16 reasons why you should travel to Puerto Rico right now

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Puerto Rico - a charming island in the Caribbean is an overseas territory of the United States. Once, this paradise belonged to Spain, but the United States of America was able to win it back, and now Puerto Rico is one of the most visited resorts by American tourists. Located in the Greater Antilles, It is not so easy to find Puerto Rico on the map. Still, it is one of the most recognizable places in the Caribbean, even among those who have never been there.

Do you know where is Puerto Rico? Suppose you search for Puerto Rico on the map. In that case, you will easily understand that the island is located in a dangerous part of the Caribbean Sea, where destructive hurricanes often occur in addition to the paradise beaches, eternal celebration, and carefree holidays. The local Puerto Rico population is used to this, but before visit Puerto Rico, be sure to choose a hot and quiet month.

In this article, we will tell you about 17 reasons why you should travel to Puerto Rico right now!

1. Flamenco Beach

flamenco beach

Flamenco Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In many bloggers' ratings, this beach is necessarily included in the TOP 5, and in some, it is the leader. The fact is that this place's view is easily confused with a screen saver on the monitor or mistaken for computer graphics prepared specifically for shooting a video clip or advertising chocolate bars. To visit Puerto Rico, Flamenco Beach, you need to get to the island of Isla Culebra. There you will have to rent a car or take a taxi, which for a reasonable price will take you to one of the best beaches in the world. To enjoy the sun, the purest sand or the blue ocean, we recommend you spend the whole day on this beach. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

2. The capital of Puerto Rico

san juan

Of course, like all the capitals of the tourist islands, San Juan also lives a less dynamic life, where time passes very slowly, and the inhabitants are no different from the inhabitants of a provincial European village.

However, to call San Juan, a village is not quite right because the Puerto Rico population is growing rapidly, and Puerto Rico is gradually developing other areas of the economy and tourism.

San Juan is one of the first settlements where Europeans landed when they arrived in the New World, so the history of the city is rich in the colonial past, and the mix of architectural styles suggests that Puerto Rico, and especially its capital, has always been the focus of attention of Europeans, and then the United States.

In addition to historical buildings, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, bars and shops of all world brands can be found here.

3. Arecibo Observatory

arecibo observatory

Oddly enough, in our selection, we definitely wanted to tell you about ... the observatory.

In fact, the Arecibo Observatory, which was closed in 2020 after 57 years of operation, is one of the island's hallmarks.

The original style and power of Arecibo has repeatedly attracted tourists and writers of the science fiction genre. After last year's wear and tear, the observatory was closed, and until it was dismantled, you have a great chance this year to get there and take some incredible Instagram photos!

4. El Yunque Nature Reserve

el yunque national forest

The El Yunque Nature Reserve is the pride of Puerto Ricans. The fact is that this is the only rainforest in the United States. Over four hundred species of trees grow in dense forests. In this national park, tourists can take 13 hiking trails that lead to the eponymous Mount El Yunque. Unlike other islands, it is unlikely that you will be in danger if you decide to travel without a guide, but it will not hurt to use a local guide's services.

5. Mosquito Bay

Underwater Northern Lights… Surely, you will think, after reading these words, that this is impossible. Nature can not only disagree with you but also prove the opposite. Mosquito Bay is a natural wonder that can hardly be seen anywhere else. The fact is that living organisms in the reservoir create the effect of bioluminescence. Tiny organisms-dinoflagellates-due to their ability to reflect light give this place a mysterious and fascinating appearance. It is because of this feature that Mosquito Bay is nicknamed the "underwater northern lights".

6. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

lighthouse in puerto rico

One of the most recognizable places in Puerto Rico is undoubtedly the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, built in 1882 by the Spanish and located in an isolated area on the Morrillos Peninsula territory. It is noteworthy that all the decorations and lighting systems were imported from Europe.

For almost 80 years, the lighthouse was home to two families, but it was left without permanent residents after the automation of the process. The lighthouse is a great place for lovers of photography and taking Instagram pictures!

7. San Sebastian Street Festival

san sebastian street festival

Another reason why you should definitely visit Puerto Rico is the San Sebastian Festival. Mass celebrations, music, dancing, and fairs – on this day, all Puerto Ricans take to the streets and celebrate this fun holiday. It is not known for certain when the festival begins, but it gained popularity in the 20th century. The San Sebastian Festival celebrates two consecutive weekends on the third weekend in January, when Puerto Rico's weather is close to perfect.

8. Beach of the seven seas

seven seas beach

Surely, many of you know about awarding the best hotels with stars. The best hotels are awarded 5, 6, and even 7 stars, but few people know that the beaches are also divided into categories. The best beaches in the world receive a blue flag, which is considered the highest category. Experts evaluate the cleanliness, comfort, and convenience for vacationers.

There are several blue flag beaches in Puerto Rico, but we want to tell you about one of the most famous-the beaches of the seven seas.

