10 reasons why you should travel to Malawi right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Malawi right now
Malawi visa and travel to Malawi. But many people even don't know where is Malawi situated. Do you know where is Malawi? Malawi is a country located in East Africa. The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe. In the south and southeast, Malawi is adjacent to Mozambique; in the west is the border with Namibia, in the north - with Tanzania. The country's territory has a predominantly mountainous landscape; the highest point is 3,002 meters (Mount Mulanje). The small African republic loses to its neighbors in the area, which affected its popularity as a tourist destination. Through several successful wildlife conservation programs, the state is gradually earning a reputation as a booming safari resort. A trip to Malawi will allow sophisticated travelers to get acquainted with the friendly people of Africa, take a walk in nine national parks and reserves, where natural beauty has been perfectly preserved in its original form. aerial view of malawi In addition to a rich fauna, the country will gladly showcase the magnificence of its landscapes, including deep valleys, evergreen impenetrable forests, tumbling waterfalls, and majestic mountains. If you have long dreamed of seeing real lions, buffaloes, elephants, and leopards, wanted to conquer mountain peaks, and take an exciting bike trip in an exotic atmosphere - welcome to your vacation in Malawi. Weather conditions vary depending on the destination. In high mountain regions, the air is always colder than in lake areas. The local winter lasts from May to July. This is a cold period, when the thermometer sometimes drops to +15 ° C. Precipitation is observed mainly from November to March. The wet season ends with the onset of April, leaving behind picturesque green landscapes. At the end of August, favorable weather conditions are accompanied by high tourist activity. zebras In the capital of Malawi, the Old Town with its quirky architecture is worth seeing. There is a huge market in its center, which is an ideal place to buy souvenirs. Malawi's national parks attract tourists no less than golden beaches. Despite their small size, each of them has become a reliable refuge for some rare species of flora and fauna. Liwonde, Nyika, Lengwe, Lake Malawi, and Kasungu are especially most visited. If you are not sure about whether to travel to Malawi or not, you need to read 10 reasons why traveling to Malawi is a good idea. Also, you will find out about is it safe to travel to Malawi, and we will give you travel to Malawi advice and also will answer the question, do you need vaccines travel to Malawi?

1. Happy people

malawi people Malawi people in this country bring warmth that you have not experienced in most other countries in the world. While most of the country may not have the wealth and material goods of Western society, these people certainly enjoy a wealth of happiness. Many foreigners who moved to Malawi to live permanently say that they felt like people in the country were more satisfied with their lives than they are in Europe, Asia, and America, where it is customary to have great material wealth to measure our happiness in relationships and family.

2. Lake Malawi

lake malawi To visit Lake Malawi can truly be your main motivation to travel to Malawi. Lake Malawi, also known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and Lago Nyasa in Mozambique, is the southernmost lake in the East African Rift System. The lake is located between Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique and can be reached from all three countries. It is the fifth-largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, the ninth largest lake in the world by area, and is home to more fish species than any other lake. It is therefore understandable that this lake provides the people of Malawi with all the resources they need, including fish and water.

3. Discover Malawi cuisine

malawi food Malawi's traditional cuisine is characterized by the consumption of large quantities of cereals made of rice, sorghum or millet, without which no meat, fish, or vegetables are eaten. The most popular meat dishes are kebabs, shashlik, and homemade sausages. The hallmark of Malawi cuisine is marinated chicken in a pot. For this dish, spices are spared, so a very aromatic and tasty treat is obtained. If you travel to Malawi, enjoy this delicious cuisine.

4. To try Malawian gin and tonic

malawian gin Malawi Gin - a one-of-a-kind and authentic Vintage African Gin. It contains juniper oil and other botanicals and is distilled from sugar cane. Be sure to ask your safari guides to lead you to your favorite sunset spots at the end of the day so you can enjoy your drink.

5. To visit tea plantations

tea plantations One more travel to Malawi advice is to visit tea plantations. Malawi is also a tea-producing country which means you can visit wonderful tea plantations such as Satemwa, a third-generation family business in ShireHighlands, Malawi. Malawi's tea plantations are a verdant land of stunning fertile land that yields high yields of aromatic tea.

6. Paradise of the Mumbo Island

kayaking It's hard to find places that are unspoiled these days, but Mumbo Island seems to be close. Named one of the Top 100 Vacation Destinations by the Sunday Times in 2017, it's great. You cannot travel to Malawi without visiting and staying on the island for several nights. Situated in the middle of Lake Malawi, only 1 km in diameter, Mumbo Island has never been inhabited, so it remains in its original, natural state, offering its visitors a true experience of exclusive tourism. The island has no cellular or electricity, which is a rather positive feature. After all, being on the island of Mumbo, you are forced to turn off your devices and truly enjoy the environment, communicating with nature and the people with whom you arrived. But the lack of electricity does not mean at all that you will be deprived of luxury and convenience. The water-view cabins are the pure, rustic luxury of the island. Here you will wake up to the incredible sunrise and the sounds of birds around your cabin. The resort offers hot showers, eco-friendly bathrooms, delicious food, kayaking, yoga, hiking, sunset boat trips, and evening bonfires.

7. To visit Mount Mulanje

mount mulanje Mount Mulanje is called "The Island in the Sky." When fog envelops the highest point of the mountain range, it seems that part of the earth has risen into the sky. Mulanje is located on the southeast side of the city of Blantyre. Scientists say that the mountain range was created over 130 million years ago and consists of granite, quartz, and syenite. Unique cedars grow on the slopes, and tea is grown. Popular types of tourism: hiking, mountaineering, abseiling, mountain trekking.

8. To see Ntchisi Forest Reserve

malawi nature The Ntchisi Nature Reserve is located two hours from the city of Lilongwe and is located in the central part of Malawi. This place is unique in that there are untouched tropical forests. The forest has survived because it is surrounded by hills, and this presents difficulties for cutting down. The total area of the territory is approximately 75 sq. km. Here you can find not only rare and exotic plants but also unusual fruits. The variety of flora and fauna will satisfy the most avid traveler.

9. To watch the sunrise on the Shire River

shire river Watching the sunrise on the Shire River was one of my favorite experiences in Malawi. There is something completely serene about being on the water. You are surrounded only by the sounds of animals waking up to bask in the sun. You set off a little before sunrise and swim up the river, passing hundreds of hippos, crocodiles, birds, and if you're lucky, you will also see elephants approaching the water.

10. Is it safe to travel to Malawi? Yes!

Thinking about Malawi how safe to travel to can be worried about it because Africa, where is Malawi situated on average, is not entirely safe. But Malawi is one of the safest countries in Africa for visitors, but you need to be cautious. If you are going to travel to Malawi, know these rules about Malawi how safe to travel. • The Malawi cities are more dangerous. Use a taxi and don't go for a walk at night. • Most of the danger is from the chaotic roads and unfit vehicles; try to drive carefully and bail out if a minibus feels dangerous. • Take care to avoid diseases such as bilharzia and traveler's diarrhea. Search about vaccines travel to Malawi because they can be very useful and important to not worry about Malawi how safe to travel. Therefore, you don't need to think is it safe to travel to Malawi or not too much; just follow this travel to Malawi advice, use vaccines travel to Malawi, obtain a Malawi visa and enjoy your trip!

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