10 unusual restaurants in Vancouver

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10 unusual restaurants in Vancouver
Vancouver at least once, you will probably never be able to forget it. This city from the first minutes fascinates with a pleasant atmosphere, a variety and combination of cultural features, proximity to nature.

What to do in Vancouver?

However, it has another unforgettable highlight - unusual restaurants and cafes that are popular with locals and tourists who want to taste Canadian cuisine and not only. Canadian traditional cuisine is a combination of simplicity and variety at the same time. Few people have heard that in addition to the world-famous maple syrup, Canadians still have a lot of other national goodies, which, by the way, should be tried in the best restaurants in Canada. The culinary traditions of Vancouver will appeal to many gourmets and lovers of national cuisine. Therefore, if you plan a trip or maybe even a move to Vancouver, you should visit the unusual restaurants in Vancouver. We have compiled the top 10 most popular and unusual establishments, about which visitors left the best recommendations.

1. Garden Terrace

garden terrace The Garden Terrace restaurant is primarily a combination of Vancouver's energy and the tranquility of the Canadian wilderness. The restaurant offers an elegant outdoor bar and a lounge area where guests can enjoy light snacks and various drinks. Garden Terrace is located in the courtyard of the fourth floor of the hotel. This urban oasis in the heart of Vancouver provides a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant's interior is made up of bright colors, luxurious greenery, and soft, pleasant lighting, which allows you to relax and relax during dinner. Dishes from international cuisine represent the restaurant's cuisine, so you can not just have a good dinner here, but also try something interesting and even unusual. Garden Terrace is a combination of modernity and nature, Canadian and world cuisine. If you want to spend a pleasant and delicious evening in Vancouver, this unusual restaurant is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday. The restaurant is ideal for both small companies and romantic couples. And even if you are traveling alone in Canada, then at Garden Terrace, you can feel Vancouver's soul and find interesting acquaintances.

2. Blue Water Cafe

blue water cafe Blue Water Cafe is an ideal restaurant for lovers of seafood dishes and real Japanese sushi. However, for those who want to try Canadian cuisine, there is also a separate section on the menu. Even if you are a vegetarian, then in Blue Water Cafe you will be able to eat delicious food. Certain types of dishes are also presented for this category of guests. The Blue Water Cafe menu features organic West Coast seafood. Sushi is made taking into account and observing the traditions of Japan. A large selection of delicious and original dishes will not leave anyone indifferent to this place. The focus of the Blue Water Cafe interior is primarily on the open space. The restaurant's main hall offers a view of the kitchen, where East meets West and masterpieces are prepared for the guests of the restaurant. The main bar leads to the patio, which houses a collection of a wide variety of wines. Blue Water Cafe is a beautiful old brick and timber building in the heart of Vancouver. Here everyone can take dozens of unforgettable photos for the collection. Therefore, if you are in Vancouver, be sure to check out this unusual restaurant.

3. Chartwell

man and woman drinking bar If you prefer trendy unusual restaurants, then Chartwell in Vancouver is worth a visit. The restaurant's menu consists of American and international dishes. However, the main highlight of the restaurant is the chic modern design. The emphasis is on the noble wood and elegantly decorated halls for guests. If you are looking for luxury and presentable views in Vancouver, Chartwell is sure to appeal to you. Especially this place is suitable for celebrating important events and events, as well as for romantic dates. hamburger Gallery Lounge is another unusual restaurant that appeals to lovers of a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful music. On certain days of the week, popular jazz musicians play in the restaurant, so if you are a fan of jazz, you should book a table in advance, because there may not be any free seats. The restaurant's menu consists mainly of local cuisine, and there is also a good selection of Canadian beer and snacks. For many visitors, the variety of dishes may seem limited, but these dishes represent a picture of Vancouver residents' preferences and their long-standing traditions of national cuisine. Besides, affordable prices are another indisputable advantage of the Gallery Lounge restaurant, especially for budget tourists in Canada.

5. Mosaic Bar & Grille

drinking beer Mosaic Bar & Grille is an unusual restaurant where you can eat delicious food and enjoy the warm atmosphere of Vancouver. The restaurant's cuisine is focused on local products, especially organic seafood. Dishes are prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients with the addition of a piece of creativity in the chef's work. There is also a separate bar where you can enjoy pleasant cocktails and an impressive view of downtown Vancouver. Known for its unusual menu, Mosaic Bar & Grille is considered one of Vancouver's best bars, serving cocktails combined with exceptionally original cuisine. This institution is popular not only among tourists but also among the indigenous residents of the city. Here you can spend a pleasant evening, enjoy your favorite dish or try a gastronomic novelty.

