10 things I wish I knew before going to Marshall Islands

10 things I wish I knew before going to Marshall Islands

Kanan Isazade19 October 20204719 views8 min. read
10 things I wish I knew before going to Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands. In this blog, we would like to speak about the Republic of the Marshall Islands. You will learn where are the Marshall Islands, how to travel to the Marshall Islands, when is the best time to travel to the Marshall Islands, what is the cheapest way to travel to the Marshall Islands, and more.

1. Basics about the Republic of the Marshall Islands

marshall islands Where are the Marshall Islands? The Marshall Islands is the island country in the Pacific Ocean next to the equator. The land is part of the enormous island group of Micronesia. The country’s population is almost 60,000, and the total area is 181,43 square km. The capital and the largest city of the country is Majuro. The whole GDP of the country is $215 million and $3,789 per citizen. They drive on the right side of the road. Christianity is the main religion on the island by 97%, and 2% of the population is irreligious. Also, 1% of the residents believe in other religions.  Who are the Marshall Islands people? There are no many various ethnic groups among citizens. We can say that the country is considerably homogenous. 92,1% identifies as a Marshallese, 5.9% is mixed Marshallese, and 2% others. When it comes to the Marshall Islands language, there are two official languages in the country: English and Marshallese. Is it simple to learn the Marshall Islands language? Pronunciation can be difficult for native people who are unfamiliar with the Austronesian language family (the most geographically widespread language family in the world). If you want to say hello in the Marshall Islands language, it is “Iọkwe eok”.

2. How to travel to Marshall Islands?

flight to marshall islands There are many ways to travel to Marshall Islands. How to travel to Marshall Islands by plane? United Airlines and Nauru Airlines have direct flights to the country. You have two options to fly to Kwajalein or Majuro. Nauru Airlines realize flights from Fiji, and the flight lasts 8 hours 15 minutes. Flying from Hawaii Honolulu to Majuro will last 5 hours 10 minutes. Flight to Kwajalein will last longer, for almost 7 hours. Of course, another way to travel to Marshall Islands is by cruise ship. The main port is in Majuro. What is the cheapest way to travel to the Marshall Islands? It depends absolutely on your departure country. In most cases, it will cost between 1000-6000 USD. What is the cheapest way to travel to the Marshall Islands by plane? For now, the cheapest one is from Dallas to Kwajalein (1321 USD).

3. Which currency to use in the Republic of the Marshall Islands?

dollar One of the main problems during travel is currency. Travelling to some countries which use only their national currency can make you mad because of exchange rates. We have good news for you. The official currency of the Marshall Islands is USD. So, you will not face any issues there. You can use it everywhere: in the market, hotel, hostel, transport, etc. Besides, they have their digital currency, SOV, which is short for the sovereign.

4. What to eat in the Marshall Islands?

marshall islands cuisine As this is an island country, ingredients of meals are fewer than in other countries. Banana, coconut, papaya, rice, and rice dishes such as sticky rice balls, seafood, fish and fried fish, coconut crab, chicken, pork, clams, sashimi, and coconut water are the most used ingredients. Some of the popular meals from local cuisine are Sweet Potatoes & Fried Bananas, Chukuchuk, Rice-banke, Macadamia Nut Pie, Barramundi cod. Further, you will have an opportunity to taste common flours, too. In some restaurants, you can eat meals from Italian, Korean, Japanese, and more cuisines. Also, local people love Indian cuisine. Travel to Marshall Islands, and first of all, try local foods because you can eat doughnuts, hot dogs, pizza, and French fries any time.

5. Transport in the Marshall Islands

When we travel to an unfamiliar country, one of the first things to consider is transport. Taxis are one of the most used vehicles in the country, but the taxi system may seem weird to you. Marshall Islands people use a shared taxi system. It means that when you are in the car, other possible passengers can hail a taxi. You will pay 1,28 USD per km, and the minimum fare is 7,5 USD on the island. Besides, you can rent a car, and this is very easy there. You can rent a car, even for 8 USD. When it comes to public transport, there is no railway system, and the only bus travels between Majuro’s Robert Reimers Hotel and Laura Beach Park.

6. Which places to visit in the Marshall Islands 

marshall islands Travel to Marshall Islands and enjoy it. There are plenty of areas that make the Marshall Islands worth visiting. They include Arno Atoll, Kalalin Pass, Ebeye Island, Maloelap Atoll, Bokolap Island, Bikini Atoll, Majuro Bridge, Bravo Castle, Likiep Atoll, Roi-Namur, Runit Island, and more. We can not give detailed information about all of them, but we will thoroughly talk about some. The first one is Arno Atoll, which only covers an area of 13 square km away and is the nearest atoll to the capital. It consists of 130 islands in the Pacific Ocean. If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with this atoll. There are many sea creatures, trees, and more. Another one is Kalalin Pass, which is the best spot in the Marshall Islands for fishing. Also, there you will find a lot of ships, planes and the only diveable aircraft carrier in the entire world. Majuro Bridge is in the capital of the country, and this destination is one of the favourite destinations of tourists. This architectural masterpiece will melt your heart. Travel to Marshall Islands and take some photos for your Instagram.

7. Where to stay in the Marshall Islands?

hotel bedroom It is simple to find suitable accommodation in the Marshall Islands. The most crucial advantage of staying in the Marshall Islands is the magnificent views from the hotels. Wake up in the morning, take your cup of coffee, and enjoy this beauty. Some of the hotels which we can recommend include Eastern Gateway Hotel, Lojkar & Majuro Apartels, Hotel Robert Reimers, Marshall Islands Resort, Hotel Ajidrik, Hotel Ebeye, Arno Beachcomber Lodge, Flame Tree Hostel, Majuro Royal Garden Hotel, Lesley’s Cool Hotel, Hotel Marshall Islands, and Hotel Majuro. Depending on the number of rooms, you will pay something between 50-200 USD for a night. All of these hotels have professional and kind staff. It is crucial to note that almost all hotels accept only cash payments. Besides, there are many rental houses which will be more affordable for you, especially if you travel with family or friends. Prices start from 15 USD. Where are the Marshall Islands best hotels? Mostly you can find them in the capital, but nearly all destinations in the country have one or two good hotels.

8. When is the best time to travel to the Marshall Islands?

marshall islands beach Generally, the weather is almost unchangeable in the Marshall Islands. If you prefer warm weather, June, May, and September are the warmest months (33°C). When is the best time to travel to the Marshall Islands? If you prefer a dry climate, then January, February, and April are the best time for you. There are rain and snowfall from late October to early November. The lowest possibility of rain or snow occurs approximately in late January. Choose the best weather for you and begin to plan your vacation detailedly.

9. Is it safe to travel to the Marshall Islands?

marshall islands In general, these islands are safe, and probably you will not have serious troubles there. Crime rates are very low, and the worst situation which you can face can be theft or vandalism. Marshall Islands people are so kind, so vandalism acts are quite rare. However, because of nuclear weapons, some parts of the islands still have high radiation. Bikini and Enewetak atolls are still more radioactive than Chernobyl and Fukushima. 

10. National festivals and holidays

festival We can say that the national holidays of the country look like holidays in the USA. For example, in the same week, North America celebrates Labor Day, and they celebrate Rijerbal Day for the honour of workers. Another one is Gospel Day, which is similar to Thanksgiving. Besides, they have some holidays which show their culture and traditions, such as Manit Day. Fishing tournaments and sailing races are very popular in the country. Other holidays that we can mention are Liberation Day, Coconut Cup Regatta, Marshall Islands Constitution Day, Marshall Islands Remembrance Day.

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