12 reasons why you should travel to Papua New Guinea right now

12 reasons why you should travel to Papua New Guinea right now

Gunel Eyvazli04 January 20212797 views9 min. read
12 reasons why you should travel to Papua New Guinea right now

Today we are going to speak about one of the world’s magnificent travel destinations Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is the second-largest island in the world, following Greenland. With an exotic nature, specific tradition, more than 800 local languages Papua New Guinea is one of the special travel destinations in the world. We will try to clarify some thoughts for travelers like: where is Papua New Guinea, what is the capital of Papua New Guinea, is it safe to travel to Papua New Guinea, what is the best time to travel to Papua New Guinea, etc. If you are serious about traveling to Papua New Guinea, please check Papua New Guinea visa requirements for your nationality in the first place. So, if you are ready, let’s discover this colorful island.

1. Port Moresby - the heart of Papua New Guinea

port moresby

What is the capital of Papua New Guinea, and what features does this city possess? Port Moresby – is the largest city and the capital of Papua New Guinea. You should start your travel to Papua New Guinea from this city because it is like a hub for other travel destinations. 

Where is Papua New Guinea airport and how do tourists get there? Jackson Airport is the central airport of Port Moresby. You can fly to Port Moresby from different directions, including Japan, Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. However, bear in mind that tickets are cheaper from Australia comparing with other countries. Usually, travelers choose to fly from Australian cities like Peth, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. To answer the question of what is the capital of Papua New Guinea, we ought to take into account that Port Moresby is not a megapolis like other cities. If you love discrepancy, then Port Moresby is for your taste. Shantytowns with poor residents, modern western office apartment complexes, green hills, and rich blue ocean, a crowded marketplace full of people, electricity problems around all areas of the city – these are the first sights from Port Moresby. Although there are a lot of crime and robbery cases, Papua New Guinea people are friendly and try to help tourists. Just watch out and keep safe your personal belongings.

2. Varirata National Park - welcome to the world of birds

varirata national park

This is one of the loveliest places among tourists. Green nature with forests, mountains, and sea always attract guests. There are hundreds of local habitat sorts living in Varirata National Park. You can observe various sorts of birds in this tremendous park. Some travelers camp inside the Varirata National Park. Actually, it is not prohibited, but we do not recommend it because of security reasons. Anyhow, if you travel with a group, you can camp here. And where is Papua New Guinea, Varirata National Park? The park is located approximately 36 km (about 1,5-2 hours) from Port Moresby. Sometimes tourists miss the daily life of birds because they arrive in late hours. So, it is good to visit Varirata National Park in the early hours.

3. The Kokoda Track - the trek that will challenge you

kokoda track

The Kokoda Track is very popular among Papua New Guinea people and all over the world. There were dreadful clashes during World War II. This place was the end for thousands of soldiers from Japan and Papua-Australian allies. Fortunately, today The Kokoda Track is a peaceful place, and it is a center for trekkers. The length of the modern track is almost 100 km, and it is very challenging. It lies in the jungles and mountains. The road infrastructure is limited, so tourists should be ready for this circumstance. Is it safe to travel to Papua New Guinea Kokoda Track? It depends on the trekkers' experience and providence to the route. Additionally, local guides are professional, and they look out for the members of the group. The best time to travel to Papua New Guinea Kokoda Track is Jun-Aug because of the relevant season for tracks.

4. Rainforest Habitat - see saltwater crocodiles on their mainland

aerial view of reef rainforest

This amazing natural place is one of the most chosen travel destinations in Papua New Guinea. Various animals, birds, and especially Agro. Do you know what Agro is? It is the name of huge saltwater crocodiles. Tourists can observe them and see how ZOO personnel feed them. Visiting Rainforest Habitat will probably be one of the best spending time in Papua New Guinea. And where is Papua New Guinea Rainforest Habitat? Rainforest habitat is in Lae, Papua New Guinea. You can get there by public motor vehicles from Eriku.

5. Yuo Island - enjoy clean water and surfing

yuo island

Copyright: @traveler_mandy

Many travelers don’t know this little, marvelous island. Therefore, we decided to pick and recommend it to travelers. The features of Yuo Island are coconuts, palm trees, a white-sand beach, a mix of rich blue ocean, and green rainforests. Gauze water lets you snorkeling. Also, Yuo Island is a good place for surfing because the decent waves are less dangerous and if you want to enjoy surfing time in Papua New Guinea, then underline Yuo Island in your travel list.

