13 reasons why you should travel to Reunion right now

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13 reasons why you should travel to Reunion right now
Coronavirus, yet some places have been uneaten by it. Some beautiful places like Reunion Island. Ever heard of it? Of course, you might have remembered it from the Malaysian Flight 370 that went missing in the year 2014. In 2015, a group of people who were cleaning up a beach in Reunion Island found a 2-meter-long metallic object covered in barnacles. It could have been a part of the missing Malaysian Flight 370. Interesting enough to visit the place, right? There’s more to it that you can decipher. Let us first understand the statistics related to the Covid-19 pandemic. pcr test Reunion Island TOTAL CONFIRMED CASES: 1912 TOTAL RECOVERED CASES: 880 The whole wide world TOTAL CONFIRMED CASES: 26, 521, 606 TOTAL RECOVERED CASES: 18,707, 159 Don’t you want to be there? The next question to create a cloud bubble above your head would be - How to travel to Reunion Island?

Flights that take you to Reunion Island

  • Air Madagascar
  • Air Austral
  • Air Mauritius
  • French Bee
  • Corsair International
  • Air France
Rules and Regulations:
  • Surgical masks for anyone above the age of 11
  • Social distancing and hygiene measures to follow
  • RT-PCR screening test within 72 hours
  • Masks compulsory on the plane too
  • Upon arrival, 7 days of self-isolation
  • Repeat RT-PCR screening test

Common tips when you are out in Reunion Island

reunion island
  1. Avoid walking alone at night, especially in isolated areas
  2. Do not keep valuable objects or a huge amount of money with you
  3. Do not swim into the ocean without the presence of a lifeguard
  4. Keep risks in mind during water activities like the prevention of shark.
Now that you know how to travel to Reunion Island, let’s hop onto the 13 reasons why you should travel to Reunion Island right now!

1. One of the World's Most Active Basaltic Volcano

piton volcano The ‘2012’ movie left us all wonderstruck. One picturesque location in Reunion Island that would remind you of the movie is Piton de la Fournaise, located on the island's east side. So far, there have been 150+ eruptions. Earlier, it was an amazing hiking spot, but now the volcano has successfully managed to curtail it. However, the locals allow hiking but only up to a point from where you can view the crater. You cannot miss the dramatic view that’s only shown in the movies, right?

2. For the Hiker in You

green mountains About 1000 kilometres of hiking trails are waiting for you. Surrounded by lush forests, rocky volcanic mountains, and barren landscapes. The best part about your travel to Reunion Island is that you don’t have to pay to camp anywhere. The exploration channel in your system will never switch off, especially if you have the Cirque de Cilaos, Massif du Piton de la Fournaise, and the Plaine des sables in mind. All these are the parts of the Reunion National Park. Built-in 2007, the park protects the exceptional biodiversity of Reunion Island.

3. For the Love of Water Sports

coast of reunion All you beach lovers out there, give out a sigh of relief! One of the best places to visit Reunion Island is the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. A wide range of water sports is eagerly counting upon you, right from kayaking, sea trips, jet skiing, surfing, sailing, swimming, tanning, stand-up paddling to snorkelling. To experience the easiest diving, you must visit Saint-Paul or Saint Pierre, situated on the west coast. There are strong winds on the east coast of Reunion Island.

4. Admire the Turtle Sanctuary

turtle If you plan to travel to Reunion Island, you must make some space for the Kelonia Sea Turtle Observatory. These miniature amphibians will make you fall for them. Don’t we all want to have turtles as our pets? There are marine turtle species under study and preservation in the Observatory. You will notice turtles swimming in both indoor as well as outdoor tanks. There are two species of land tortoises that you can see in the outdoor area. It is taken as one of the ideal places to visit Reunion Island.

5. Pay your Visit to the Spectacular Inhabited Canyons

waterfall The best time to visit Reunion Island is when you want to visit the three inhabited canyons- Cilaos, Salazie, and Mafate. Some villagers live there as it lies in the centre of the island near the Piton des Neiges. Out of these, Mafate is accessible only by hiking trails. At the same time, Cilaos and Salazie are accessible by car. The best part about hiking there is an overnight stay under the stars surrounded by the mountains. It would make a perfect imaginary roost to you.

