10 reasons why you should travel to Marshall Islands right now

10 reasons why you should travel to Marshall Islands right now

Anar Mammadov08 February 20212630 views9 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Marshall Islands right now
Marshall Islands, belongs to such. Do you know where are the Marshall Islands? The Republic of the Marshall Islands on the world map is located in the central Pacific Ocean. It consists of some of the easternmost islands of Micronesia, totaling more than 1,200 islands. The Marshall Islands were administered by the United States from 1947 to 1986. In 1983, along with citizens of other states of the trust territory, the "Marshallese" responded to the American proposal for a "Treaty of Free Association". Although many of the atolls most directly affected by military activity voted against the adoption, the majority was in favor. President Reagan welcomed the islanders 'decision to "accept their new status in the world as a sovereign nation." Perhaps referring to the 3,000 American soldiers and support workers still living at the Kwajalein military base, he ended his speech by saying: "But you will always be family to us." And so we have a sovereign republic with an interesting history and geolocation, but do we know everything about it? Let's go through the reasons why it's worth going there.

1. Marshall Islands on the world map

marshall islands Yes, oddly enough, this very expression is the first reason to visit this place. After all, the chance to be in such a remote and undisclosed republic for many inhabitants of the planet, and in exotic conditions, does not fall to everyone. After all, even if everyone knows how to travel to Marshall Islands, the road will seem exhausting to many. Residents of European countries will have to start visiting Australia for transfers, and the CIS countries will have to endure even more flights through Hong Kong, Singapore and same Australia. So the question is "how to travel to Marshall Islands?" quite "painful" for many. The country is located about half way from Hawaii to Papua New Guinea. The archipelago includes the atolls of Bikini, Enewetak, Kwajalein, Majuro, Rongelap and Utirik. But despite this, the total area of the islands is equal to the size of the city of Washington, DC.

2. Take part in an underwater journey

marshall islands How to travel to Marshall Islands we have already learned now we need to look for something to do. All guests of the republic should try diving in the Marshall Islands with excellent year-round visibility, some of the healthiest coral reefs in the world and dozens of sunken ships and aircraft from the Second World War. Including the world's only diving aircraft carrier, the flagship of the Japanese Armada of the times, and a surprisingly intact B-26 bomber at a depth of just 5 feet, to name just a few of the wrecks discovered. The Marshall Islands offers unprecedented opportunities for diving and coral viewing. Divers can enjoy the steep cliffs, coral peaks, channels and reef points. Some dive sites abound in fast-moving pelagic shoals, while others boast a rich variety of hard or soft corals. The most popular places for scuba diving in the Marshall Islands located in the district of Majuro, the capital of Marshall Islands. There are hundreds of species of fish and coral, as well as stunning cliffs and cracks.

3. Find out how the Marshall Islands conducted its nuclear tests

nuclear power plant cooling tower On March 1, 1954, the United States conducted a very large nuclear test on Bikini Atoll. It was part of Operation Lock, a series of thermonuclear tests. The Marshall Islands nuclear tests have been incredibly massive, more than 1,000 times stronger than in the previous decade. Because of them, radioactive debris was released into the atmosphere and on the surrounding atolls. Later, traces of the radioactive material were found in parts of Japan, India, Australia, Europe, and the United States. It was the worst radiological disaster in the history of the United States, which caused a worldwide backlash against atmospheric nuclear tests. I agree this is a dubious reason to book a tour to the Marshall Islands, but any "starkels" and history lovers will definitely like it. As part of a Free Association Agreement with the Marshall Islands, the U.S. government has agreed to settle personal illness claims resulting from its nuclear tests in the area. As a result, Congress approved a federal program aimed at compensating veterans who were not lucky enough to observe the Marshall Islands nuclear tests conducted at Bikini Atoll.

4. To find emotional peace

beach You do not need to build a complex tour to the Marshall Islands to escape from the oppressive and noisy everyday life. Throughout the atoll, there are villages equipped with all amenities, shops and restaurants. Many of these hubs also have accommodations, but all you need for privacy is a 15-minute boat ride to go to your own island paradise, for a day or longer. Just 15 miles from the capital of Marshall Islands, Majuro is Arno Atoll, offering guests at Arno Beachcomber Lodge an unspoilt private beach, privacy and a place to sleep for just $ 35-50 per person. Similarly, Eneko Island is a haven in the north of Majora and is only a 25-minute boat ride from the center of Uliga. The property has a private beach cottage from $ 125 to $ 150 per night, and shared living space in a three-bedroom building from $ 40 to $ 45. A separate kitchen serves guests during meals. Boat trips cost $ 20 per person round trip.