6. Haus Tambaran - the house where spirits live

haus tambaran

Copyright: @the_wandering_boo

Haus Tambaran is a traditional worship of local people in Papua New Guinea. “Tambaran” – means spirit, ghost in the local language. Traditionally only men could enter these houses, but today all tourists can visit Haus Tambarans. Tourists can see Haus Tambarans in almost every village, and each of them has holy names after an animal clan. Although Haus Tambarans' traditions are pristine, Papua New Guinea people still keep their respect and belief in this worship.

national museum and art gallery

Copyright: @oliviadesaintluc

Some travelers like to see natural resources, but some others prefer to visit museums and learn about the history of the places. If you are in the second group, then you will definitely enjoy your time in Papua New Guinea National Museum & Art Gallery. Today this museum is much more attractive after the reconstruction and involves different exponents. Tourists can observe and take photos of traditional music instruments Kundu, Garamut, ceremonial masks, fight shields, and hunting equipment. There are different screens that display information about culture, flora and fauna, the geography of Papua New Guinea

8. Volcanology Observatory - feel the gurias

eruption of tavurvur volcano

Generally, South-East Asia and the Pacific are active regions for seismic-volcanic evolution. Of course, Papua New Guinea is not an exception, either. Tourists prefer to visit The Rabaul Volcano Observatory to see the research on volcanic activity. Scientists observe 14 active and 23 inactive volcanoes from the observatory. Also, there is an incredible sight of the bay from the observatory. This is why many travel agents recommend visiting this place. Some tourists worry about is it safe to travel to Papua New Guinea Volcanology Observatory? Is there any dangerous activity near the observatory? Actually, the trip to The Rabaul Volcano Observatory is completely harmless, but be aware of “gurias.” Gurias are slight shakes of quakes in the local language. 

9. Muschu Island - discover the secret island

muschu island

Copyright: @sepikriver

Muschu Island is an unexplored destination like Yuo Island. The island has serious travel potential. However, infrastructure has plenty of problems; for instance, there is only one guest house in Muschu Island and no market. If you decide to come here, you should be well prepared and well equipped. Tourists can enjoy the reefs, turquoise water, and sandy beaches on the island. It is also possible to see army aircraft wreck inside the forest. It also proves that there were terrible clashes here during the Second World War. The best time to travel Papua New Guinea Muschu Island is from April to October. Considering the equatorial rainy seasons, it is hard to travel and enjoy the features of the island. Tourists can get to Muschu Island by boat from Wewak only for 15-20 minutes.

10. Parliament Haus - the government center

parliament haus

Copyright: @nesianwanderlustdiva

Can you imagine an official state building with historic and traditional style? Parliament Haus represented the Haus Tambarans style and became one of the symbols of Papua New Guinea. Tourists can visit Parliament Haus without any hardship. Personnel is favored and tries to inform guests. They follow tourists and talk with them. Tourists even can see parliament meetings.

11. Scuba Diving - the underwater world is waiting for you

scuba diver

Do you know that Papua New Guinea is one of the best places for scuba diving? Every year hundreds of underwater photographers and divers come here to experience scuba diving. There are several reasons to choose Papua New Guinea as a scuba diving center: 1) clean and gauze water; 2) a wide variety of ocean creatures; 3) wrecks of World War II; 4) Barrier reefs and coral atolls. 

One of the popular diving areas is Kimbe Bay. Kimbe Bay is on New Britain Island. Underwater is very rich with its marine life, including sharks, barracudas, sea sneaks, and turtles. Also, Kimbe Bay is a “graveyard” of the submarine and Japanese Zero plane.

12. Togaku - the magic village


Togaku is an exotic village that sits on Kiriwina Island. Beautiful nature and relaxing ocean views make this small place special. Cruise tours always pass by this island for its beauty. Tourists can see sago palm-made houses from the coast. It is also possible to see the massive magic stone, which is sacred for local people. Papua New Guinea local people are warm enough to guests, they live with their extended families, and most of them are farmers. They cultivate especially yams and sweet potatoes.

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