13 reasons why you should travel to Myanmar right now

Aishwari Rout 21 October 2020 615 views 7 min. read

Have you ever thought deeply about nature, its beauty, truly the earth is full of natural beauty? There are many countries, states, cities on this earth that are liable to travel. Every place on this earth has its unique tourist attraction, where tourism is followed as a culture. So. friends, willing to come with me for a tour? Are you ready for the fantastic trip? Let me tell you which is that beautiful place. Today I will be taking you to Myanmar, well, wondering where is Myanmar? The beautiful country settled at the edges of South-East in Asia, bordered by Bangladesh and located towards the northwest of India. Myanmar is a wealthy country full of gold; everywhere there, you will get to see the roof plates of Buddhist Pagodas made of gold.  I will take a few minutes of yours to explain to you about Myanmar. Naypyidaw, Myanmar capital, is ranked as the third-largest city, the city is full of entertainment, music and art, which are its main points of attraction. Few of the beautiful gems are a sunset view at Uppatasanti Pagoda, Zayyarthiri Stadium, Planetarium, etc. You can reach Myanmar via airways. According to primary research, there are no railways or roadways to Myanmar. Hence, the most convenient means of transport to land in the country is by Airways.  Apart from natural beauty, there is one reason why Myanmar is one of the most popular tourist places. Myanmar people are very loving, mild; they enjoy the interaction between tourists and their country. They are very polite in talking and help in every possible way to the tourists to find any location, and their services are appreciated.  The above is a short introduction about Myanmar, travel to Myanmar, Myanmar capital, where is Myanmar, the stunning beauty of nature, beautiful culture, and rituals in Myanmar, local Myanmar cuisine, religious monuments that make the tourist inspired and interested in visiting Myanmar. In this article, you will get to explore what to do in Myanmar and how to spend quality time in Myanmar.

1. Best temples to visit in Bagan

pagoda field of bagan

Bagan, the capital of the kingdom Pagan, has been considered famous for Buddhist Pilgrimage. According to research, Bagan has thousands of temples, pagodas, sculptures; it includes 2200 plus temples all designed with different concepts of architecture. It has become the main tourist attraction for its breathtaking interiors, peace, and artistic architecture. The best time to visit the Bagan Temple is the sunrise; the fresh air will touch your heart. The detailed built-in view of the Bagan Archaeological Zone makes tourists enlightened. Tourists can meditate in the gu style hollow temples and can increase their concentration power. Don’t forget to take a ride on an electric bike in Bagan. For tourists, a ride along the roads at Bagan is one of the unique things to try. Electric bikes are not only safer but also better for the environment as compared to motorbikes. Hence you can lease an electric bike; its cost will be around 3000-5000 kyat per day. So, Bagan is the first reason why you should travel to Myanmar.

2. Locals Become Friends

people of myanmar

The locals of Myanmar country are genuinely excited to see tourists, they are very happy whenever they get to meet tourists. Tourists are also friendly with the local Myanmar people and ask to have a picture with them. Tourists usually click a snap with locals so that they can share it with their family, friends and can post it up in their Instagram stories. That will surprise you at the time you reach Myanmar for the first time. 

3. Iconic Pagodas in Yangon

shwe dagon pagoda compound

Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar, is most famous for flavoursome food, few people say the city has relaxed and positive vibes. Tourists searching for some positive vibes should visit beautiful Pagodas. Two Pagodas are very much popular here, one is Sule Pagoda, and the other is Shwedagon Pagoda. These two are the most remarkable Pagodas you will find in the country. The Sule Pagoda is around 2000 years old, and the interior is decorated with leaves and shiny mirrors. The shiny mirrors reflect sunrise during the day and lit up lights in the dark- the real gem you will get to see there. What you can do is to click pictures in the darkness or sunrise and save it as a memory. Lovely views of ancient Buddhist sculptures, statues, monuments, and other will impress you. Believe me, friends, your tour in Myanmar is incomplete if you won’t visit the other famous Shwedagon Pagoda, which is overall 2500 years old, it’s one of the precious manifests shore of Buddhist’s holy hair and other holy antique. It is meant to the best depository of Myanmar heritage with its intricate arts, sculptures, and architectures. You will get to see here concrete temples, statues, stupas that are a throwback towards the ancient era. Tourists can visit temples, worship God, offer flowers, and meditate to feel the peace. Hence, this one is the third reason why you should travel to Myanmar. 

