11 reasons why you should travel to Mozambique right now

Judith Kamau 12 August 2020 899 views 5 min. read

Before going to Mozambique, you will have little to pop up from your mind when Mozambique's name is mentioned. It is not a surprise that many will ask where is Mozambique or even what is the capital of Mozambique is anytime the country is mentioned for discussion. Well, if you are one of them I will be glad to enlighten you. Mozambique is found on the southeast coast of Africa surrounded by Swaziland to the south, South Africa to the southwest, Malawi, and Zambia to the northwest, the Indian Ocean, and Tanzania to the north. The capital of Mozambique is Maputo, which is also the largest city in the country. Your travel to Mozambique will undoubtedly unveil some of the best admirable facts you never knew you could find. Let's look at a few reasons why you should travel to Mozambique right now.

1. The Outstanding Beaches

mozambican beach

Mozambique boasts of the mainland's wide tropical beaches and the private offshore beaches that you must visit on your trip to the country. One great thing about most of the beaches in Mozambique is their privacy. These Mozambique beaches are so private that you may think it is a select for the few every time you are there. The beaches extend for about 2,600 km along the deserted silky white coastline, giving you ample space to stretch along with walking, or even jogging the evening away. While there, sunbathing can be an enjoyable activity to engage in as you admire the scenic view of the beautiful ocean waters of the Indian Ocean. Whether you want to relax your day away or engage in high-adrenaline water sporting activities, the choice is utterly yours. The hotels surrounding the beach offer the best accommodation services, which you will undoubtedly love for the night. Planning for a honeymoon destination is easier when you have the beaches of Bazaruto in mind. The beaches are a perfect destination for family events and honeymoon thanks to their beauty and tranquility offered by the cool palm trees.

2. Delicious Meals

african meal

You never get to have enough of the local delicacies and the carefully prepared foreign cuisines, not to mention the seafood. Travel to Mozambique gives you an ideal chance to get your heart melted out with delicious meals that will paint a permanent memory of sweetness in your mind. If you've never tasted seafood before then, this might be your rare chance to try the fresh lobsters, crab, and peri-peri prawns, a step you will never regret taking. The locals specialize in combining flavors, giving you a perfect taste from lemon, chili, garlic, and a famous dish of Matapa in one seating. A meal like this would need a drink to wash it down as locals prefer doing it. You can consider the "2M Doshem" beer to do this work for you or a Tipo Tinto cocktail glass to ignite a party mood.

3. Luxurious and Affordable Resorts

luxurious and affordable resort

You have the power in your hands and pocket to choose how you want to spend your time in Mozambique. You can have it all in a glamorous five-star beach resort where apart from the luxurious comfort you will enjoy; you will also have easy access to the beaches. If that option doesn't trigger the joy in you, there is the option of backpacker's lodges to get excellent services at very affordable costs. You can expect great seafood, a pharmacy, cheap beer, diving centers, forex facilities, and souvenir markets in these backpackers, among other services. Whichever activity you are going for in Mozambique, you will get the services that befit your needs. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, friends come together, a business trip, or a romantic splurge, you can rest assured that you will get the best services for these.

4. Historical Maputo


The capital of Mozambique Maputo is not your ordinary destination city. For Mozambique, this most significant and capital city is described as the country's financial hub, and for you, as a visitor, it is the best place to start your holiday in the country. You will be pleased with the vast quiet of the city as you get your way around it. The modern buildings are mainly skyscrapers which are given way by the old derelict buildings with rugged facades. Maputo brags of historic museums, monuments, gardens, and markets are all a rich expression of the Mozambique people's historical moments and culture.

5. Unique Safaris

mozambique safari

If you thought that Mozambique nature is short of wildlife and game life to showcase, you have to think again, this time much better. Mozambique’s national parks and marine reserves are homes to many wildlife and over 400 species of birds. You probably already know about the Kruger National Park in neighboring South Africa, home to magnificent jumbos, and the mighty lions, a combination you will yearn for during a safari. But Kruger is not the only great national park in the entire Southern Africa region. The likes of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique are giving it a run for its money. Its plunging waterfalls, lush rainforests, large coffee plantations, and remarkable animals, among others, make it a perfect destination and an equal match for the Kruger National Park. So you will probably have a great Safari experience anytime you land in Mozambique for a holiday.

6. Oceanic Paradise

amazing ocean view

Are you a water enthusiast? If you are, then Mozambique nature has a way to meet your touring water desires. Mozambique prides itself on an array of ocean activities that are breathtaking and fascinating at the same time. You can enjoy dhow and boat cruising on the water either during the day when the sun is hot or in the cool hours of the day when the Sun is setting. You can never get enough whales if you choose to go for whale watching, mostly during the July to September period. While in the waters, you will probably catch a glimpse of how deep sea fishing is done where avid fishers arrive from all over to catch a wide variety of fish, including barracuda, kingfish, Dorado, and black marlin among others. If you're a diver, there is much fun awaiting you here too. When you check in into some select resorts such as the White Pearl Resorts in Ponta Mamoli, you can have all the diving fun.

7. Mozambican Hospitality

mozambican children

The African continent is full of hospitable countries full of welcoming and loving people. However, it seems the country of Mozambique is fighting to gain the top position in hospitability. As much as record and past experiences are concerned, there haven't been any reported cases of hostility between the Mozambique people and tourists. The smiley faces, warm welcomes, and show of interest you receive from the locals make you want to visit repeatedly.

8. Chimanimani Mountains

chimanimani national reserve

Being one of the wonders in Mozambique nature the Chimanimani Mountain ranges offer an attractive landscape where you can enjoy a peaceful walk as you admire the Miombo woodlands, lowland forest, and afro-alpine grasslands. It is also an excellent destination for bird watching as the forests around are homes to various birds. Once in a while, you can bump into a bushbuck or a sable, hosted in the woodlands. Another compelling reason for having a walk down is the rock art dated about 2,000 to 10,000 years old that will remind you of the great work of art thousands of years ago.

9. Growing Economy

inhambane handcraft

While the costs of local commodities and services may already seem high in the country of Mozambique, things might be tighter for foreigners economically as Mozambique is growing economically. Unlike her Indian Ocean counterparts who are already doing better, Mozambique struggles to reconcile her war-ravaged past with the unsettled present to create a better country. When they soon achieve this reconciliation, the cost of tourism will probably go high, and that's why you should visit now when things are much affordable.

10. Tropical Climate

mozambique sunrise

The tropical Mozambique climate is favorable throughout the year, making it ideal for you to visit almost any time. The climate here is a compilation of warm, dry and cooler season that runs from May to October and a wet, hot season running from November to April. In both seasons, wildlife will be available and active for viewing with the dry season, bringing wildlife closer to the water points and the wet seasons spreading them almost everywhere.

11. Bargaining Culture

rural marketplace

The outstanding trade culture in Mozambique is probably the bargaining power of the locals. This culture has made Mozambique be likened to Southeast Asia, where negotiating for the best price is the trade order. In Mozambique, you can bargain practically anything you find in the market, which gives you a chance to save a few pennies for more fun.


mozambique capital

You won't have a boring time in Mozambique when you visit regardless of the year you choose to go there. All you need to know in advance is the places you plan to visit and the number of days you want to spend. Get yourself enough cash to see you through maximum fun in the country.

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