The sand and water are so clean that it seems as if no one has ever rested on this beach. Nevertheless, the beach of the seven seas is the most popular place among locals and tourists. Located in the small town of Fajardo, near San Juan, Seven Seas Beach is one of the best beaches in the world.

Access to the beach is free, but you will have to pay for parking, showers, and luggage storage.

9. Island "Dead Man's Chest”

dead mans chest

The uninhabited and protected island of "Caja de Muertos", which translates into Russian as "dead man's chest" or" coffin island", is considered one of the most mysterious places in Puerto Rico. For many centuries, the island was a haven for pirates who hid on a desert island from the Spaniards. There are some artifacts on the island that confirm the rich history of the island. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the island had about 100 inhabitants, however, due to the lack of freshwater, the population gradually left, and after a couple of years, the island became completely uninhabited.

Now the "Dead Man's Chest" is a favorite place for tourists who get here by ferry and spend carefree days away from people. Locals also visit the island to catch fish.

10. Puerto Rico sailing


We have already said that the beaches in Puerto Rico are famous all over the world for their cleanliness, and the waters are transparent. Therefore, it is doubly pleasant to go on a yacht in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Many tour operators offer tourists cruises along the entire coast of the island and the island of Ikakos. Here you can relax, sunbathe, and have fun with friends and other tourists. You will find the famous "Puerto Rican buffet", which is based on local fruits and drinks during the trip.

11. Diving in Puerto Rico


Diving in Puerto Rico is another reason why tourists love to travel to Puerto Rico. This country's waters are home to over 700 species of fish, turtles, crabs, and stingrays. While diving, you will see an incredibly beautiful coral reef, as well as meet dolphins, sharks, and marlin. Due to the stable Puerto Rico weather at any time of the year and the purity of the water, visibility is about 50 meters, so Puerto Rico is one of the safest countries for diving. That is why all the famous dive clubs have opened representative offices here, and tour operators offer visitors many types of diving.

12. Chinchorro of Puerto Rico

puerto rican food

If you say the word "Chinchorro" outside of Puerto Rico, you will not be understood. Even in Spanish-speaking countries, this word can have different meanings. For a Puerto Rican, "Chinchorro" is one of the visiting cards of his homeland.

Chinchorro is a place where everyone can eat, relax and forget about worldly problems. This is usually a small kiosk with traditional local cuisine, alcoholic beverages, as well as handmade products. According to Puerto Rico people themselves, Chinchorro is a place where you can informally clear your mind. For locals, it's the same as a pub for the Irish, a pizzeria for the Italians, and tea at 17: 00 for the British.

13. Ponce city

view of ponce city

The second largest city in Puerto Rico was named after the famous conquistador and the first governor of the country. Unlike the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Ponce is considered the most popular city due to the variety of architectural monuments and developed culture. After all, it is not for nothing that the city is called the cultural capital of Puerto Rico.

In the old part of the city, located right in the center, is the Plaza Las Delicias, surrounded by large fountains and is a favorite place for locals who are proud of the beauty of the city, rich in architectural masterpieces of the colonial and post-colonial era of the country. The National Museum of Puerto Rico is also located in this city and is open to visitors who can get a closer look at the history of the island.

Being a coastal city, Ponce is the country's main port, so the harbor is full of yachts, ships, and beautiful boats. Tourists often climb the observation tower to view the port of Ponce and take some beautiful Instagram photos.

14. Rum

puerto rican rum

Rum is very popular in Puerto Rico. It is no wonder that 70 percent of all rum in the United States of America is produced on this island. The locals themselves are very proud of the traditional production of this alcoholic drink – from gold to white, with spices or dark.

Brands of Puerto Rico occupy a high place in almost all catalogs and have honor among connoisseurs. During your trip to the island, you can visit special tours, where you can get acquainted with the history of making the drink and try different types of rum.

15. Pinha Colada

pinha colada

Despite the popularity of rum in the country, the national drink in Puerto Rico is considered Pina Colada

The history of the creation of this world-famous cocktail is unknown. Some claim that it was invented by the bartender Ramon Monchito Marrero in 1954 after many months of experimentation. Another legend says that the Pinha Colada creators are the bartender of the Hilton Hotel, Ricardo Garcia. For the first time, a version of rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk was mixed by a man named Ramon Portas Mingot. Unfortunately, we will never know the truth, but it is indisputable that Pinha Colada, originally from Puerto Rico, is known all over the world.

16. Indian Cave

indian cave

We conclude our selection with a fascinating and mysterious place on the island of Puerto Rico-the Indian Cave. Located in the city of Arecibo, the Indian Cave surrounded by rocks is the most beautiful and powerful natural creation in this area. Walking along these rocks and cliffs and reaching the top, you will have an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean, and the crashing waves will give a special effect to your journey. However, this is not all! Before the advent of Columbus, these places were inhabited by the Taino Indians, whose petroglyphs are preserved in this cave.

Enjoy your trip!

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