4. Best Mandalay Tour

hot air balloon misty morning

After Yangon, Mandalay is ranked as the second-largest city in Myanmar. Let’s explore Mandalay, but before that, let`s get brief information about history. King Mindon established Mandalay; the aim of the establishment was the teachings of Buddhism. Mandalay was called the Golden City before, and later it was changed to its current name of Mandalay. I would recommend you to accommodate yourself in the centre of the city so that you can explore the three ancient capitals Amarapura, Inwa (Ava), and Sagaing, as well as the town of Mingun, which are at a walkable distance from Mandalay city. Apart from this, there are many other exploring spots like Mandalay Royal Palace, Mandalay hills, U-Bein Bridge, and the remarkable Pagodas. You can reach out to this place via any local transport. The primary transportation used there is Trishaw.  For shopping, you can visit Zegyo market. This market is well known, and you can get anything at a low price. As another destination, you can explore King Galon Gold Leaf Workshop, Mahamuni Buddha temple & Amarapura, Kuthodaw pagoda. You will get to see here many iconic arts, gorgeous and glittering sunsets, and many more. 

5. Yummy Myanmar Cuisine

spicy burmese fish soup

Time to explore a few restaurants, stalls, street foods. Myanmar is the place where most people from different religions settle. You can get there a table full of a variety of dishes. The taste of local food is so delighted and yummy that you will never forget this taste in your lifetime. Some popular dishes to taste are laphet thoke – a tea leaf salad, mont hin ga – a breakfast noodle dish, or nan gyi thoke – a chicken curry salad with thick rice noodles.

6. Budget friendly country

myanmar kyat

Some people love to travel, but due to the restricted budget, they are unable to fulfil their travel exposures. No need to worry, Myanmar is a budget-friendly and cheap country: the accommodation, travelling, food, shopping all are under budget. 

7. Cool Myanmar Weather

inle lake

Myanmar’s weather condition is not a problem for tourists. The country experiences a tiny amount of rainfall; the evenings are quite refreshing with the cool breeze. Mostly, you will find refrigerating weather with low heat. The suitable time to visit Myanmar is from October to March. 

8. Spectacular Beaches

silhouette kicking the ball

Myanmar country has spectacular beaches. It’s one of the attractive spots to visit. The beaches are full of white sand; walking on the sands will praise you with warmness. Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, and Chaung Tha Beach are among a few attractive beaches that you can visit in Myanmar

9. Balloons over Bagan

hot air balloon

So, friends, you must be wondering how one can fly over the Bagan? Is that even possible? Sure, why not? You can take balloon flights to fly over Bagan. You can use any transport mode to visit the temples, monuments in Bagan. Since 1999, Balloon flights are also used by tourists to view the golden Pagados from the top. Catch sight of the Bagan Archaeological Zone from the highest points. Hence, you can enjoy the scenic view and beautiful golden ground by flying in the Balloons. 

10. Surreal Life on Inle Lake

inle lake

Myanmar is surrounded by mountains, and you can find a lake between these mountains. The count of villages located on Inle Lake is around 17. Inle Lake is ranked as the country’s second-largest lake, and it’s prominent for floating villages, fascinating natural beauty and a different style of living by the Intha people. Apart from this, you will get to experience there the lake’s prosperous and developed environment, most of the houses are made of stilt and vegetable hangings. You will get to learn many things from the village people and will also learn a few essential life lessons. 

11. Experience Ride-on Circle Train

traditional circle train

Yangon’s special circle train will become the finest memory of yours at the end of the tour. You will get a total of 3 hours of ride on the circle train. With this ride, you can experience the whole Yangon city differently. You will get to watch the food stalls, mesmerizing markets, rice crops, native houses all on the way. Besides rushing on the Circle Train ride, consider the interior of the train which is so stunning to look at, the seats of the train have a push-back system, at the side, you will find a metal fan placed for the visitors to enjoy the slow breeze. Believe me, this one ride will be memorable for you, so do not forget to include it in your activities list in Myanmar

12. Experience Short Treks

sunset from hpan pu mountain

Hike Hpan Pu Mountain is a low mountain that you can visit for trekking. One more hidden enjoyment is that you need to pass the river to reach the hill. The interesting fact is you will get the mind-blowing experience of travelling via a local canoe boat, after passing the river you will need to walk for a few miles and then reach the mountain top. You can see the unbelievable view of Myanmar villages from the top, as the place is full of beauty and is way different from usual roads. 

13. Adventure island tour

beautiful tropical island

In the deepen tip of Myanmar, you will find the incredible island well known as the Mergui Archipelago. This region is skipped by most of the visitors. However, slowly and steadily, the island is visited. To reach there, you need a good boat guide, who can guide you all time throughout the journey. Tourists or visitors explore the island because of its well-known dive spots in Asia


field of plants

In this blog, I have mentioned 13 reasons why you should travel to Myanmar right now. Let me take an opportunity to summarize the fantastic experience that you will get on visiting Myanmar: Bagan Temples, Pagodas, boat trips, archaeological zones, interior architecture, arts, sculptures, statues of Buddhists, and a lot many. I would highly recommend you to travel to Myanmar and experience all this beauty personally.

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