6. Globe@YVR

restaurant in vancouver If you're at Vancouver International Airport, make sure to book a table at the Globe@YVR restaurant. It is in this unusual place that you can get acquainted with Canadian national cuisine. The restaurant on the territory of the airport offers a rich menu, in which meat and fish lovers will not be able to decide on an order quickly. A large selection of dishes and a wine list of the restaurant are the establishment's indisputable advantages. You can have a delicious time and enjoy an unforgettable view of the city. A Globe@YVR restaurant is a favorite place for modern cuisine lovers, where you can have dinner and order breakfast or lunch. The uniqueness of this place is precisely in the widest range of original meat dishes.

7. Showcase Restaurant and Bar

showcase restaurant and bar Showcase Restaurant and Bar - another unusual restaurant in Vancouver's heart, is considered one of the best places of modern cuisine in Canada. The restaurant's menu combines various styles and tastes, influences from different cultures, and the inspiration of chefs. ShowCase serves exclusively traditional dishes from the West coast of Canada. The restaurant also positions itself as an institution with impeccable service in a refined and welcoming environment for visitors. A showcase is a place where locals and guests feel at home, discovering something new, and most importantly, very tasty and certainly healthy. For lovers of delicacies, novelties of cuisine, and pleasant drinks, a visit to the ShowCase Restaurant and Bar in Vancouver will be a vivid memory that you will want to repeat more than once.


seafood The COAST Restaurant is a place with definitely seafood Canadian cuisine in Vancouver. Seafood dishes are always popular because they are not only very tasty but also very useful. Therefore, nothing is surprising because there are so many marine restaurants among the best restaurants in Canada. COAST is always fresh fish, juicy shellfish, and the rarest, perfectly cooked oysters. Seafood is suitable for any mood and any occasion. In such an unusual and very popular restaurant as COAST, you will have an unforgettable time and get a lot of pleasure from dinner. The COAST restaurant interior combines a clean, modern design with deep turquoise tones, mosaic decoration, and leather banquettes. The cozy courtyard resembles San Francisco establishments' style, where everything is done with warmth and care for the guests. The COAST restaurant is where you suddenly find yourself on the coast of San Francisco for dinner while being in Vancouver. Visitors leave mostly positive reviews about this place, so if you want to try fresh seafood and feel the atmosphere of North America, then this restaurant in Vancouver is waiting for you.

9. Black+Blue

black and blue The Black+Blue restaurant offers a varied menu of cold cuts, fish kebabs, seafood, and poultry cooked on charcoal. For lovers of real hearty burgers, there are also separate offers on the menu. This combination of different Canadian dishes and international cuisine will not leave any visitor indifferent. The interior of the Black+Blue restaurant is refined and attractive. The special highlight of the restaurant is the fire in the scenery. There is an outdoor lounge area, as well as a bar with a large selection of drinks. In Vancouver, this unusual restaurant should be visited by every meat eater and all those who want to spend a pleasant time in an unusual institution with an interesting interior.

10. Glowbal

glowbal Its modern style and facilities distinguish the Glowbal restaurant for large parties. If you want to have a party in Vancouver, this restaurant will hold the event at a high level. The restaurant offers several types of halls: the Golden Hall (a completely private room for the company, the menu is made individually by pre-order), the Marilyn hall (a completely private room. It includes a dining area, a living room, two flat-screen TVs and a menu for 12 people), a hall for managers (a private hall for 14 guests). In addition to these rooms, a common room is available for table reservations. Glowbal Restaurant is an unusual place for meetings and celebrations, especially if you want to make a special impression on your guests. This interesting restaurant in Vancouver is worth a visit if you are planning such an event. Style and luxury, sophistication, and taste are the main characteristics of Glowbal. The restaurant's visitors' reviews are mostly positive, which is a recommendation for guests and residents of the city. dining table Well, that's it. Of course, is not the whole list of unusual restaurants in Vancouver that you can visit at your leisure. There are many such places in every city on the planet, and Vancouver is no exception. In addition to the old establishments operating for decades, new ones are constantly being opened. The city is growing, and at the same time the number of restaurants is growing, where you can have a delicious dinner and admire the beautiful interior or other features of the institution, for example, the landscape of Vancouver or an unusual interior. No matter who you are- a resident of Vancouver or a tourist interested in every corner of Canada, visiting such places allows you to conduct gastronomic excursions, try new Canadian dishes, and make new acquaintances. Vancouver is a great city for living and traveling, and everyone can find something interesting and exciting there. The original name of the city of Vancouver is Gastown. It was founded by an Englishman who loved beer and stories. Today, the name Gastown is attached to the city's historical center, where there are many establishments, including unusual restaurants and pubs. Vancouver is a city in which the metropolis and nature exist inseparably. Everyone who visits this place will always be under a pleasant impression. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to be in Vancouver, include in your itinerary a couple of interesting, unusual restaurants. They are justifiably an integral part of the city and its gastronomic culture.

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