateau, where you will find a huge 34-meter-high bronze statue of the Buddha.

5. Hong Kong Festivals

big illuminated chinese dragon figure

Hong Kong has an avalanche of festivals and celebrations throughout the year, making this destination especially attractive and ranks among the top things to do in Hong Kong. If you decide to visit this city, you should be aware of the date you choose for your trip, since depending on it you can enjoy festivals such as the Chinese New Year, between January and February, the Lantern Festival (something like an oriental version of Valentine's Day) or the Mid-Autumn Festival, related to the harvests and in which the famous "moon cake" is tasted.

6. Nightlife in Hong Kong

people meet at bar

Hong Kong nights is the most fun and varied. You can choose from a range of options in which you can visit the night markets, stop by the Lan Kwai Fong drinking area, and discover its cosmopolitan atmosphere or visit the Happy Valley Racecourse. You will be amazed at the skill shown by club waiters when preparing delicious cocktails.

7. Relax with the Tranquility of Hong Kong Park

hong kong observation wheel

The Hong Kong Park is located in the part of Hong Kong Island, among the big skyscrapers of the city. It is a public park open since 1991 that covers an area of 80,000 m2, and is a great place to relax. Inside the park, you will find the Edward Youde Aviary, a kind of closed tent with a lot of tropical birds. Apart, if you are travelling with kids, don't forget to visit Hong Kong Disneyland.

8. Huge and Photogenic Canyons

montane mansion

The mighty blocks of flats with their many thousands of apartments tower mightily into the sky. Hardly any building in Hong Kong is smaller than 20 floors, and often these are not even two meters apart. When you stand in the narrow gorges between the huge houses with countless air conditioning units and look up, you feel like a dwarf in a futuristic film.

The most famous building of this kind is the Montane Mansion in Quarry Bay. Also, the narrow streets in the Chungking Mansion in Kowloon, known as the "ghetto in the city", offer you a lot of contrasts, and the views upwards can cause a stiff neck.

9. Efficient Local Transport Network

octopus card

The public transport system is modern and top-notch. With the rechargeable Octopus Card, you can be transported quickly and easily to every corner of the city. Countless buses roar through the streets, the trams are not comfortable, but they are reliable and mega authentic.

The metro runs at a brisk pace and takes you from downtown to the nature of Lantau Island or the airport in just 25 minutes. And the cheap Star Ferry crosses the Victoria Harbor in 15 minutes and gives you fabulous views of the skyline of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon until late at night - for the equivalent of fewer than 40-euro cents.

10. Fabulous Cantonese Cuisine and Street Food

dim sum

Dim sum in the morning, dumplings at noon, and hearty noodle soup in the evening. And now and then a matcha latte, iced orange black tea or a famous Hong Kong bubble waffle. The streets that are as clean as those in Singapore are as culinary as in Bangkok. Delicious street food, authentic Cantonese cuisine, and fine dining are on every corner.

The latter can be safely left out because the culinary highlights are waiting in the kitchens that you can't look into because most plastic curtains and Chinese menus block the view inside. The owners shine with joy when strangers dare to go in and are incredibly helpful in choosing the freshly prepared dishes from the unreadable menus.

11. Busy Markets in Hong Kong

busy market

What could be better than strolling through one of the city's many markets, soaking up the exotic smells and lively atmosphere? Cantonese cuisine consists of the freshest ingredients. Accordingly, there are countless fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, and spice markets spread across the entire city area.

  • You will like the Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market in Mong Kok, the Wan Chai Street Market around Tai Yuen Street, and the Central Lanes market in Central Hong Kong Island.
  • Souvenir hunters are guaranteed to find a (more or less) useful souvenir at home in countless markets, such as the Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market in Kowloon or the Stanley Market.
  • You won't always find real antiques on Antique Street and Cat Street, as well as colourful costumes and all kinds of knickknacks on Stone Slab Street (Pottinger Street).

12. Street Art in Hong Kong


What to do in Hong Kong? Hong Kong has a great street art scene and one of the significant things to do in Hong Kong. Especially in hip Soho in Hong Kong Island, there are lots of great artistic graffiti to discover in the streets. One of the most famous is probably Bruce Lee, the most glorious child in the city.

As so often in Hong Kong, when exploring, you quickly start to sweat due to the steep stairs and paths as well as the heat and high humidity. But it's worth it! If you want to save yourself some stairs, just use some sections of the Central-Mid-Levels Escalators - the longest escalator system in the world.

13. Hong Kong is Multicultural

happy multicultural tourists

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, and many different people of different nationalities live in it. In the shadow of the office towers and apartment blocks, you will find a place of rest and meditation in Buddhist temples, mosques, or churches. One of the largest and oldest temples and places to visit in Hong Kong is the Man Mo Temple.

Even those looking for a change from Cantonese cuisine will find outstanding Indian, Thai or Indonesian cuisine in Hong Kong.

14. Ideal for Newcomers to China

cityscape of the harbour region

Hong Kong is the perfect entry into China. The majority of the population are ethnic Chinese, and the decades-long British administration has left its mark. Spitting out, pushing forward, and ruthless jostling is not tolerated here. If you accidentally get bumped into or touched, you immediately apologize. If you stand around with a question mark over your head, you will be helped quickly.

15. Symphony of Lights Show

avenue of stars

The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong's version of the Hollywood street of fame. On the street floor, you will see the hands of actors like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, among others. The street is in the part of Kowloon, in front of the sea, and with views of the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island. Every night at 8, you can enjoy the Symphony of Lights, a show in which the city's skyscrapers are filled with lights and lasers.

Hong Kong is a perfect place for lovers of big cities. A bustling, cosmopolitan city in Asia that has a wide variety of colonial influences, making it a city full of culture, history, and interesting places. For this reason, we offer you various reasons to travel to Hong Kong, a city that you will love for many reasons. Visit Hong Kong and explore them!

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