11 reasons why you should travel to Namibia right now

11 reasons why you should travel to Namibia right now

Chima Nnaemeka13 October 20201223 views7 min. read
11 reasons why you should travel to Namibia right now
Africa. Namibia is one of the interesting countries in Africa. It is a big country with a lot of features that should make you travel to Namibia. If you are looking for the when is the best time to travel to Namibia, then you should start preparing now. From this article, you will know where is Namibia and the reasons why it should be the next travel destination for a vacation. There are many reasons why you should travel to Namibia right now, and they include:

1. Astonished Landscapes

Astonished Landscapes Namibia is a magical, mysterious and magnificent, or extraordinary country where the natural landscapes are not big but very clear when compared to other landscapes in Africa. You will see the endangered desert elephant in Damaraland. At the Etosha National Park, there are many games to play. Other landscapes you will see in the country can be found at the vast Skeleton Coast, Grand Canyon, and Fish River Canyon. Although some of them might be hostile, they host flourishing flora and fauna.

2. Namibia Desert

Namibia Desert Namibia is known for its oldest desert on Earth. This is one of the reasons tourists leave their home to witness. It has an extremely stunning environment. The Namibia Desert stretches from South Africa to Angola. You will see the tallest dunes on Earth in Namibia. If beholding these dunes interests you, Namibia should be among the top three countries you should visit before the year ends. You should not forget to visit the meeting point of this Desert with the Atlantic Ocean. Take a lot of Instagrammable pictures at this location. It will always remind you of how beautiful nature is in Namibia.

3. Safety 

Race If you are among those asking is it safe to travel to Namibia then you should know that the country is safe. It is considered among the safest places you can travel to. After they gained their independence in 1990 from South Africa, the country has enjoyed good governance. Unlike other countries in Africa, Namibia has benefited from political stability. With these in place, there is growth in education, the attraction of foreign investors. Their infrastructure keeps on improving. If you want to travel to Namibia for education, you are in the right place. Namibia is one of the African countries with the highest literacy rates. Covering political views and parties are allowed in the country. You will hardly see this in other African countries.

4. Photographed and Instagrammable Dune

Desert in Namibia The most photographed dune on earth is seen in Namibia. Such pictures have been used as Instagrammable pictures because of its extraordinary qualities. If you have not heard of Dune 45, take the next flight down to Namibia. You will see it in the Sossusvlei part of the oldest desert in the country. The dune is over 4 million years. Its height is over 160 meters. You can compare the height with the pyramids of Giza. This alone should tell you how tall it is, and this is a reason why you should travel to Namibia to see for yourself. The popularity of dune 45 is traceable to its location. You can find it close to the road and join others who stop to see it before continuing their journey.

5. The Wildlife

Wildlife of Namibia With 80 big species of mammal and more than 600 species of birds, the country is good in wildlife. It is a place to visit if you want to see an astonishing reality. There are 24 species of reptiles in the country. Are you a nature freak or one that loves exploring animals? Travel down to this country to learn more. You will see a lot of wildlife close to the Cunene River. This river is a habitat for many Nile crocodiles. In the south of the country, Etosha National Park is a habitat to many and high densities of game. You will see giraffe, hyena, lion, elephant, and other desert-adapted wildlife in the Western part of the country. This is found in the Kaokoveld wilderness. If you have heard of any largest surviving black rhino, then it is here in Namibia that it exists. You should travel to Namibia for recreation or sightseeing. Make sure you take a lot of pictures too.

6. The Kalahari Desert

Namibian wildlife The Kalahari desert is a must-visit for every tourist in Namibia. It has many and different wildlife. In this desert, you will see animals such as zebra, giraffe, cheetah, Springbok, elephant, oryx, ostrich, African Wild Dog, and others. There are big nests on the trees that are well constructed. If you are a photographer, don’t miss to take Instagrammable pictures at this spot. This Desert is a habitat to the Sociable Weaver. There are many extraordinary lodges found within the Kalahari. They offer tourists and visitors exciting tours, delicious meals and sunset drinks. You can lodge in the hospitable Kalahari Anib Lodge when you travel to Namibia.

7. Sunrise

Sunrise in Namibia The possibility of you preferring sunrise over sunset is high when you travel to Namibia. It does not matter the place you are staying be it the Namibia Desert Lodge, Kalahari Anib Desert, or not; you will certainly meet a stunning early sunrise. This is an amazing experience when you glance at Namibian Desert during sunrise. Witnessing this beauty elsewhere is not possible.

8. Townships of Katutura

Townships of Katutura Having the knowledge behind apartheid history and circumstances in Namibia is important. In the year 1990, the country was free from South Africa. The laws that distinguish white and black citizens affected them. Katutura has their hands open to tourists to witness it physically and gives tourists tours around the township. You should come to this place when you travel to Namibia to experience and explore the tour of Katutura townships.

9. The People of Himba

People of Himba  One of the reasons why you should travel to Namibia is to see the Himba people. These set of people are known with their hair. Their hair has the shape of Otjize paste. The coloured hair is uniquely braided. If you want to see something different from what you have seen before, come to the country. They are found in the northern part of the country. These people have their habitat at the Kunene Region of the country. The Himba people make use of clay to protect their hair from the severe sun. To keep both mosquitoes and bugs away a mixture of ochre and butterfat is applied on their skin. It protects their skin from the scorching sun or desert heat. You will certainly learn a lot from these people when you travel to Namibia.

10. Swakopmund

Swakopmund Swakopmund is one of the noticeable cities in the country. It is located on the western coast of the country. The name Swakopmund is a combination of two German words mund and swakop. While mund means mouth, swakop is a river that floats into the ocean close to the city. About 45000 people live in the town, although, in Namibia, the town is the fourth biggest. The city of Swakop is a famous place for tourist visit in summer. If you are a beach lover, you should travel to Namibia. You will enjoy their coffee places, great beaches, and German architecture. The seafood made available here is delicious. You should try the food when you visit the country. Always find out the travelling guides even when you know the best time to travel to Namibia. It will be of great help.

11. Whale Watching

Whale Watching Namibia is a country that you should travel to if you enjoy wildlife. Apart from the many animals in the forests as mentioned above, the country is known for having a lot of whales. A city in the country that is known as Walvis is a habitat of many beautiful creatures. It is a home to marine life. Walvis Bay is where all the money of the country can be traced. It is both the major harbour of the country and the industrial hub. You will see a street after the bay boulevard known as the ‘Millionaires Mile’. Many tourists come to this place when they visit Namibia. You should do so too because the waters draw many Southern Right Whales towards the bay. Other marine creatures that are drawn to the bay include penguins, seals, Mola Molas, and dolphins. The sight of whales and these creatures to the bay gives a distinctive feeling within. You will love to see this as well as capture them with your camera.

Final Verdict 

There are many reasons people leave their homes to travel both far and near. Africa, as a continent, is one of the places people love to visit for vacation. The country of Namibia, which is also Africa, attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world because of the reasons mentioned above. The best time to travel to Namibia is now if you want to experience these reasons.

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