5. The best fishing in your life

fishing With over a thousand islands located in the fish-friendly tropical Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands make catching anything as close to a guaranteed rate as possible. According to many sources, the islands are home to more than 1,000 species of fish. And if you look further into the variations, you can find 860 coastal reef species, as well as seven freshwater species, 67 open-water and 125 deep-sea fish species. Charters offer fishing excursions in a variety of settings, from lagoons and reefs to the open ocean. Although there is excellent fishing on all the islands, some of the best charters depart from the capital of Marshall Islands, Majuro. From there, fishermen can go to the nearby Arno Atoll or go further by flying through the islands and atolls via Air Marshall Island. There is probably plenty to catch all year round, but in terms of favourable Marshall Islands weather and wind conditions for the best fishing – from May to October.

6. Visit the Alele Museum

alele museum The Alele Museum, Library and Archive in Uliga, next to the Courthouse, is definitely worth a visit. Almost every tour to the Marshall Islands can't do without this museum. At one time, the museum stood without activity for many years, but thanks to the great efforts of a number of caring people, it was reopened in September 2013 after major repairs. Upstairs is the library, which has a colorful children's room and a separate room for collecting Pacific Island paraphernalia. In this room you can find a lot of treasures, but you will have to "hunt down" them. The museum itself is located below and occupies three main halls. Despite its small size, it is a charming exhibition featuring items related to traditional Marshall seafaring, war, tools, handmade decorative items, jewelry, and clothing. Each object is accompanied by a description, as well as beautiful historical photographs, many of which come from the collection of Joachim de Brum.

7. Ride out the cyclone at Mieco Beach Yacht Club

sailing boats Mieco Beach Yacht Club in Majuro, which is located in the Marshall Islands, is one of the most popular places in the republic. The club was founded in late 2003 by a group of cruisers and a resort manager for two main reasons: to give cruisers something to do when they are in port and not visiting the outer atolls, and to attract yachts to the Republic of the Marshall Islands for sponsored races. Majuro and the Marshall Islands on the world map are considered the perfect place to wait out the cyclone season, so every season the club has a lot of fun and activities. Once here, you will get an unforgettable experience and want to repeat them. All this involves snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, skiing, sailing and motor boating and all on sandy beaches with palm trees and the splash of warm crystal clear ocean water.

8. Watch the huge cactus

cactus As we already know, the US military conducted 105 atmospheric nuclear tests over the "Pacific Test Site", which is a euphemism for the Marshall Islands and several other nearby atolls in the South Pacific. In the late 1970s, in an effort to clean up the radioactive debris leftover from these explosions, the government dug up 111,000 cubic yards of earth at Bikini and Rongelap atolls. This resting place was located in a crater 110 meters wide, which was formed earlier as a result of an 18-kiloton nuclear test codenamed "Cactus". Closing this giant radioactive pit cost the government almost a quarter of a billion dollars and took three years. The result: a huge, thick dome with an area of 9,200 square meters, consisting of 358 giant concrete panels and resembling a UFO. Which in the future was called cactus.

9. Celebrate someone's first birthday

balloons Kemem is a celebration of the first birthday of a child, is one of the most important holidays of the Marshall Islands. Historically, Kemem was celebrated because of the high rate of child mortality, when a child lived to one year, the whole community went out to celebrate. Taking kemen is a great pride and responsibility for the family. Everyone invited (family, friends, community) will be fed and entertained. Decorations made of balloons and lanterns are being hung, as well as new children's clothing. After the pastor says the prayer, everyone can take their clothes. The clothes can even be removed from the child itself. The disappearance of festive clothing symbolizes a sign that the child will be lucky in life. Marshall Islands people like to invite tourists to kemen and temporarily stay nearby. This is a great chance to have a unique tour of the Marshall Islands with the traditions of the country and tasting of traditional local dishes. On the day of Kemem, everyone is seated according to their category: elders, heads of families and relatives make speeches, preachers say prayers. Marshall Islands people sing and dance to have fun at the party.

10. Exotic food

kiwi The Marshall Islands on the world map are not only exotic species of nature but also exotic food. There is always something to eat in the Marshall Islands once there. You will find many different fruits and vegetables available at different times of the year. Such as: pandanus, coconut, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, papaya, lime. Of the meat products, pigs and chicken are among the most famous in this region. In addition, along the road from Ajeltake Laura is regular stalls that sell fruit and traditional food. But despite all this, there are also several eateries on the territory that do not belong to the Marshall Islands, such as Monica's (Chinese), La Bojie's (Filipino), China Restaurant (Chinese), Special Restaurant (Chinese), The Stone House (Japanese) and Aliang Restaurant (Chinese).

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