10 reasons why you should travel to Qatar right now

10 reasons why you should travel to Qatar right now

Rubina Cheruvalath08 October 20201557 views7 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Qatar right now
Qatar E-visa and travel there. Looking to have your best time in Qatar? Then, refer to this guide, as you will get to read about some of the most beautiful places in Qatar and other details to make your travel to Qatar the most memorable. So, where is Qatar? It is an independent Islamic state that is located in the east of Arabia. Bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, this tiny nation is well known for its large petroleum deposits. Also, the favourable geographical location bestows Qatar with a pleasing climate for most of the year. Wondering what are the places to see in Qatar? Read along as we highlight some of the most noted places to visit in Qatar during your holidays. Nonetheless, besides the beautiful places in Qatar, there are other reasons also why Qatar is great as a holiday destination for you. Here are some of them:

1. Remarkable blend of tradition and modernity in architecture

doha cityscape The innovative skyscrapers in the West bay region of Qatar capital Doha are sure to mesmerize you. But wait, that isn’t all! The well-preserved ancient architecture and the world-renowned UNESCO heritage site, Al Zubarah, are just as enduring. Qatar has a rich cultural heritage to boast about. And, it never fails to display its pride in the tradition and heritage, in every aspect of its modernity. You can see an element of tradition everywhere, including in the most modern amenities offered by the five-star hotels in the Souq Waqif!

2. Great spot for outdoor adventures

The weather in Qatar is typically pleasant for most of the year. So, if you are looking to have an adventurous time in Qatar, then better not hesitate. Winter is mild; however, summers may turn out to be harsh in the hottest months of July. Nonetheless, you can enjoy your time in Qatar by indulging in some exhilarating outdoor fun almost around the year. You can skydive over the Arabian Gulf, Scuba dive in the Dhukan beach, or kitesurf along the al Wakrah coast. The options are endless! Also, a thrilling desert safari out in the Mesaieed Desert is, by all means, worthwhile of your travel to Qatar.

3. A peaceful and safe place to visit

Despite its best efforts to provide the most, Qatar hasn’t been flocking too many tourists since recently. Now, this may lead to one question in your mind, is it safe to travel to Qatar? The truth is, Qatar is a hidden gem in the travel arena yet to be discovered to its full potential. The lack of thrust in tourist visits has got nothing to do with the safety of the nation. Qatar is one of the safest places to be in the entire world. However, with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in hindsight, things will change drastically. So, one of the most attractive things about Qatar now is the serenity and calmness that you experience here, thanks to it being devoid of all the tourist distractions!

4. Amazing museums to visit

Qatar is home to some of the most amazing museums in the middle eastern region. The MIA or Museum of Islamic Art is a topper on the list of what are the places to see in Qatar. If you are a devoted art lover or simply looking to kill some afternoon time while in Qatar, then there are quite a lot of places to visit in Qatar. The newly opened National Museum of Qatar and the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum are some museums in the Qatar capital, Doha that is worth visiting. Being termed as the cultural destination in the middle east shows where is Qatar in its efforts to establish itself in the region. If you are a culture buff, then the Katara Cultural village is not to be missed.

5. Wide choice in shopping options

Want to give some retail therapy to your shop alcoholic self? Head over to Qatar then! The country is home to luxurious shopping malls that house some of the renowned global brands. Doha, the Qatar capital, has the magnificent mall of Qatar, the City centre, and the festival city are places to visit for the compulsive shopper. Well, if you are simply looking to hang out in a peaceful ambience and only up to some window shopping, then the Villaggio mall is the place! The opulent Venetian style shopping mall is traversed with a water canal and gondolas, right in the middle of the mall!

6. Fit for a luxury stay

Qatar is well known for its luxury hotels and its upscale shopping and dining options. The Hilton, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Marsa Kempinski, and St. Regis Doha are some of the high-end luxury hotels in the Qatar capital city of Doha. But it would be good to hear that you can experience a luxurious stay in Qatar even at reasonable rates. You can definitely find great value luxury stays in Qatar on a budget. The intercontinental Doha and Grand Hyatt Doha offer rooms for less than 500 riyals during the off-peak season.

7. A place with no language barrier

The native language of Qatar is Arabic. While most of the Qataris are well versed in their native language, they are also good at conversing in English. However, you may want to familiarize yourself with some easy Arabic words that are used regularly (just to make things easy). Also, many people are often doubtful of Qatar pronunciation. The correct way to pronounce Qatar is something halfway between cutter and gutter, and not as KUH-tar, as most often mistaken. So, next time you are in Qatar, feel free to converse with the locals and ex-pats, in English and with the correct Qatar pronunciation, of course!

8. Dining options are plenty

Qatar has a dining scene that is rapidly growing on an international level. You can relish almost any kind of global cuisine here in Qatar. Sushi, continental, Asian flavours, or any other kind of food, whatever may be your choice, there are plenty of places to visit in Qatar that satisfies your palate. Now, if you have the heart to try out the middle eastern local cuisine, then there are quite a lot of spots that serve fresh and authentic food. You can find a local eating joint at every nook and corner in Qatar. The country hosts a yearly food festival highlighting global dining brands, and this is an indication of where is Qatar in the global dining scenario.

9. Natural attractions to visit

When thinking of what are the places to see in Qatar, one obvious answer is the stunning desert! While here, make sure to get on a desert safari to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the splendid desert dunes (and for the adventurous ride, too!). Qatar is also blessed with a wide array of flora and fauna, even though being a desert. The Ras Abrouq Rock Formations, Dahl Al Misfir cave, Al Thakira mangroves, and Khor Al Adaid are some beautiful places in Qatar that are bestowed with the indulgence of nature.

10. The host of the 2022 World cup

It is the first time that the international event of the world cup is going to be held in a Muslim majority Arabian country. Preparations are underway in the country, with venues scattered all along with the different parts of Qatar. If you are a sports enthusiast, then the chances are that you are already thinking of making your way there on time. Nonetheless, with the pandemic in pursuit, it is natural that you may be thinking of whether is it safe to travel to Qatar. The nation has admittedly made profound success already in tackling the situation, and this gives hope that Qatar will be able to manage the event well in time. Whether it is a calm and relaxing holiday or an adventurous and fun time, Qatar has much to offer to any kind of tourist. Leave all your hesitations behind, like whether “is it safe to travel to Qatar”, “is it worth the cost”, or “can I travel on a budget” and make a move. Besides, the place is just wonderful to spend time with your family. Al Khor Park, Aqua Park Qatar, Aspire Park and the beautiful corniche are some of the splendid places in Qatar for the family. So, make the most of your time here and indulge in all the good things. Also, one last reminder, the correct Qatar pronunciation is “Kathar” and not KUH- tar!

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