10 things I wish I knew before going to Myanmar

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Myanmar

Do you know where is Myanmar? Why should you travel to Myanmar? Myanmar has been known as the Republic of Burma since ancient times, and officially the country is called Myanmar. It is displayed to the world as a sovereign country in Southeast Asia. Talking about Myanmar's borderlines, Myanmar is bordering India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos. The Myanmar coastline is 5,876 km to the south, forming the coastline from the Bay of Bengal. In addition to this, about 1930 km of the Andaman Sea includes the coastline. The 2014 Census of Myanmar has a population of 51 million people. According to the 2017 census, Myanmar has a population of about 54 million. Myanmar is 676,578 square kilometres in size. Myanmar capital is Naypyidaw, and its largest city and former capital are Yangon.

Things to know before travelling to Myanmar.

1. What to do in Myanmar?


If you want to know what to do in Myanmar, I want to tell you that Myanmar is not the right place to travel in a favourable budget. You can stay here for one or two days and create all the adventures. Myanmar is a small beautiful country, mostly known for adventure sports such as rock climbing, rappelling. We want to tell you that Myanmar has a lot of adventure places to visit. You will find small cottages and houses in Myanmar, one of the beautiful hill stations here, built-in quaint colonial style. Apart from this, it is a wonderful and attractive country. Myanmar has beautiful glaciers that make the beauty of the place even more appealing. Tourists will enjoy a lot after spending time at the beach. Many sports types are organized in Myanmar, which proves to be a perfect place for sports lovers. Travelling to Myanmar is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Myanmar is also included in the list of particular countries of the world in terms of women safety so you can travel to Myanmar easily with your family.

2. Myanmar map

red pin on myanmar

Before travelling to Myanmar, you should easily understand the Myanmar map; this will give you an idea of where Myanmar is located. Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia, with a total area of 6,78,500 square kilometres. Its northeast borders India with Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Chitgov province of Bangladesh. The country's longest border in the north is with Tibet province of China. To the south-east of Myanmar is the country of Laos and Thailand. The coastline of Myanmar is one-third of the country's total border. The Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea lie in the southwest and south of the country. This chain divides Myanmar into three river systems. The river passes through the most fertile land of Myanmar before falling into the Gulf of Martaban. Most of the population of Myanmar reside in the valley of this river which is situated between Rakhine Yoma and Shan Plateau. The top part of the country lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. The Myanmar map shows that Myanmar is located in the monsoon region of the Asia continent. Myanmar is a wonderful country in terms of natural beauty.

3. Myanmar Currency

myanmar money

Before travelling to Myanmar, you need to be aware of Myanmar currency. The official currency of Myanmar is Kyat. If you talk about coins smaller than kyat, then pya is currency smaller than kyat. 1 kyat consists of 100 pyas. The Burmese kyat is represented by the symbol K or MMK, just as the USD symbol represents the US dollar. While travelling to Myanmar, it can be challenging to find coins of pya. However, you can use notes up to 1,000 kyats here. If you do not have Myanmar currency while travelling to Myanmar, you can use the US Dollar. To make an incredibly expensive or big purchase, you should use US dollars only. You can use US dollars to pay for hotels, flights, historical travel and meals. If you exchange here in US Dollars, the acceptable exchange rate can be 1300 kyat ~ 1 USD. If you have to pay for short rides, such as taxi rides, buses and mid-range meals while travelling, it would be good to use Burmese kyat for this.

4. Is it safe to travel to Myanmar?

inle lake intha fishermen

Before travelling to Myanmar, you must have this question: Is it safe to travel to Myanmar? Suppose you are going for a long trip to Myanmar with your friends or family, it is crucial to be cautious and your excitement about the country. Beautiful tourist spots in Myanmar are always crowded, so there is a possibility of theft of your luggage and items. So, during your travel to Myanmar, keep your cash separately, not in one single place and keep the money as low as possible and use online payment.

