10 reasons why you should travel to Munich instead of Berlin

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If you are planning to travel to Germany, you should visit the city of Munich. You can ask: why not the capital Berlin? "Berlin or Munich" is a difficult choice for those who travel to Germany for the first time. In this article, you will find ten main reasons why you should travel to Munich. Are you wondering what to do in Munich? In this city there are many sights, amazing places, architectural monuments, not in vain one of the episodes of the popular TV program "Eagle and Tails" was filmed in Munich.

It is no secret that Munich is also called the second capital in Germany. And there's a reason for that. This city is the heart of Bavaria; it is so hospitable that you will not want to leave it. Everyone on the planet has probably heard of the annual Oktoberfest, which is held in Munich, the German beer capital. It has an excellent mild climate, a large number of historical monuments, castles, museums, and delicious Bavarian food that every gourmet will enjoy.

Once you travel to Munich, you will want to come back here again and again. Munich has something to see, eat and drink. But let's start by looking at the main attractions of this exciting city. 

1. Go to the BMW museum


For all car enthusiasts, it will be the most unforgettable excursion. It is in Munich that the world-famous museum of the most popular car manufacturer is located. And even if you do not have a BMW, a visit to this museum will be an exciting and memorable event for you.

The museum is known for its interactivity, state-of-the-art technology and a large number of exhibits. Here you will see the very first models of BMW cars, as well as the latest novelties that have recently appeared on the market. By the way, this museum will be especially appreciated by men of any age. No matter if you are 3 or 103 years old, this museum will simply delight you with what you see.

It's shaped like a gas tank lid. You'll agree that this is original, modern and merely interesting, for example, to take a couple of fresh photos from Munich. In Berlin, unfortunately, there is no such museum. So if you're still thinking about it, then make up your mind. A visit to the BMW Museum will be an exciting pastime in Germany for adults and children alike. Enough reason to travel to Munich and not Berlin!

2. To visit the fairytale - Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle - it is not so easy to pronounce its name correctly, but the complicated name does not affect its beauty in any way. Munich has many beautiful and fabulous castles, but this one is very popular among tourists. The romantic castle Neuschwanstein means "new swan stone"; it was the prototype of the manor of Sleeping Beauty in the French Disneyland.

King Louis II had been building the castle for over 17 years, but he did not create it entirely.

If you come on a tour of Neuschwanstein, the first thing you should do is visit the Gothic cathedral, the Grotto (cave with waterfall) and the Hall of Singers. You can walk in the castle for a very long time. More than 6 thousand tourists visit Neuschwanstein every day, so this place is considered the most visited castle in Germany.

Today only a watchman lives in the castle, and the entire area is a museum. You will be fascinated by the beauty and uniqueness of this castle. It's not a chance that Tchaikovsky wrote "Swan Lake" after visiting Neuschwanstein. It is a fabulous valley, after which you will have many pleasant memories.

3. Visit the beer restaurant Hofbrauhaus


Even if you don't drink beer, you should visit this restaurant. It is located in the heart of Munich City, so you just can't pass by. It is the most famous restaurant that used to have a court brewery. And it was back in the 17th century.

The Hofbrauhaus restaurant was once visited by Lenin and even Mozart. Imagine having a beer in Munich's genuinely historic location. You won't find one in Berlin for sure.

The Hofbrauhaus is a vast institution, and up to 4,000 visitors can drink beer at the same time. In addition to 3 types of real beers, you can also enjoy Bavarian specialities. It's delicious and Germanish.

The indescribable atmosphere of the place will definitely appeal to you, but unfortunately, it is difficult to describe it. The Hofbrauhaus restaurant is worth a visit while you travel to Germany. Everybody has a good time!

4. Relax in the English Garden

English Garden

It may seem strange that while in Germany, you will be walking in the English Garden. But it's still worth coming to Munich for that reason. Munich vs Berlin? Consider that Berlin does not have such a vast and beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. This garden is much larger than New York's world-famous Central Park. Just imagine, the history of the garden dates back to the 18th century. It was named English because of its unusual English landscape design.

This natural oasis in the middle of the city has many advantages that make it popular among visitors:

    beer gardens (outdoor restaurants that offer a wide range of beers and snacks of traditional cuisine)
    vast meadows where everyone can relax
    many water bodies, streams and small lakes.
    many bridges
    artificial ripples on the river
    the official part of the nudist park

As you can see, the English Garden is very diverse. Over 7,000 people can visit it at a time. This is the highlight of Munich, because of which you should choose this city for excursions and recreation.