6. For the Sake of the Sumptuous Cuisine

creole cuisine A delicious mixture of French, Sri Lankan, North African, and Creole cuisines makes up la Reunion Island. Creole cuisine is somewhat like Indian cuisine but with a little less spice. Apart from the tasty cuisines, it boasts about healthy fruits and vegetables harvested. So that the tourists can devour up fresh mangoes, coconuts, watermelons, pineapples, and other tropical fruits. You get to learn more about the cuisines from the local markets. To enjoy it, you need to know how to travel to Reunion Island.

7. Know more about the Indian Ocean’s Highest Peak

cirque de mafate cap noir Your travel to Reunion Island is going to be full of surprises and an adrenaline rush. Believe us, one of the most remarkable places to visit Reunion Island is the Piton des Neiges. It goes high up to 3069 meters. A long day of hiking awaits you. Make sure you know who to build a mountain hut. Especially for those who want to hike at a slower and peaceful pace. Plan for an overnight stay to witness the sunrise from the peak. Worth seeing, isn’t it? First, get to know where is Reunion Island!

8. Meditate at the Hub of Natural Springs

grand galet waterfall Ever wanted to meditate before the splendid natural springs? Reunion Island has a Cilaos mountain crater which is full of iron-rich natural mineral water. Sort of like the island’s natural spa. A view as good as this one can help you solve complicated problems in your life. At the end of the day, if you feel weary, you can opt for luxury spas at the hotel you are staying in. Make the most of your visit to this beautiful heaven of an island. The best time to visit Reunion Island is when you want to escape reality and meditate in divine nature.

9. Domicile to the Largest French City Outside of France

saint denis The title of this point itself is shocking, isn’t it? Saint-Denis, the capital city of Reunion Island, consists of a population above 150,000. It is the largest French city that is not geographically a part of France. One of the most manicured cities on the island that could give Singapore a well-deserving competition. It has French colonial architecture and lush green gardens to compliment the island’s natural beauty.

10. Explore Reunion Island by Helicopter Rides

reunion island byhelicopter rides To have the best view of the island, there are helicopter tour operators for you. In areas that are inaccessible by cars or hiking, a helicopter ride will give you a glimpse of your life. You get to fly over Piton de la Fournaise. Promising viewing spots that have lush greenery, sky-rocketing mountains, and crystal-clear waterfalls are shown. They even offer playing golf, if that is of any interest to you. If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go explore!

11. To Grab the Best Geranium Essential Oil

produces geranium oil The best time to visit Reunion Island is between May to September, when the flowers bloom. A few centuries ago, the biggest perfumers visited Reunion Island in search of Geranium essential oil. They found it and declared it as the greatest treasures of the island. To date, Geranium grows mainly above an altitude of 100 meters, and there are about 30 or more distilleries. The farmers are more than friendly to help you understand the whole process. You will come to know that about 400 kilograms of leaves give out 1 litre of essential oil.

12. Saint-Gilles’ Vibrant Night Life

fireworks over saint denis One of the most incredible reasons to travel to Reunion Island is to experience the energetic and high-spirited nightlife. The locals of the island love festivals and celebrations. In the district of Saint Gilles, you will find phenomenal bars and restaurants where you can eat, drink, and dance all night. Apart from that, you will also get to enjoy jazz lounges, live bands, and traditional island performances - quite a music-loving place. To truly become a part of the nightlife, you need to know where is Reunion Island, first.

13. Solace for History Lovers

natural history museum If paying a visit to all the outdoor excursions is over, and you want to go back in time, then there are some interesting indoor attractions to dazzle you as well. Three museums will blow your mind. The Natural History Museum of Reunion Island focuses on the flora and fauna of the island. Musee de Villele, located in Saint-Gilles, focuses on the colonial history of Reunion. The Musee Leon Dierx belongs to an old wealthy local. Now that the tour to the Reunion Island has come to a halt, you must be still under bewilderment as to where is Reunion Island. The exact description of its location goes as follows: Taken as Overseas department of the French Republic, it is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, and it lies east to Madagascar. Somewhat 175 kilometres from Mauritius. Have a fun-filled trip!

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