5. Where to travel in Myanmar?

u bein bridge

Do you know where to travel in Myanmar? Myanmar country, located along the coastline in the continent of Asia, is one of the world's famous and attractive tourist destinations. You will get acquainted with the fascinating beauty, nature, beaches and serene environment of Myanmar country. But what do you know? Myanmar is also famous for its magnificence and seashells and lakes full of its prominent and adorable beauty. According to this reason, Myanmar is also called as 'Land of Lakes'. These lakes have an influential contribution to the tourism of Myanmar, which is highly liked by tourists and locals as a picnic spot. Most of these lakes of Myanmar were built for drinking and irrigation of people, which is interesting things about Myanmar. Myanmar has some world-famous tourist destinations of which Sule Pagoda, Mount Popa, Inle Lake, Hpa-An etc. are the main ones.

6. Delicious Food

fried dough made peanut rice

If you want to eat delicious food in Myanmar, then you must go to Myanmar capital. Here you will get a chance to have the most delicious food around the world. Sheep meat is more preferred among the people of Myanmar. Along with this, the people of Myanmar also like wearing beer and drinking alcohol. The food here is one of the interesting things about Myanmar. Every kind of dishes, according to the taste of all, will be found here. It doesn't matter you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will experience all kinds of dishes to be seen here. Shan-style rice, curry, tea shop meal, sweet snacks, and deep-fried stuff etc. are some of the leading food items of Myanmar.

7. Shopping

handmade statues

Do you know where Myanmar's best shopping area is? Shopping in Myanmar is considered one of the best experiences for any tourist. Myanmar capital is the most popular shopping destination. In olden times, it also holds an important place in history due to the many textile mills in the city. Currently, Myanmar is becoming a rapidly growing commercial hub. On the crowded street in Myanmar, you will find many shopping markets ranging from food items to have very memorable shopping experiences. Although there is a lot to buy here, Myanmar's needs for women are no less than a paradise.

8. Natural Beauty

beautiful rural landscape

During the trip to Myanmar, you must enjoy the natural beauty of Myanmar. Myanmar is a country blessed with natural beauty. People come from my country to visit the world in Myanmar. Myanmar, surrounded by thick forests and blue sea beaches, is nothing short of a beautiful dream world. The world is familiar with the beauty of Myanmar, so millions of tourists have come in search of peace. Tourists say that the natural beauty of Myanmar is one of the exciting things about Myanmar. Along with the beauty, the taste here is also unique. People come from far and wide to taste the native dishes of seafood.

9. Nightlife

nightlife at yangon

Before travelling to any country, you should make sure that country is safe to travel. So the question in your mind will be that is it safe to travel to Myanmar in the night? Tourists are told that Myanmar's nightlife is secure. However, along with visiting Myanmar city, you can also enjoy the nightlife here. There are many bars and clubs in Myanmar in which you can enjoy. Dance, music, beer party etc. can be enjoyed at night. Some of the famous nightlife here include cafes, graspers, opera bars, clubs.

10. Best time to travel to Myanmar

tawn wine sunrise

Before travelling to Myanmar, you must be aware of the climate of Myanmar. Myanmar has a tropical climate with mainly three seasons. In which the rainy season lasts from mid-May to October. The second season here is summer, which lasts from March to May. The winter season in Myanmar lasts from mid-November to mid-February. During the monsoon season, there were 200 inches in Upper Myanmar, Rangoon, located in the south, receives 100 inches of rainfall. Low Myanmar's winter temperature is 15.5 degrees Celsius. And the heat temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. In central Myanmar, summer temperature is higher than the winter temperature of lower Myanmar and less than the temperature of summer. Keeping in view the climate of Myanmar, the best time to visit Myanmar is considered to be from February to October.

While travelling to Myanmar, tourists first think of where to travel in Myanmar? So we would like to tell you that Myanmar is one of the world-famous tourist places, where there are many Instagrammable places that you can add to your travel list. However, Myanmar is a country blessed with natural beauty. People come from my country to visit the world in Myanmar. Myanmar, surrounded by thick forests and blue sea beaches, is nothing short of a beautiful dream world. The world is familiar with the beauty of Myanmar, so there is more number of tourists who have come in search of peace. Along with the beauty, the taste here is also unique.

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