5. Study history in Dachau


German history is filled with not very good events, especially during the Second World War. Not far from Munich is the city of Dachau. This is the city where the Nazi concentration camp was once located. The history of this camp is shrouded in the killing and torture of innocent people. Today, anyone who has turned 14 can take a tour of this camp. The impressions of the trip will be hard, but this place is part of German and world history.

"Never again" is the leitmotif of Dachau, which is carved on granite. If you want to learn the history, be sure to come on a tour of the place of the former camp. In this case, you don't have to explain why you should go here. You will feel that you made the right choice as soon as you get to Dachau.

6. Do shopping

Shopping in Munich

Don't be surprised, but to go shopping in Munich is another reason why this city should be given preference over Berlin. The city of Munich is known throughout Europe for its shopping centres and regular promotions, as well as sales in popular shops.

If you are looking for brands at low prices, then you should travel to Munich. The chic assortment and wide range of discounts will delight every visitor to the shopping malls.

Especially it is better to go in July or December, the brand boutiques on the Maximilianstrasse start real sales with discounts of up to 50%. 

Near Munich, there is a small village called Ingolstadt Village, where you can also save a lot of money. There are a lot of boutiques in the town where regular sales are held. If you are going shopping at the weekend in Munich, please note that the shops are not open on Sunday.

Aren't these reasons enough for getting a Germany Schengen visa and travel to, as said, Deutschland?!

7. Drink a beer on Oktoberfest


If you are a fan of this drink and fun company, Munich's Oktoberfest is the place for you. It attracts tourists from all over the world every year, so you can not only relax at Oktoberfest but also make a lot of acquaintances.

Plenty of alcohol, sausages, sausages and other most calorific food... you won't leave the festival hungry for sure.

Oktoberfest is also a very bright festival. If you have clothes that are inappropriate to wear in everyday life, they will be suitable for the festival. This is where you can wear your funniest outfit, such as a bright hat or vest, and that's not going to surprise anybody. Intelligent people, lots of hoppy drinks made by renowned Bavarian factories, a lot of delicacies and, most importantly, a cheerful mood - that's what awaits every guest of Munich's Oktoberfest.

When is Oktoberfest? Well, the festival takes place annually from mid-September to early October on the Theresienwiese meadow. Over 6 million people attend this popular festivity, and if you like such fun, you should travel to Munich.

If you don't like beer very much, you'll still have a lot to do at Oktoberfest, and it's not about eating different delicacies. There are plenty of Munich attractions to suit all tastes and levels of fear, and even roller coasters contribute to a fun and unforgettable holiday. Are you still thinking of Munich vs Berlin? The second option.

8. Admire the Alps

Munich city

Many people consider Bavaria, including Munich itself, to be a separate country that does not belong to Germany. All because the city is entirely different from other German cities. It's from Munich that you can get to the amazingly beautiful Alps. For this purpose, go to the railway station, and you can take a comfortable train to the Garmisch-Patenkirchen station. The road is just over 100 km away, but when you come to the mountains, you will see an impressive beauty. 

Alpine meadows, forests and expanses - this is what everyone who travel to Germany needs to see. This is the part of Europe that will conquer your heart forever. Both in winter and summer, the Bavarian Alps are incredibly beautiful. The small village of Oberammergau, which lies in the Alpine meadows, is a combination of real Bavarian beer and folkloric traditions. In any case, a tour of the mountains will please both adults and children. So if you are planning a travel to Munich, the Bavarian Alps should be a must on the list of planned excursions. They are wonderful! Of course, you won't find purple cows from the Milka chocolate commercial there, but the bright green meadows and the incredibly beautiful mountains will impress you.

9. Visit Munich museums

museum in Munich

There are museums in every town, and it's no surprise to anyone. But it is in Munich that the famous German Museum (Deutsches Museum) and its branches are located. The Deutsches Museum is located on the Isar River and is the world's largest technical museum. Do you think you can get around it in one day? There are so many exhibits in the museum that it will take a very long time. You can also touch and even try them in action. It is a unique museum, which is located in the city of Munich. Now decide, Berlin or Munich?

10. Go to the football match

FC Bayern

What to do in Munich? If you're a football fan, Munich is just the place for you. Here you will find the home stadium of FC Bayern Munich, called Allianz Arena. You can even book a separate excursion to this city attraction and come to the professional FC Bayern Munich game on Sundays. Football lovers will appreciate this opportunity, and the stadium is only 10 km from the city centre.

As you may have already understood, after reading this article, Munich has a lot of Munich attractions for every taste. Everyone who plans to travel to Germany is definitely worth a trip to this city. Suppose you've watched "Eagle and Tails" Munich edition, you have probably already experienced the spirit of the city and its centuries-old traditions. We wish you a pleasant stay in Bavaria and a delicious beer!

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