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10 reasons why you should travel to Mali right now

10 reasons why you should travel to Mali right now

We believe there are some people out there who are already tired of visiting the same countries every year or maybe fed up seeing the Instagram stories and posts of most-visited tourist sites. Are you one of them? For sure, you are. As you are reading this blog post, we can consider you one of a kind. Most people have got no idea about “Where is Mali?”, “What is the capital of Mali?” or wonder “Is it safe to travel to Mali?” Nevertheless, as you are reading this blog post, you want to know more about Mali. We will start with the basics about this country and will present to you the ten reasons why you should travel to Mali right now. As an adventure seeker, we are sure you will be satisfied with your trip to Mali. Let us start answering three basic questions. We hope with a little planning and organization, you will have a great vacation on your trip to Mali. We’ll also find out together “When is the best time to travel to Mali?”

Where is Mali?

Mali, or in another way, The Republic of Mali is located in Western Africa. It is a landlocked country, which means the country does not have any connection to the oceans or any kind of water basins. For your information, there are only 49 landlocked countries in the world. One of them is Maliб among the others - Lesotho, San Marino, Andorra, and many more. Besides, Mali is one of the biggest countries in Africa, which holds a place in the top 10 biggest countries in Africa

What is the capital of Mali?

The capital city of Mali is Bamako. The current population in the city is about two million. The name of the city, meaning “crocodile tail’ is originated from the word “Bambara”. Bamako is a place of multi-languages. The official language in the city is French, but the national language is Arabic. Apart from these, there are a few more languages such as - Bambara, Bomu, English, Kita Maninkakan, and many strange and uniques languages.

Is it safe to travel to Mali?

Most people have concerns when they want to travel to a new place. “Is it safe to travel to Mali?”- this question might concern you as you want to travel to this country. However, being a landlocked country does not mean it is not safe to travel there. This country will be a new experience or you. Therefore, put your worries aside and start reading the ten reasons why you should go to Mali.

10 reasons why you should go to Mali.

1. Timbuktu


We would like to start our top ten reasons why you should Mali right now with Timbuktu. Timbuktu is covering the sands of the Great Sahara. This place is perfect for our mystery lover travellers. No need to ask the question “When is the best time to travel to Mali?” for this beautiful place. Indeed, you should ask “What are the tourist sites I can visit in Timbuktu?”. Sankore Mosque is the must-see place in Mali. The walls of the Sankore Mosque are covered with mud. Besides, Timbuktu is a place that indeed has a way to the old days somehow.

2. Djenne


Do you remember we talked about Bamako? If you want to know other cities with lots of beautiful tourist sites, here is the part you need to read. Djenne is a city in Mali. This city if one of the famous places in Mali. There are a lot of things for tourists to see. Grand Mosque is the symbolic and real example of Islamic culture in Djenne. One fun fact about the Grand Mosque is that it is built with mud. Grand Mosque, therefore, is the largest construction built by mud in the whole world. Djenne is a complete heritage and is counted among the world’s heritage. This city is a place of ancient people. Djenne is one of the oldest places where ancient inhabitants lived in Africa. Apart from the historical part we have analyzed, Djenen has a lot to offer for its modern visitors. You may purchase delicious food, different spices, and breathtaking pottery in Djenne. Do not forget to watch the Sacred Well of Nana Wangara.

3. Mopti


Mopti is a place full of surprises. Foreigners are most likely known for loving this place. Mopti is a place where you can encounter many sellers and buyers, different ethnic groups, and many more. In a word, this place is the heart of shopping in Mali. Many ethnic groups, such as Dogan, Fulani, and Tuareg are here to meet their buyers. They mainly sell traditional items - food, textiles, spices. There is also a mosque called Misire Mosque, which is indeed going to capture your attention.

4. Hombori


Hombori is located in south-central Mali. This place is offering you one of the best mountains in Africa. Mount Hombori is the biggest mountain in Western Africa. Tourists can find lots of attractive activities for them. One of the options may be joining a tour in the sands of Hambori. One more fact about this place is Dagon people are inhabited in this area as well.

5. Boucle du Baoule National Park

Mali wildlife

After having an answer to your question of “What is the capital of Mali?”, we decided to give you other responses in regard to the places to visit in Mali and the capital city of Mali. Bamako is a host of many tourist sites. One of them is for sure, the National Park of Mali. National Park of Mali is a heaven for nature lovers. One can explore the nature and different species of plants in this park. Having leisure time in a park was never this good. You can visit tea houses and beautiful restaurants in this park. Alongside, jogging and biking are some of the top tourist activities of the visitors.

6. Kidal


One of the cultural sites to visit in Mali is, for sure, Kidal. This place will help you to understand the culture of different ethnic groups more and in-depth. For tradition lovers, Kidal is a place for crafts and art. The traditional items are reflected in both their architectural and craft-making activities.

7. Bandiagara


Bandiagara or in another way, Cliff of Bandiagara. Bandiagara is one of the most-visited places to visit in Mali. These cliffs are the home for Dagons, and therefore, often called as “Land of Dagons”. Dagons lived here for a pretty long time watching traditions. Bandiagara is also home to other ethnic groups, such as Tellem. These Tellem people are known for their strange and unique traditions. Tellem is used to bury their deaths above the flooding lands. Other than this, Cliff of Bandiagara is also offering more attractions for its tourists. There are breathtakingly beautiful meeting points, and even cemeteries are great to see once in a while.

8. Tomb of Askia

Tomb of Askia

One of the famous places in Mali is the Tomb of Askia. This is a pyramid-shaped mosque and one of the places to visit in Mali. The Tomb of Askia is built in the late 15th century by Emperor Askia Mohammad. The mosque is built in the traditional West African style. This place is an example of one of the beautiful Islamic architectural styles. The Tomb of Askia is a well-equipped place and open for tourists to visit.

9. Gouina Falls

Gouina Falls

Where is Mali? - Mali is where the most amazing waterfalls exist in Africa. When is the best time to travel to Mali? - You do not need the best time to come to Mali to see those awesome waterfalls. Any time, any day - come to Mali and enjoy the breathtaking views. The renowned waterfall in Mali is the Gouina Falls. This fall is extremely famous and therefore, got a second name as “Niagara Falls of Mali”. Being a landlocked country does not mean you do not have any water. This city is the home of too many rivers. Indeed, Gouina Falls are located up in the Senegal River. The height of the Gouina waterfall is about 16 meters, and the width is almost 500 meters. One can spend their vacation by only watching this wonderful waterfall.

10. National Museum of Mali

National Museum of Mali

Remember we always have a part where we talk about museums? We are sure you do. We wanted to conclude our blog post with the top ten reasons why you should visit Mali right now with a museum. Surprise! Hey there, pretty traveller. Here is the best museum you can find in Western Africa. To this date, the National Museum of Mali is considered one of the famous places in Mali. The museum is constructed in 1953 in Bamako - the capital city of Mali. There are thousands of figures and elements demonstrated in the National Museum of Mali. You may see the beautiful and unique items such as - music instruments, ancient clothes, and historical elements of different ethnic groups lived in Mali.

We believe that your travel experience in Mali will be amazing. After learning ten reasons why you should travel to Mali right now, you are well prepared for your trip to this beautiful country. Do not forget to have fun!

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